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The Edel Array F-2 putter is a highly customizable version of the Fang head shape.  Multiple necks, alignment options, and removable weights.  Premium feel.


When it was first introduced, the Fang or #7 head shape was polarizing.  Now, virtually every putter maker has a version of it.  So do we really need one more?  When it does everything that the Edel Array F-2 putter does, the answer is yes.


The Edel Array F-2 putter is an attractive version of the popular Fang design.  My favorite design element is the slopes on each side of the head that seem to shrink the footprint.  That, combined with the subtle mill marks, let you know that this is an elevated version of the modern classic.

At address, the space between the fangs frames the ball precisely, which is my preference.  That space also provides a natural home for Edel’s alignment plates.  There are six options to fill this space.  To my eye, the double line is a great fit, but everyone can find an option that works for their aim bias.

Sound & Feel

The feel of the Edel Array F-2 is very similar to the F-1 [review HERE].  On center, it’s soft but not mushy like some inserts.  The carbon steel face gives the strike a solid, rewarding feel.  This feel pairs well with the “thud” sound produced by a urethane-covered ball.

Mishits feel progressively firmer as you move away from the center of the face.  Small mishits might escape notice; they feel similar to centered hits.  If you hit substantially toward the heel or toe, the feel is almost hard.  This same change occurs in the sound, going from “thud” on center” to a light “knock” on small misses to a full “clack” on big misses.

Edel Array Putter System

Before diving into this specific model, let’s discuss the Edel Array putting system.  This is a comprehensive fitting system built around the ideas of customization, adjustability, and modularity.

The family includes four head shapes – the B-1, F-1, F-2, and F-3 [review HERE].  The B-1 is a wide-body Anser [review HERE].  Each of the F models is a different mallet, as shown above.

In addition to the four head shapes there are four necks/hosels.  There’s a single bend, a short plumbers neck, and a slant neck, all seen above.  Edel also offers a long plumbers neck.  Changing hosels will affect both the look of the putter and the toe hang.

The final major piece of the Array putting system is the interchangeable alignment plate.  If you’re familiar with Edel’s putter fitting philosophy, you know that aim is a huge part of it.  With six different alignment plates featuring everything from dots to lines to perpendicular lines, they’ve covered every aim bias to help golfers get properly aligned.

This system gives golfers a total of 72 mallet combinations and 8 different blades, and that’s before factoring in head weight, counter weight, and grip.   Finally, huge kudos to Edel for making everything user friendly.  All of the components can be adjusted with a Torx wrench (just like adjustable drivers), and all the pieces of this system will be sold separately.


As with the other putters in this family, I started my testing of the Edel Array F-2 by trying different necks and alignment plates.  With the four necks, this putter can go from face balanced (single bend) to 44 degrees of toe hang (slant neck).  Having a moderately arcing stroke, I found that the short plumbers neck and slant neck worked better for me than the single bend shaft.

For alignment, I liked the fit of the Array F-2 with the dual sight lines.  To my eye, those lines fit naturally between the prongs.  Having been through a formal Edel fitting [more on that HERE], I know that aim bias can have a major impact on your putting stroke.  Every golfer believes that they’re aligned properly, but few are.  That can typically be fixed with the right combination of putter specs and alignment aid.  You’ll be amazed at how much more free your stroke feels when you’re not compensating for poor aim.

The final piece of the Edel fitting puzzle is weight.  Like the other mallets, the Edel Array F-2 can range in weight from 340 grams to 390 grams.  I tested it at 370 grams, which felt noticeably heavier but not uncomfortable.  In addition to considering the weight of the head, I think anyone considering an Array putter should think about where the weight is.  In the F-2 and F-3, the weight is closer to the face.  In the F-1, the weight is at the rear of the head.  This changes the feel substantially, and should be given as much consideration as the look of the head when making a buying decision.


With the ability to fit your aim bias, your weight preference, and your stroke, the Edel Array F-2 putter is not just another Fang.  If you’re interested in getting a putter that’s built just for your stroke – or one you can tinker with endlessly – the Array F-2 should be on your very short list.

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  1. Garen Eggleston

    I was fitted for and received the F-3 with my specs , love the putter and my alignment is much better than with my gamer .

  2. Matt,

    Anything make you wanna give up your Swag Too :) ?

  3. Anonymous


    Love it! A married man :)

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