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Golf News – March 29, 2016


Nike athlete Tony Finau, who joined Nike this past January, claimed a monumental victory on Sunday with his new Nike equipment.

At the Puerto Rico Open, Finau clinched his first PGA Tour title on the third playoff hole after sinking a three-foot putt for birdie with his Nike Method Converge S2-12 putter. In the windy conditions at Coco Beach, the 26-year-old power hitter ranked fourth in driving distance averaging 302-yard drives with the combination of his Nike Vapor Fly driver and Nike RZN Tour Black ball. So far in 2016, Finau is averaging seven more yards in driving distance compared to his 2015 season and is currently ranked first on the PGA Tour.

“I haven’t driven the ball better in my career than I have this year,” confirms Finau. “I like a firmer cover on my golf ball, so the RZN Tour Black turned out to be the perfect ball for me. It’s the best ball I’ve ever played.”


  • Driver: Nike Vapor Fly 10.5-degree (Graphite Design DI 8X)

  • Fairway Woods: Nike Vapor Fly 15-degree

  • Irons: Nike Vapor Fly Pro (3); Nike Vapor Pro (4-PW)

  • Wedges: Nike Engage 50 (Square Sole), 56 (Square Sole) and 58-degree (Dual Sole)

  • Putter: Nike Method Converge S2-12

  • Ball: Nike RZN Tour Black

  • Footwear: Nike Lunar Control 4; Nike Chukkas


  • Tony Finau – Puerto Rico Open

  • Charl Schwartzel – Valspar Championship


  • Charl Schwartzel – Tshwane Open


Training device improves bad swing habits quickly using 4 sensors with 4x accuracy

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif.  – DuoTrac, the 4D swing and weight shift analyzer, with multi-point,­ motion sensors and a free mobile App is on many golfers’ Hot Lists this spring. The breakthrough training device has been selling out during its pre-order sales campaign.  In addition, the company has had two very successful fundraising campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo furthering the development of additional performance devices for football, baseball, tennis and other sports.

DuoTrac’s four-sensor device outperforms single sensor devices significantly.  The device tracks and provides four times the accurate measurement at four key points in the swing: club face angle upon takeaway, transition at the top, face angle at impact and weight shift.  The 4D images show the sum of the data, where the swing is off and how to correct it.

With DuoTrac, golfers can immediately identify the weak points in their swing, reducing practice time and training. The additional sensors give you the full picture of your golf swing and weight shift.  The real time feedback, coaching and tips help you to break the vicious cycle of practicing and engraining bad habits.  DuoTrac makes bad habits easier to fix and helps good habits stick.

“If you only track your swing without any consideration of weight shift, you are only getting half the picture,” explained Jason Koo, Founder of Coach Labs, Inc. and creator of DuoTrac.  “Our 4D device eliminates the guesswork and Band-Aid fixes and ensures that perfect practice makes perfect.”

DuoTrac is a virtual golf coach offering instant fixes and tips to develop your optimal swing.  In addition, you can set goals, track your stats and progress each week using the session log.  Your confidence will soar as you see yourself swinging more consistently, hitting more greens in regulation, and making more birdies.

DuoTrac is available for pre-order at a discounted price of $99.00 for a limited time only.  The product will begin shipping in mid-April.  For more information visit or call 888-766-5554 ext. 7200.

BigBanners2Loudmouth Golf Releases Three New Designs

Fashion FOREward … Just in time for golf season!

Foster City, CA (March 29, 2016) – Loudmouth Golf, the worldwide leader in bold and bright golf and sports fan apparel, has released three new designs to freshen up your wardrobe for the start of golf season. The three designs are colorful, animated and un-conventional; everything you’ve come to expect from Loudmouth. Introducing three new designs:

“Tags” – Graffiti and golf go together like toothpaste and orange juice. But when it comes to colors… or metaphors, we somehow seem to pull it off.

“Fore Shades of Blue” – Modern and mischievously bold; We anticipate this design being very popular (Hint: Look out for new colorways). Fore Shades of Blue is the new argyle!

“Fish Bones” – For those of you who grew up watching cartoons on a CRT TV, this iconic animated image may stir up some old memories. Add this one to your collection of “not so classic” black & white patterns.

Tags, Fore Shades of Blue and Fish Bones are available in men’s & women’s silhouettes and include pants, shorts, skorts and hats. In addition to the stocked items, Loudmouth offers Made-to-Order (MTO) clothing, which lets customers customize the waist size and length of their garment to provide the ultimate fit.

For more information visit:


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  1. As for Duotrac shipping mid-April, everyone that ordered is still waiting. All we get is excuses or or just ignored.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, that’s the case with half of the new products we see at the show, particularly in the “tech” category.



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