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Cart Bag Without the Wait Weight

MISSOULA, MT – Sun Mountain’s Maverick men’s golf cart bag and women’s Stellar offer the pocket space and amenities cart golfers desire without the weight. Weighing in under six pounds, these lightweight golf cart bags feature 11 pockets, 10” tops, and 14 individual club dividers. Maverick is available in seven different colors and Stellar in five, each with a retail price of $229.99. For the retailer nearest you, visit or call 800-227-9224.

With 11 pockets, Maverick and Stellar seemingly offer a spot for everything. Pockets include a velour-lined valuables pocket, vented cooler pocket, sizable apparel pocket, and multiple accessory pockets. Additional features include a cart strap pass-through that runs behind the pockets so the bag can be secured to a cart without hindering pocket access and cart bumpers for added durability. For convenience, all pockets are front-facing so they are accessible when the bag is on a cart and the top has two integrated lift-assist handles for lifting the golf bag on and off the cart.

Color options for the Maverick are cement/navy/aztec, gunmetal/inferno, black/camo/black, navy/white/red, and black/gunmetal/ocean.

Stellar color options are equally tantalizing with names like navy/tahiti/blue, mocha/dawn, berry/coral, blue/sea/dew, and beach/apricot/java.

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St Andrews – How do amateur golfers perform on the Old Course?

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM– In the lead up to the 150th Open at St. Andrews, Shot Scope, the industry leader in GPS and automatic shot tracking technology, have analyzed amateur golfers performance over the historic Old Course. On average, Shot Scope users improve by 4.1 shots when tracking their game with products such as the V3 GPS Watch, PRO LX+ Rangefinder or H4 Handheld.

How does performance on the Old Course compare to other Open Championship courses in the UK? What holes are the hardest? Where can you expect to make a rare birdie? Which green causes the most 3 putts? Where do you need to hit your ball off the tee in order to score well? All of this and many other insights are available through Shot Scope performance tracking.

These insights into the Old Course at St Andrews have been built from a database of 6780 rounds, with over 564,000 shots recorded.

New developments in technology have enabled Shot Scope to view a heat map of every hole on the Old
Course – or any course in the world – to view exactly where amateur golfers are playing. Add to this an
array of performance statistics, and Shot Scope can identify ground-breaking data on how exactly amateur golfers perform on any course in the world.

How do amateur golfers play The Old Course

  1. The Old Course is the third easiest course on The Open rota- With Troon and Royal St. Georges ranking easier amongst Shot Scope users
  2. The 13th green, shared with the 5th, produces the most three putts of any hole on the course. One
    reason for this is that it is the largest green on the course – in fact, you could fit the first 12 greens
    at Pebble Beach on this green.
  3. The 9th hole is the easiest on the course amongst Shot Scope users. With a scoring average of 15 vs a par of 4. In contrast, the 17th is the hardest hole with an average of 5.31 vs a par of 4. This
    average score is higher than that of the par 5 5th hole, which has an average of 5.28.
  4. The 1st hole tee shot scoring zone indicates that the far right of the fairway, short of the burn,
    produces an average score of bogey or worse. All birdies on the first came from the middle of the
  5. The 11th hole, par 3, of those missing the green most miss short (34% of total shots end up short of the green). Shot Scope stats show that this is the toughest area to get up and down, with only 31% of users achieving this.
  6. The “Strath” bunker short of the 11th green punishes shots, with only 15% of players getting up and down. 55% make bogey and 30% make double or worse.
  7. The 17th par 4 sees only 20% of users making par – almost half (45%) miss the fairway left and
    golfers who end up on the 2nd fairway or further left, have always dropped shots.
  8. Around the green on hole 17, Shot Scope users are more likely to get up and down from the road
    hole bunker (15%) compared to only 4% who end up on the path or long of the green.
  9. The 18th hole par 4 tee shot scoring zone shows that 71% of birdies come from users who hit over
    the road (Granny Clarks Wynd). In terms of direction, users on the left hand side or centre of the
    fairway have a lower scoring average than the right hand side of the fairway.
  10. On the 18th hole, the Valley of Sin is perhaps not as harsh a penalty as expected – with 43% of
    players getting up and down.

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