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Flag & Anthem offers performance driven MadeFlex Golf apparel along with a wide array of casual, comfortable clothing.  Plenty of style options.  Modest pricing.


When Flag & Anthem hit the PIG radar I was intrigued by the variety of apparel they offered.  In addition to golf polos, Flag & Anthem seemed to have the type of casual clothing and accessories that fills my closet.  From its founding in 2016, Flag & Anthem has retained this vision:  “We wanted to create casual, everyday clothing that you could really wear every day, with superior quality and a perfect fit at prices that won’t break the bank.”  With that appealing statement, I had to take a closer look.


I purposely selected theTallahasee Palm print and Cobbtown Floral  performance polos shown above to showcase some of the unique prints Flag & Anthem offers.  If your golf style preference is a bit more subdued, they have plenty of solids and simple stripes to choose from.  Their color palette is diverse with appealing hues.

For off the course, Flag & Anthem offers a huge selection of long and short sleeve shirts that exude casual vibes.  While there are plenty of interesting plaids, my eye is always drawn towards styles that work play well at the beach like the Kissimee Vintage Washed Palm Print.

While bottoms often seem like an afterthought for brands, Flag & Anthem has a dizzying array of pants, shorts, and swim wear.  Their MadeFlex Golf section has a variety of MadeFlex Any-Wear shorts in basic solid colors to pair nicely with their shirts, letting you easily build a well-coordinated look.  Something I haven’t seen before, Flag & Anthem has a dedicated Shorts Guide web page – their “cheat sheet to finding the perfect pair.”


The fit of both polos was as I prefer – not too tight and not too loose.  Flag & Anthem refers to the fit as “tailored athletic.”  In my typical medium size, the sleeves just covered my biceps length wise with enough room to remind me to hit the gym more frequently but without excessive material to flap in the wind.   The length of the body of the polos offer flexibility to tuck or not.  For the record I’m a 100% tuck on the course guy.  The rounded cut and length of the button up Kissimee shirt is clearly designed for wearing neatly untucked.  It’s worth noting that the Cobbtown Floral is also available in big & tall.

My Flag & Anthem shorts were a mixed bag in the fit department.  With 1” waist size increments I was able to dial in waist size with my ideal 33” size.  The MadeFlex shorts are offered in 8” and 10” length, and the latter came down to just above my knees and had a flattering straight leg opening.  Overall the fit was great, except for the front pockets that wanted to puff outward.  That may be handy for some activities, but I didn’t like the look for the golf course.  I thought it could be that the design didn’t jibe with my body structure in that midsection area, but then I saw an Insta ad with Christian McCaffrey where the pockets looked similar – and clearly we aren’t built the same.


The MadeFlex Any-Wear Hybrid Ripstop shorts were super comfortable.  The lightweight 78% nylon/14% spandex/8% poly material had tons of stretch with breathability that made them great for summer activity.  The ‘Hybrid’ aspect reflects that the shorts are “made for living on land or sea.”  From a golf perspective, however, I have to ding the shorts for having buttons on the rear pockets.

Both MadeFlex performance polos excelled in the heat of summer golf.  The poly/spandex blended jersey fabrics (there’s a 2% difference in the blend between the polos) offered plenty of stretch throughout the swing.  The fabrics were also lightweight and exhibited good moisture-wicking ability.  I have found myself reaching for the light colored Tallahasee Palm print exclusively with temps seemingly stuck in the 90s here in Coastal SC, and look forward to bringing the darker Cobbtown Floral into the rotation in the coming cooler months.


Given that I opened by mentioning Flag & Anthem has a wide array of casual clothing and accessories, it’s appropriate to point out that includes a wonderful selection of hats and graphic tees.  As to “accessible pricing” I have to say that $59.50 for a MadeFlex polo seems a fairly good value when compared to other quality brands.  From the perspective of a guy who embraces casual clothing, on and off the golf course, Flag & Anthem is a brand that does a great job balancing style, comfort, and price.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting Flag & Anthem. Nice to see golf specific apparel at reasonable and sensible price points.

  2. Patrick Burke

    With the cost of everything going up these look like a great way to get more for less


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