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Cobra Golf Launches New Version of Its Popular T-Rail Hybrid Irons With New H.O.T. Face Techology

CARLSBAD, CA – Cobra Golf®, a leader in golf club innovation, today released its third generation T-RAIL hybrid-iron combo set. The next evolution of T-RAIL is the latest COBRA product to debut H.O.T Face Technology that delivers next level ball speed and distance. The new version continues to utilize a hollow, hybrid-iron shape with innovative Hollow Baffler Split Rail Technology, giving players an impressive combination of high launch, longer distance, and extreme forgiveness.

Aimed at players looking for immediate improvements to their game, the uniquely designed T-RAIL combines the best attributes of a hybrid and an iron into one incredibly easy-to-hit club, enabling players to enjoy better golf without having to change their swing. The design features a hollow, hybrid-like shape with a flatter, iron-like face, creating the ultimate blend of high launch, distance, and forgiveness, without sacrificing accuracy. The full set uses a hollow, wide sole design to help get the ball airborne with ease on all shots into the green.

The latest innovation added to the T-RAIL product line is H.O.T Face Technology, an Artificial Intelligence design. The new face insert utilizes a variable face thickness pattern that is designed using AI and features multiple thickness areas that have been optimized to increase the Sweet Zone by 30%. The result is faster ball speed across the entire face to reduce distance loss on off-center hits. Additional improvements include thicker internal rib structures that were used to significantly improve both sound and feel at impact.

Each T-RAIL hybrid and hybrid-iron carries over its successful Hollow Baffler Split Rail Technology. The Baffler Rails, paired with the wide sole design allows the club to glide effortlessly through any turf condition so golfers can launch the ball high and straight more consistently. The front portion of the rails is fully hollow, which creates up to 70% more flex on the sole right behind the face to further increase launch and distance.

To ensure the most forgiving set configuration, T-RAIL is designed as a combo set that includes a 4-hybrid in place of a 4 hybrid-iron (a 5-hybrid replaces the 5 hybrid-iron in the women’s set). The T-RAIL hybrid has a lower and deeper CG than a hybrid-iron, which results in higher launch, and longer distance, making it a more forgiving alternative to a long iron. In addition to making longer approach shots easier and more consistent, the T-RAIL 4-hybrid also improves gapping between the longer clubs in the set to prevent distance overlap.

The T-RAIL hybrid-iron combo set is available in men’s & women’s set make-ups. The Men’s T-RAIL Graphite 7-piece Combo Set ($999), features a chrome finish with black and red color accents and comes with a 4-hybrid and 5-PW hybrid-irons, in both RH and LH options. Each set is equipped with a COBRA ULTRALITE (50g) graphite shaft in Stiff and Reg or Lite flex (45g) and a COBRA Lamkin Crossline grip. A COBRA ULTRALITE steel shaft is also available through custom only. The Men’s T-RAIL Combo Set is also available with optional 5- and 6-hybrids as well as GW and SW through custom order. The Women’s T-RAIL Graphite 7-piece Combo Set ($999), features a chrome finish with black and lilac color accents, and comes with a 5-hybrid and 6-PW and SW hybrid irons SW in RH and LH options. Each set comes standard with a COBRA ULTRALITE 45g graphite (Ladies flex) shaft and a COBRA Lamkin Crossline grip. A 6-hybrid and GW are also available through custom order. Both the Men’s and Women’s T-RAIL sets will be available beginning November 4, 2022.

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Cleveland Golf Announces New HB Soft Milled Putter Line

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Nov. 7, 2022 — Cleveland Golf®, is proud to introduce the new HB SOFT Milled line of putters. Discover how milling is available for all with the HB SOFT Milled, officially launching on Nov. 18, 2022.

“The HB SOFT Milled putter line delivers milled precision at a remarkable value,” said Haley Wian, Business Planning Manager at Cleveland Golf. “With a variety of head shapes, alignment options, and a fitting system to match any stroke type, there is an HB SOFT Milled putter to help upgrade your putting performance.”

The new line of putters provides a premium combination of features and technologies at an irresistible price point. HB SOFT Milled starts with each putter shape being cast in molten steel before the face and back are precision milled for performance purposes – the face for consistent distance and the back for a razor-sharp address view. Then, the sole is hand polished to an exacting tolerance before completing the process.

Featuring a refined Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT) which helps to alleviate the issue of distance control, SOFT offers model specific milling that normalizes ball speeds across the entire putter face for a pure, consistent roll regardless of putter shape.

Depending on stroke type and alignment preference, there is a new model to fit every stroke. For Slight Arc stroke types, the Golf Pride PRO ONLY Red Star is a tour-preferred pistol shape grip that is designed to help turn the putter over through the putting stroke. For Straight stroke types, the Golf Pride PRO ONLY Green Star has a rounded, oval-back shape for comfortable hand positioning and to help keep the hands quiet through the stroke.

With this new release, we’re featuring the new UST Mamiya All-In shaft as an upgraded offering for HB SOFT Milled. The All-In shaft features a 26% stiffer profile to help minimize shaft flex during the putting stroke for more consistency. Meanwhile, the proprietary nanotechnology strengthens the shaft for better feel and response, while delivering a 10% more consistent face angle at impact.

Choose from any of the 10 tour-proven shapes and sink more birdies with premium steel, precision milling, and score-dropping face technology with HB SOFT Milled.

Key Technologies:

Milled Putter Heads:  First cast, then CNC Milled for precise weighting and crisp lines. It’s smarter milling that reduces waste for an attainable cost.

Speed Optimized Face Technology:  Ensures consistent speed control and distance performance by normalizing ball speed across the face of the putter, now with a more responsive feel.

Stroke-Fit Alignment and Grip:  Each shape features a specific alignment scheme and grip designed to fit the stroke of that putter.

Pricing: $199.99 (Standard), $249.99 (UST Mamiya All-In Shaft)

U.S. Retail Launch Date: November 18, 2022

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After the success of the previous RB Tour range, Mizuno set two research and development teams the task of working together to enhance the original design. 99 prototypes and 3-years of exhaustive testing later, Mizuno has created a golf ball that provides golfers with the perfect harmony of dimple configuration, construction, compression and cover.

“The ultimate difference with the new RB Tour has been the time spent working on the prototypes. 3-years of player, robot and greenside feedback across every possible performance attribute. Via parallel R&D teams – our original ball group in Japan, backed up by a new unit in Atlanta US,” says David Llewellyn – Director of R&D, Mizuno USA.

One of the standout features of the new RB Tour range is the unique AXIAFLOW dimple. On full shots, the new dimple generates a higher driver flight and flatter wedge flight, compared to other tour-level balls. Creating a more defined visual look, the new 272 dimple pattern provides a larger and more precise outline on the golf ball, a visual effect that our testers preferred.

A traditionally soft feel is always expected from Mizuno, something the RB Tour and RB Tour X deliver in spades. Also, responding to feedback from many Mizuno fans and elite level golfers, ensuring improved durability of the RB Tour cover was a central theme behind the R&D of the new RB Tour design. After comprehensive testing, along with feedback from players, the new RB Tour range promises to deliver repeatable consistency and durability throughout the round.

Providing a golf ball that excels for both tour level golfers and the average amateur has been a focus for Mizuno through their development process. The RB Tour X is engineered for low driver spin, while the RB Tour provides an even lower spin rate, designed for a new generation of players with faster clubhead speeds.

“We purposefully slanted the performance of both RB Tour models towards our younger elite players. Both models launch high off the driver – one with low spin, the other lower. Yet both balls demonstrated a flatter flight from full wedge shots. A remarkable accomplishment from the aerodynamics team in Japan.” says Chris Voshall – Director of Product, Mizuno USA.

  RB Tour RB Tour X
Compression Mid Firm
Driver Spin Low Mid-Low
Greenside Spin High High
Construction 3-piece 3-piece
Dimples 272 272
Cover Urethane Urethane

Both RB Tour models will be available in U.S. from November 2022 and available in the U.K. and the rest of Europe from 2023.

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