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Great traction.  Easily one of the best looking shoes in golf.  Good comfort with more structure and support than most golf shoes.


Though FootJoy has long been the #1 shoe in golf, it has not been the most talked about brand over the last few years.  The release of the FootJoy DNA has changed that.  From its head-turning looks to the fact that you can see it on the PGA Tour every Sunday, the DNA has given golfers plenty of reasons to be excited about picking up a fresh pair of FootJoys.

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The line between comfort and support is a tough one to walk, and the FootJoy DNA approaches it in an interesting way: it breaks the shoe down into alternating sections.  Around the ankle, there’s a thick layer of padding that hugs your ankle and locks your foot into the shoe.  The feeling is similar to wearing a high top basketball shoe: you get support all the way to the top of the shoe.  The next section, under your heel, is unbelievably comfortable due to the thick layer of padding.  It feels like your heel is standing on a box of Kleenex.  The mid-section of your foot switches back to structure, fitting snugly around the arch of your foot for support.  Finally, the toe area is extremely spacious and comfortable.

Overall, the FootJoy DNA offers the best of both worlds: a lot of comfort plus the support and structure of a performance shoe.

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Most people think of FootJoy as a traditional company making traditional-looking shoes, and they do that very well, but many modern golfers want something more.  Past attempts by FootJoy to create a modern look have missed the mark, but the DNA is a bullseye.  There’s little doubt that the exceptional visual appeal is why the DNA is FootJoy’s most anticipated shoe in a long time.

The DNA does a perfect job of looking modern without trying too hard to be young or edgy.  It has a very clean look with minimal branding.  The visual interest is creating with different textures in the leather.  While there are colorways with bold accents (lime green and red), the bulk of the shoe is white or black, making it easy to wear with almost any outfit.

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While the DNA’s good looks are nice, they’re not the reason that PGA Tour players are wearing these shoes week after week.  For them, it’s all about this shoe’s performance.

Though the market for “spikeless” shoes continues to grow, there’s a reason that almost every PGA Tour player wears replaceable spikes: the traction is simply better.  Coupled with the grooves and spikes that are designed into the sole of the DNA, there’s simply not a lie that these shoes can’t handle.

Similarly, spikeless shoes often lack quality waterproofing.  The DNA, on the other hand, offers top notch moisture protection and backs it up with a 2-year waterproof warranty.

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It’s not often that a golf product is worthy of the buzz it creates, but the FootJoy DNA is an exception.  From its modern good looks to its balance of comfort and support to its all-terrain, all-weather performance, this shoe wants for nothing.  For me, the FootJoy DNA is the clubhouse leader for best golf shoe of 2014.

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    I want a pair of DNA shoes for ladies size 6.5wide. Where can I get them?

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