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Golf News – January 8, 2016

FJ_golfleisure2_719x720_72_RGBFootJoy Announces Launch of FJ Golfleisure—Women’s Golf Lifestyle Apparel

Fairhaven, MA — FootJoy, the #1 women’s shoe and glove in golf announces its plan to expand into women’s performance apparel with the launch of FJ Golfleisure.  With the rapid growth of its men’s apparel line after entering the market just 4 years ago, FJ expands into the women’s market with a golf focused line inspired by the women’s athleisure lifestyle movement.

“The rise of athleisure women’s apparel driven by lifestyle changes inspired by fitness and wellness, has led us to develop this exciting range.  As an authentic golf brand focused on performance golf wearables, we feel there is an opportunity in the market for a golf interpretation of the athleisure lifestyle movement,” said Whitney Trimble, Director of Marketing-FJ Apparel.  “We also believe this is not a trend but rather a
lifestyle shift in women’s apparel that needs to be addressed by a brand whose sole focus and passion is golf.”

FJ Golfleisure features an array of multifunctional silhouettes in comfortable performance fabrics for the active golfer while allowing these styles to also be worn for every day routine.  The range includes body mapped base layers, performance mid-layers, full zip hoodies, skorts, leggings, space dye layering styles along with performance shirts and outerwear.  All items are specifically designed for golf while being tailored for the player’s athleisure lifestyle.

Introduction of the FJ Golfleisure line will take place at the upcoming PGA Show in Orlando and include significant marketing support such as a lookbook catalog.

The line will be available in the finest golf shops around the world beginning Summer, 2016.


Acton, MA – Sentio™ Golf has announced they will be exhibiting at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.  The company will debut the Sierra 101 line of putters, featuring a patented construction shown to improve feel and accuracy.

“As first time exhibitors, we are excited by the opportunity to talk about our innovative technology with industry professionals and retailers from all over the world under one roof” says Jim Varney, President of Sentio Golf.

Sentio’s technology, called Dynamic Response, separates the entire stainless steel face from the rest of the putter head with a vibration dampening polymer core.  “This construction softens the feel of impact while keeping some of the pop, which we have found is critical for good distance control” explains Jim.  “And because the face is completely isolated by the core, we can provide a range of response levels simply by changing the durometer, or hardness, of the polymer.”  The Sierra 101 is available in three models, each with a color-coded core; green for soft, red for medium, and blue for firm.  Other benefits, such as perpendicular alignment, perimeter weight distribution, and off-center forgiveness are included through the putters’ unique construction.

Sentio verified their designs in accuracy tests against three popular blade putters from the biggest names in golf.  “After analyzing hundreds of putts from 12 testers of different skill levels, we found the Sierra 101 was the most accurate; 8% closer to the hole on average than the CNC milled putter and 16% closer than the insert” Jim explains.  “This shows that Dynamic Response technology can make it easier to control distance, which leads to better accuracy and lower scores.”

The Sierra 101 line is currently available through the company’s website and includes three blade putter models: 101-60 Soft, 101-70 Medium, and 101-90 Firm.  All models retail for $249.  Features include: 350g head weight, 3 degrees loft, 72 degrees lie, full offset plumber hosel, 4:00 toe hang, 304 SS face and body, satin silver PVD finish, and PURE mid-size grip.

Sentio Golf will be exhibiting at booth 3329 and in the New Product Zone.  The 2016 PGA Merchandise Show runs from January 27-29 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

2154058Miura Debuts Left-Handed Models

HIMEJI, JAPAN – Miura Golf is now offering a new Y Grind option in its popular left handed models while also introducing a LH putter model for the first time.

“With our operations based in Canada, where recent statistics indicate that some 30 percent of new golfers are lefties, we’re always looking to better serve left-handers,” says Bill Holowaty, Executive Vice President, Product Strategies of Miura Golf. “We are thrilled to offer some more options for those golfers — first with our LH KM 006 putter in which Mr. Miura has delivered a LH Forged Putter that feels as good as it looks. Secondly, the Y Grind version of our LH Blade and Cavity Back models allows golfers to benefit from a refined leading edge and sole design that leads to better turf interaction and therefore produces more solid shots.”

Left Handed KM-006 Putter
This Miura “Series 1957” Classic design putter goes through the same forging process that makes Miura irons so successful in ball-striking consistency and feel. The Miura craftsmanship has been transferred to this toe-weighted offset classic putter, with an oiled chrome finish that complements its soft visual features. While similar in design to our right-handed models, the left-handed version has subtle differences. A rolled top line and a tapered heel help to deliver a putter head which is both pleasing to the eye and easy to square to your putting line. As is the case with our other putters, the milled face is extremely forgiving and produces a strike which transmits to the feel, distance control and in achieving the truest of rolls from reduced skid.

Y Grind Irons
The impact that the design of leading edge and bounce can have on an iron’s performance has not been lost on the Miura family. Master Grinder Yoshitaka Miura has created the Y Grind, which made its debut with our Series 1957 Wedges. Yoshitaka has now incorporated the Y Grind into our most recent models, the MB 001 and the CB 57. Until now, this innovation was not available to our loyal left-handed golfers.

Using the foundation of our timeless left-handed models, the Blade and Cavity Back Y Grind has allowed Miura Golf to deliver two additional offerings to lefties. The Y Grind, although most visible on the sole and leading edge, actually encompasses many more subtle changes to the clubhead, to maintain the integrity of the head, including head weight, density and overall balance. These refinements elevate the Left-Handed Y Grind irons to another level. More efficient turf interaction is made possible through the subtle leading edge and sole modifications. This includes a more contoured leading edge and the appropriate bounce angles on each specific iron while maintaining desired lie angles.

The Miura family commitment to detail is evident in the Y Grind, specifically at the address position. Subtle changes to the top line and toe profile work in concert with the sole grind delivering a new level of confidence to the golfer. Those changes include a slightly modified toe profile; a visually pleasing top line that enhances a golfer’s confidence; and weight distribution and balance within the clubhead that’s marginally different from our standard LH models. This subtle shift in weight from toe to heel allows the Y Grind player to take dead aim at the target and more easily square up the clubhead at impact.

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