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Introducing the VESSEL Player Air: Lightweight Luxury Redefined

CARLSBAD, CA – VESSEL proudly announces the launch of the Player Air, a groundbreaking addition to our renowned Player Series. Designed to redefine lightweight luxury in the realm of golf bags, the Player Air, constructed with Cordura fabric, showcases a remarkable 30% reduction in weight while preserving essential features and elevating every detail.

Cordura Fabric

At the heart of this innovation lies our commitment to excellence in design and functionality. The Player Air integrates cutting-edge materials, foremost among them being CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics. This deliberate selection by our design team ensures unparalleled durability and lightweight performance, setting a new standard in golf bag construction.With a rich heritage spanning 55 years, CORDURA® is synonymous with reliability in all conditions. Trusted by adventurers and professionals alike, its advanced technologies provide unmatched protection against tears, scuffs, and abrasions.

Performance Features:

Crafted for the walking golfer, the Player Air is meticulously designed with all the essential storage required on the course while ensuring exceptional ease of carry.

  • 6-Way & 14-Way Top Options: Select between 6-and-14 way top options featuring full-length dividers and padding for optimal club protection. Both top sizes are engineered with a stadium layout to facilitate club spread.
  • Superior Top Design: Strategically positioned high strap-attachment points on the bag’s apex ensure improved balance and prevent club fallout even when fully loaded and carried.
  • Magnetic Rangefinder Pocket: Enhanced with antimicrobial microfiber lining and snap-closure magnetic edges, this pocket provides pristine, scratch-free protection.
  • Personal Items Protection: The exterior personals pocket, lined with antimicrobial microfiber, offers purposeful organization, ideal for safeguarding valuables such as glasses, phone, watch, and more.
  • Beverage Storage: Keep beverages chilled in the dedicated pocket, complete with insulation and drainage features.
  • Carbon Fiber Legs: Featuring ultra-lightweight carbon fiber legs to optimize
    strength-to-weight ratio, with new leg housing ensuring scratch-free protection when used on a cart or trolley.
  • Ball Pocket: Effortlessly store game essentials like tees, ball markers, and golf balls in the spacious main compartment, further organized with an internal mesh pocket.

The Player Air is not merely a feat of engineering; it represents the pinnacle of premium function. Boasting a comprehensive suite of features, including patented technology for a balanced and comfortable carry, it stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to enhancing the golfing experience.


TaylorMade Releases BRNR Mini Driver Copper

CARLSBAD, CA – Drawing inspiration from the iconic late-90s Burner™ drivers,
the all new BRNR Mini Driver Copper offers a contemporary twist
on a timeless design. Its distinctive copper styling, retro logos,
and meticulously crafted components, evokes nostalgic memories
of the ‘good ol days’, while blending heritage and modern innovation.

The BRNR Mini Driver is the first of its kind to feature Movable Weight
Technology. It provides distance, control and playability, making it ideal for golfers
who prioritize accuracy off the tee or struggle with traditional drivers.

The combination of carbon fiber, titanium and steel provide the foundation for
incredible sound, feel and flight with striking cosmetics. The split weights allow
golfers to switch between the standard setting (13g in the back) for balanced
performance, and the low spin setting (13g in the front) for a piercing trajectory and
increased roll out.

The K-SOLE design features a unique “K” shape, which helps the club glide smoothly
through the turf while reducing resistance and promoting a consistent strike. This
enables golfers to have “driver off the deck” distance with the consistency often found
in higher lofted fairway woods.

Twist Face®, Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ and the 4° Loft Sleeve provide the ultimate
suite of technologies. Twist Face helps golfers overcome inherent mis-hit tendencies
for straighter shots, while the Speed Pocket is engineered to maximize ball speeds
and add forgiveness on low-face strikes. The 4° Loft Sleeve allows golfers to fine tune
loft and face angle for optimum flight.

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TravisMathew Pairs up With St Andrews Links Trust on a Multi-Year Partnership

ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND – TravisMathew, a premium golf & sports lifestyle apparel brand has become the Official Apparel Partner of St Andrews Links Trust, further cementing its bond with the Home of Golf.

The announcement builds on an existing, successful relationship following the opening of a permanent TravisMathew store behind the iconic 18th green of the Old Course. The extension of the relationship further strengthens TravisMathew and St Andrews Links’ partnership, which has already seen the creation of the limited-edition Tartan Collection, an apparel capsule that includes polos, t-shirts, hoodies, button-downs, hats, and accessories, all crafted using a unique, officially-registered tartan design.

In celebration of the official partnership, TravisMathew and St Andrews are teaming up with Callaway, Ogio and Marine & Lawn Hotels & Resorts to give away the Ultimate St Andrews Experience. The prize includes a tee time at St Andrews Links Old Course, a 3-night stay at the Rusacks St Andrews and a number of other exciting giveaways.

TravisMathew Chief Marketing Officer, Leif Sunderland, said: “While we were incredibly excited to launch our Official TravisMathew store beside the iconic Old Course 18th green in 2022, this latest announcement sees us become an official partner of the Home of Golf. We are focused on continuing to blend the best of St Andrews Links’ rich history and TravisMathew’s modern focus on lifestyle performance.”

James Ralley, Commercial Director at St Andrews Links Trust, said: “We are delighted to take our relationship with TravisMathew to the next level by welcoming them to the Home of Golf’s family of official partners. The opening of the iconic St Andrews Links by TravisMathew store behind the 18th green of the Old Course and the launch of the unique St Andrews Links x TravisMathew Tartan Collection are prime examples of the exciting innovations we can deliver together. We look forward to many more opportunities in 2024 and beyond to deliver for our ticketholders, visitors and global fans of the Home of Golf.”

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