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The FootJoy Premiere Series Wilcox golf shoe may have an old school vibe, but it uses modern elements to excel in performance and comfort.  Premium materials, expert craftsmanship.  Unbeatable traction and stability.


If it seems like you’ve read this review before, you’re not wrong – but not right either.  We wrote about the FootJoy Premiere Series two years ago [read it HERE] discussing the Packard and the Tarlow.  The focus of this review is an all-new addition to the lineup – the FootJoy Premiere Series Wilcox.


The Premiere Series Wilcox command attention.  The combination of navy patent leather saddle and black patent leather toe cap takes the classic wing tip look to another level.  The difference in these colors can be hard to discern depending on the lighting, but the look is certain to tingle anyone with a fashion sense.  The details of the Wilcox, like the others in the Premiere family, are exquisite.  Every stitch, every layer of material, elevates the premium look.

The Wilcox also come in all-white and all-black, but a quick glance at them on the FJ website [there’s a link at the bottom of this review] lets you know even those renditions are far from ordinary.  And while you are on the site, check out the “Design My Own” program where you can create a truly one of a kind show stopper.

FootJoy Premiere Series Wilcox Golf Shoe insole


Feeling the cushioning around the collar opening and softness of the tongue with my fingers, I slipped the shoes on sans-socks and was amazed at the comfort.  My ankle felt secure without any of the harsh edges I typically encounter with all-leather dress-type shoes.  Underfoot, the OrthoLite EcoPlush Fit-Bed felt supportive yet cushiony.  As I anticipated, the fit was snug, and I utilized a couple range sessions to break them in.  As for sizing, the Wilcox were right in line with my typical size in most brands.

FootJoy Premiere Series Wilcox Golf Shoe sole


One look at the sole of the FootJoy Premiere Series Wilcox makes it clear that these shoes are engineered for traction.  In fact, FJ even gave the outsole a name:  VersaTrax+.  In addition to the Softspikes, there’s multidirectional hard (blue) and softer (grey) traction elements to provide gription whether you’re hitting from a steep grassy bank or attempting a career shot off the concrete cart path.  I can’t think of another golf shoe I’ve worn that has better traction than the Wilcox.

One other key performance attribute of the Wilcox is its stability.  That stems from three key elements:  the rigidity of the VersaTrax+ sole, the leather uppers, and the hidden heel cup.  Together, these elements work with the traction elements to allow players to harness and transfer energy from a strong base.

FootJoy Premiere Series Wilcox Golf Shoe


The FootJoy Premiere Series Wilcox may have a classic wing tip silhouette, but it’s a modern golf shoe in all other respects.  The traction and stability simply cannot be beat.  Plus the Wilcox is wonderfully comfortable.  If you have any doubt regarding any of these aspects, take a look at what so many Tour caliber players are wearing on the course and remember they do this for a living – all day, every day.

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  1. Donald Dawson

    I’m a titliest and foot joy guy thru and thru, I love the new Wilcox series, I like em so well , I bought 4 pair, black / blue, blue/ white, Black., & white, I’d love to have red white and blue or Grey and blue

  2. Thomas Brokl

    I love the look of FootJoy saddle golf shoes. I recently retired my old pair of Icon saddles in favor of a more comfortable pair of Adidas. I walk the course and my feet are happier now during and after the round.
    Age 75, #DoubleSecret.

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