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The Edel Array B-1 putter has a traditional look and great feel.  Lots of customization options hidden inside with four necks and removable sole weights.


Often, clubs that are highly customizable look the part.  Whether it’s wild shapes, unusual colors, or screws sticking out of every surface, they seem to scream, “This guy is a tinkerer!”

The Edel Array B-1 putter is the opposite.  This is a conventional looking blade putter that’s secretly one of the most flexible flat sticks on the market.


The Edel Array B-1 putter is a widebody Anser-style putter.  To my eye, it has classic dimensions, being slightly longer heel-to-toe than the Bettinardi BB1 Wide [review HERE].  This design is a stone’s throw from both the conventional Anser and traditional mallets, making it a comfortable choice for many golfers.  Edel offers a sight line or a sight dot on the B-1.  In both cases, the white alignment mark has great contrast against the dark finish.

Getting up close with the B-1, you can see very fine mill marks on the shoulders and bumpers.  The sole features Edel’s winged E logo surrounded by the removable sole weights.  I give Edel a lot of credit for hiding a modular putter inside something that looks entirely traditional.

Sound & Feel

On a pure strike, the Edel Array B-1 putter has a soft, premium feel.  This pairs naturally with the quiet “thud” sound.  Getting that perfect sensation, however, is not easy.

When your impact spot leaves the center of the face, the feel firms up quickly.  Also, you’ll start to hear a metallic note in the impact sound.  As you get into bigger misses, the feel becomes hard and the sound turns into an ugly “clack.”  I like this gradient of feedback because it lets the golfer know exactly how well (or poorly) they struck the ball.  The demanding sweet spot can be frustrating, but it’s necessary if you want to really dial in your stroke.

Edel Array Putter System

Before diving into this specific model, let’s discuss the Edel Array putting system.  This is a comprehensive fitting system built around the ideas of customization, adjustability, and modularity.

The family includes four head shapes – the B-1, F-1 [review HERE], F-2 [review HERE], and F-3 [review HERE].  The B-1 is a wide-body Anser.  Each of the F models is a different mallet, as shown above.

In addition to the four head shapes there are four necks/hosels.  There’s a single bend, a short plumbers neck, and a slant neck, all seen above.  Edel also offers a long plumbers neck.  Changing hosels will affect both the look of the putter and the toe hang.

The final major piece of the Array putting system is the interchangeable alignment plate.  If you’re familiar with Edel’s putter fitting philosophy, you know that aim is a huge part of it.  With six different alignment plates featuring everything from dots to lines to perpendicular lines, they’ve covered every aim bias to help golfers get properly aligned.

This system gives golfers a total of 72 mallet combinations and 8 different blades, and that’s before factoring in head weight, counter weight, and grip.   Finally, huge kudos to Edel for making everything user friendly.  All of the components can be adjusted with a Torx wrench (just like adjustable drivers), and all the pieces of this system will be sold separately.


While the Edel Array B-1 putter does not get to take full advantage of the Array fitting system, it still gives players a lot of options.  Beyond the sight line or sight dot, you have the choice of four necks/hosels: single bend, slant, short plumber, and long plumber.  The Array B-1 has the most toe hang of any of the Array putters, ranging from 30 degrees (single bend) to 60 degrees (slant) with the two plumbers necks at 40 and 45 degrees.  All of these options fit a player with some amount of arc to their stroke, but the performance and aesthetic differences are still noticeable.

The other adjustable element is the weight.  You can make the Array B-1 as light as 335 grams or as heavy as 385 grams with the removable sole weights.  There are also counter weights available at 30, 50, and 75 grams.

In my testing, I found the Edel Array B-1 putter to offer strong forgiveness relative to its size.  I tested it with the 15 gram weights for a total head weight of 365 grams.  This is slightly heavier than normal for me, but I found the B-1 to be nicely balanced.  The weights are set back from the face which gives it a feeling of stability.

For me, the biggest selling point of the Array B-1 is that Edel has empowered the golfer to experiment.  With the necks and sole weights readily available to the player, you can keep the head shape you’re comfortable with but try different toe hangs.  You can push the weight up or down.  While I would advise being fit into your optimal specs, for the golfers who like to tinker, the Array B-1 is perfect.


The Edel Array B-1 putter has a traditional look, but that disguises more customization options than you’ll find in almost any other putter.  This flat stick enables configurations you won’t find outside of a truly custom project, and at a cost that’s on par with other quality putters.  Whether you want something to tinker with or are looking to be fit and throw the wrench away, the Array B-1 is worth a look.

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  1. Eric Hutchens

    Very good review. I like the options in Edel golf. They think outside the normal golf box.

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