Golf News – January 23, 2018

TaylorMade Golf Company Announces Tour-Validated Milled Grind Hi-Toe Wedge

Already in the Bags of World #1 & #2 Dustin Johnson & Jon Rahm, Hi-Toe Wedge Design is Engineered for Ultimate Versatility around the Green

CARLSBAD, Calif. (January 23, 2018) — Having already played a significant role in World #1 Dustin Johnson’s runaway victory at Kapalua as well as being relied on by World #2 Jon Rahm during his rookie season-closing victory in Dubai, TaylorMade Golf Company formally announced today the new Milled Grind Hi-Toe wedge, designed to deliver optimal short-game control for a multitude of shots and conditions around the green. Following Johnson and Rahm’s successes with the new wedge, fellow TaylorMade stablemates Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose have also added the Milled Grind Hi-Toe wedge to their bags early in their respective 2018 campaigns.

Featuring a higher, more centrally-located center of gravity, the new Hi-Toe wedge launches the golf ball lower while generating more spin and control from a variety of lies. The result, a wedge that gives golfers full confidence standing over full strikes, delicate chips, bump-and-runs, controlled pitches and precision-based flop shots, as well as providing excellent escape options from greenside bunkers.

“Our Tour players couldn’t wait to put this in the bag; Dustin Johnson praised the performance of the Hi-Toe following his dominant victory at Kapalua; we’re confident that this wedge will benefit golfers of all abilities around the green, regardless of what style of course they’re playing on.”

Bill Price, Senior Director, Product Creation, Putters & Wedges 

The Hi-Toe’s full-face scoring lines ensure consistent ball contact out of the rough, while the high bounce leading edge and channel cut midsole make for a more efficient turf interaction which provides cleaner contact with the golf ball for optimal short-game accuracy and control. The enhanced heel and toe relief of the Hi-Toe wedge allows golfers to accomplish a wide array of shots without the club digging into turf, while the sole cavity features three trapezoid-shaped pockets that optimize weight distribution, which in turn enhances the wedge’s feel.

Availability, Specs & Pricing

Engineered from 8620 carbon steel, the Hi-Toe wedge features a new, aged copper finish with ZTP-17 full-face grooves. Offered in 58°, 60° & 64° lofts (64° in RH only), each Hi-Toe wedge has a D5 swingweight and is equipped with KBS’ Hi-REV 2.0 115g shaft with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet burgundy 360 GEC grip. Milled Grind Hi-Toe is available at retail on March 2 at an MSRP of $169 USD.



COBRA Golf today introduced its new KING Black and KING Black ONE Length Wedges. Both feature a sleek Dimonized Black Metal (DBM) finish, a revolutionary metal coating technology for the ultimate in durability. The wedges incorporate COBRA’s patented Progressive Spin Technology, delivering the perfect blend of versatility and precision around the greens.

The KING Black Wedges utilize an 8620 Carbon Steel construction and DBM finish which was developed at one of COBRA’s forging foundry’s. This proprietary finish results in a premium black satin look that diffuses light and lasts longer than any other black finish – the result is longer-lasting, better looking wedges with a confidence-inspiring appearance at address. This is the same finish used on Rickie Fowler’s Tour irons for the past few years. The KING Black Wedges will also feature COBRA CONNECT technology, working in conjunction with the Arccos 360 mobile application, to provide golfers with detailed stats and data that helps them dial in their wedge game, track their performance and improve their scoring faster.

The new KING Black Wedge face (MAP $149) is manufactured using COBRA’s cutting-edge, patented CNC milling process that allows each groove to be shaped with maximum precision, resulting in more accuracy, and highly-consistent spin performance. The wedge utilizes COBRA’s patented Progressive Spin Technology to provide tailored spin performance for each wedge loft. Progressive groove constructions feature wider, shallower grooves on weaker lofted wedges (56, 58, 60) and narrow, tighter spaced grooves on stronger lofted wedges (50, 52, 54) for optimized spin and trajectory for various shots executions around the green. Each wedge face is also CNC milled to deliver optimized Variable Face Roughness (VFR), which allows Cobra engineers to maximize both RA (average roughness) and RY (max peak-to-peak depth) to the USGA limit, delivering more control and precision on finesse shots.

The KING Black Wedge is available in COBRA’s three sole grind configurations allowing golfers the ability to choose the perfect wedge for their game and for any turf condition. Each unique sole grind has its own set of advantages: the Versatile sole features a softened leading edge with heel and toe relief and a medium bounce (8-10º) to provide more shot versatility on medium to firm turf conditions.  The Classic grind features a thinner sole, higher bounce (11-12º) and a progressively wider sole from heel to toe for ease of use on all turf conditions.  The WideLow grind offers a wide sole with low bounce (4-7º) that serves as an excellent all around wedge perfect for medium to soft turf conditions. A taller, muscle back design positions more mass directly behind the hitting zone and damps vibrations for a soft, yet solid feel at impact.  The topline features a subtle chamfer to create a thinner topline which is the look preferred by COBRA’s Tour players.

The KING Black Wedges, available in RH/LH in lofts ranging from 50-60º (available in select grinds) will hit retail March 2, 2018, and come standard with a True Temper S200 (Stiff) shaft that features a matte black Powder Coat finish, and Lamkin ACE Crossline grips with COBRA CONNECT.

An exciting addition to the COBRA wedge family is the KING Black ONE Wedge (MAP $149) to compliment the brands ONE Length iron and hybrid offerings, delivering ultimate consistency and simplicity that allows golfers to utilize one setup and one swing. To achieve optimum performance at 7-iron length and swing weight, the KING Black ONE Wedge features a 1º flatter lie angle than the standard, variable length wedge to help produce straighter and more accurate trajectories on shorter approach shots in a one length set up.  The KING Black ONE Wedge (RH/LH) is available in 56º and 60º and comes standard with a True Temper S200 matte black Powder Coat finish shaft in stiff and a Lamkin ACE Crossline COBRA CONNECT Grip in blue/red.

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  1. Huge Cobra fan! I switched from Ping to a full bag of Cobra’s a few years ago. My wife liked hers so much she talked me into giving them a try and I couldn’t be happier. Love the look of the King Black wedge. Pretty cool that they’re offering the Powder Coat finish on the shaft too.

  2. Andrew Pope


    I’ve been reading your reviews for a few years now and today stumbled across a brilliant article you wrote about customizing your Scotty Roundback putter. Starting to dabble in customizing myself, in can not locate an identical match of the blue you used that was so beautifully done. Can you provide the brand and color name you used please??

    Greatly appreciate your assostamce and keep up the great articles!

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