Galvin Green Interface-1 Apparel Review

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When you need some protection from the elements, the Interface-1 collection from Galvin Green will keep you comfortable without being cumbersome.  Lightweight and full of performance features.


Galvin Green is pure golf apparel.  From underwear designed for breathability to jackets that keep you dry in a monsoon, Galvin Green delivers high-performance layers for all the demanding conditions of golf.  For those 95 out of 100 rounds of golf when conditions aren’t extreme, Galvin Green developed the Interface-1 hybrid range – outerwear designed to be totally windproof yet highly breathable and water repellent.   Let’s make a close examination of the Lars short sleeve jacket and the Logan vest.


Testing apparel can be tricky in Central Florida, but luckily March provided a variety of meteorological conditions.  When a cool northern wind was blowing, both IFC-1 pieces stopped the wind from penetrating the fabric.  The adjustable waist cords cinched tight with an easy pull.  When I didn’t need to keep the wind from blowing up my body, the spring loaded stays were simple to release.  I had seen those before, but the spring loaded zippers on the front of both the Lars and Logan were cool little features, and new to me.

I found the Lars short sleeve jacket to be that perfect layer to keep on when it’s spitting rain during the round or to slip on quickly when a quick shower pops up.  During both conditions, I stayed dry.  I was amazed at how soft and flexible the fabric was inside and out.  Another sign that Galvin Green designers understand golf: the normal side seam was repositioned to stay away from where your arms fall.

The Logan is more than a vest, it’s a lightweight body warmer.  I don’t know what’s in the slightly puffy chambers, but it holds in body warmth while keeping out the cold.  The elastic around the arms is perfectly positioned to not interfere with swing movements.  The tall collar was welcome on several blustery occasions.

Style & Fit

Galvin Green apparel typically favors solid, basic colors, sometimes with an interesting piping element.  The Logan is a classic example in navy blue with a white zipper.  The Lars, on the other hand, takes that same color scheme and adds modern graphics that grab your attention.  The subtle Galvin Green name along the zipper seam is a nice touch.

The fit is very European – form fitting – a positive feature when it comes to outerwear that doesn’t interfere with your golf swing.  Unless you plan to wear either of these IFC-1 pieces as a fourth or fifth layer, stay with your normal size.   When I first zipped up the Lars it felt snug across my shoulders but the fabric is very stretchy.  I also appreciated that the sleeves have a straight cut and don’t flap in the breeze like so many other pull-overs.


I couldn’t be happier with the versatility the Galvin Green Interface-1 pieces provide me.  The Lars is destined for a permanent spot in my bag – always at the ready for wind and rain.  I quickly learned how nice it is to have a truly warm core with the Logan vest.  There’s nothing nicer than golfing on a warm sunny day, but when conditions are foul, the Galvin Green Interface-1 line really lives up to their slogan “Designed for more golf”.

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