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The new incarnation of the FootJoy DNA is easily one of the most comfortable and best performing golf shoes of 2015.



We reviewed the original FootJoy DNA last year and thoroughly believed it was one of the best shoes of the year and delivered exceptionally well on every point.  While keeping a lot of aspects from the previous generation, FootJoy gave the DNA an updated look to make it one of the best shoes of 2015.



Imedla Marcos would approve of a golf shoe “collection.”  Within my extensive lineup, I have more than a fair share of FootJoy shoes, and not only is the FootJoy DNA the most comfortable of all of my FootJoys, but it’s easily the most comfortable of all the golf shoes I have.  My favorite contribution to the comfort of the shoe is the 3D FoamCollar around the ankle which molds comfortably to your ankle for the perfect fit.  The footbed feels similar to any high quality athletic shoes and all of the materials are nice and breathable.  If you don’t believe me, head to the store, try on a pair, and see for yourself.  A word of wisdom before you buy – the DNA fits a little different than some other FJ models.  I had to go down about a half size.  Much like selecting golf clubs, make sure you “get fit” before you buy.

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The FootJoy DNA 2 hits that perfect sweet spot between traditional and sporty/edgy to appeal to a wide range of tastes.  The different materials create a nice contrast to make the shoe a little more interesting to the eye while still maintaining a fairly modest look.  Of course, you can go the custom route for an upcharge and really make a statement whether it’s using different types of materials, crazy colors, or both.  At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with the new Footjoy DNA 2, and it follows in the footsteps of its predecessor’s perfect looks quite well.



Following the release of the original FootJoy DNA golf shoe, I swear I saw just about every other golfer wearing a pair.  The reason being that they are really good golf shoes.  I mean REALLY good golf shoes.  While they are comfortable to wear for walking 18 holes or for an extended practice sesh, they’re also some of the best performing shoes I’ve worn.  One of the major highlights is the traction you get from the DNA 2.  The spike pattern provides a lot of grip, and when paired with the NitroThin TPU outsole, you get impeccable balance and stability no matter the conditions.



Are you a golfer like me that wants to make a little bit of an extra expression with your look?  Well you’re in luck with FootJoy’s MyJoys program.  Yes, FootJoy provides many great stock colorways for their various shoe models, but inevitably fashionistas like us want something that’s a little more unique.  The MyJoys website provides a wide range of shoe options with different choices for materials and colors to create seemingly endless options for a true custom shoe.  If colors and materials alone aren’t enough to whet your custom appetite, you can get your name or a logo embroidered on most models as well.



If you were a big fan of the original FootJoy DNA, you’ll love the new version just as much.  Exceptional comfort and performance make this shoe a must have for any serious golfer and will easily be one of the top three golf shoes of 2015 and 2016.

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  1. Another great part of the MyJoys program is that you can order a different size for each foot. My right foot is a half size smaller than the left. After a lifetime of trying to balance a tight left verses loose right shoe, discovering the correct fitting on each foot was amazing.

  2. “will easily be one of the top 3″…. what are the other 2?
    I have been using Dryjoy Tours for 3 seasons and will need a new pair soon. I love the Dryjoys, but wondering if the DNA are a huge change or upgrade. Any advice?

    • All of them are posted on our site (another will be coming), so I’ll just suggest taking a look at some of our most recent shoe reviews. Out of respect for FootJoy in this case, I’d rather leave it at that.

      As far as DNA compared to Dryjoys, I think the DNA is far and away superior (my personal opinion). I don’t know about huge change or upgrade, but they will be significantly different and worth looking at.

  3. awesome!
    Thanks for the quick response!

  4. Steve Dean

    Great shoes

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