2024 Bettinardi BB1 Wide Putter Review

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The 2024 Bettinardi BB1 Wide putter is a beautifully executed version of a classic design.  Sound slot creates a more lively sound and is a nice differentiator.  Bettinardi’s first magnetic head cover!


For over 25 years, Bettinardi has been making some of the highest quality putters in golf.  Their 2024 BB Series shows the brand offering both aesthetic and performance upgrades on the 2022 BB Series [review HERE].  Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer, their relentless drive to improve makes every new offering worth a closer look.


Every time that I pull the 2024 Bettinardi BB1 Wide putter out of its headcover, I’m impressed with what a crisp, clean putter Bettinardi has built.  From top to bottom, there’s not a hair out of place.  It reflects a company with over twenty years of experience that knows how to get the details right.  From every angle, there’s just enough visual interest, never any clutter, and every engraving is sharp and precise.

At address, the Bettinardi BB1 Wide is really well proportioned.  This style of putter can look very clumsy, but the balance of top line, shoulders, and bumpers sits very naturally here.  The cavity frames the ball well – not too tight, not too loose.  Finally, the Black Pearl PVD finish is a beautiful choice and is well executed.

The professional look of the BB1 Wide doesn’t stop at the putter head.  Bettinardi pairs the putter with a “Black PVD Tour Grade shaft” that looks stellar with the putter’s finish.  The holographic Bettinardi shaft band is the cherry on top that shows full attention to detail.

For over ten years of reviewing Bettinardi putter, I’ve always written some version of, “The headcover looks cool, but I wish they’d get away from Velcro.”  They finally heard me.  The 2024 Bettinardi BB1 Wide putter comes with a magnetic-closure headcover!  I have mixed feelings about the look of the carbon fiber/leather construction, but I’m thrilled to see the use of very strong magnets rather than scratchy Velcro.

Sound & Feel

When I unboxed the 2024 Bettinardi BB1 Wide putter, I saw something I wasn’t expecting: a sound slot.  A sound slot is just what it sounds like: a slot cut into the putter to change the sound of impact.  Sometimes it is cut through the flange, as it is here (see below), sometimes it’s cut into the face, so it’s only visible from the sole.

In this BB1 Wide, the sound slot helps to create an impact sound that I would describe as a throaty “tock.”  It’s not that much louder than other similar putters, but it’s more lively and clear.  This complements a feel that is solid and medium firm off the Perpetual Fly face milling.

In terms of feedback, I found it to be precise through both the hands and ears.  Mishits were slightly higher pitched than pure strikes, though the volume was consistent.  Similarly, the feel of impact didn’t change much on misses, but I could tell if the ball met the face toward the toe or heel.


The 2024 Bettinardi BB1 Wide putter makes small but meaningful changes to the classic widebody Anser design.  Based on feedback from their growing Tour staff, Bettinardi made the BB1 Wide shorter from heel to toe (it’s approximately 1/4″ shorter than most of the Ansers in my collection).  More importantly, material was removed from the heel to align the center of gravity with the geometric center of the face.  Just as with traditional wedges, many traditional putters have a sweet spot that’s on the heel-side of center.  The new BB1 Wide fixes that problem.

Looking at forgiveness, the BB1 Wide offers a slight improvement over a traditional Anser.  It’s not going to cure all your putting woes, but it’s a small step in the direction of more consistent results.  We all know that putting is a game of inches, so any help is worth considering.

In terms of fit, the 2024 Bettinardi BB1 Wide is also a small step away from a standard Anser.  This model weighs in at 352 grams, right in the middle of the bell curve for a modern putter.  The toe hang is at “1/3” per Bettinardi, just short of the 45 degrees or 4:30 toe hang that we expect from an Anser.  As a longtime Anser player, I found the deeper CG and slightly diminished toe hang to be noticeable, but the putter was still comfortable to swing.  If you’re looking for a small change in feel but not a complete putting makeover, the BB1 Wide could be a great choice.

Finally, a quick hat tip to the Lamkin grip.  Bettinardi has been using Lamkin for the last few series, and it’s a great choice.  The Deep Etch is one of my favorite putter grips, particularly the refined shaping of the top.  This grip is available in standard or jumbo size.


The 2024 Bettinardi BB1 Wide putter is a resounding success.  Few recent offerings combine a nod to tradition with meaningful improvements like this.  If you’re looking to shake up your putting without abandoning the classic look and feel, the BB1 Wide deserves a long look.

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  1. Good stuff Matt. Was keen on this line when i first heard.

    You mention the sound slot stating “sometimes it’s cut into the face, so it’s only visible from the sole.” Is that referring to an insert or something like their FIT-face or envolls grooves?

    I think we all been professing magnetic headcovers. Glad to see it. Now its Scottie’s turn to get with it.

    • Matt Saternus


      No, face milling/groove tech/etc is not the same as a sound slot. Just imagine that the slot is cut a fraction of an inch closer to the face than it is on the BB1 Wide, that’s all I was trying to describe.



  2. Nice review Matt. How was it at rolling the ball? Were putts consistently left, right, short, long or right on the mark? Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think you may be giving too much weight/credit to the putter. Funny timing, as I just published this today: https://pluggedingolf.com/two-golf-truths/
      Ultimately, the golfer is responsible for where the ball ends up.
      If you’re asking about forgiveness, it’s a bit better than a traditional blade, but it’s not going to turn bad misses into holed putts.



  3. Well it’s a Christmas miracle! Finally a magnetic HC, well done Betti. As a Betti fanboy I’m beyond excited for the HC and to try out the sound slot. Their putters are works of art, love the look and feel. Thanks for the great review, Matt!

  4. Jeff Gutcher

    Thanks Matt – would you say this face is harder than the 2022 BB1? Would this putter be good for lag putting?


    • Matt Saternus


      Second question first: yes, I think it will be fine.
      As to feel, I didn’t review the 2022 BB Series, but, judging by the face milling, I think they’d be close or the 2024 might be a bit softer. All that said, feel is subjective.



  5. Great review Matt. Between this and your recent review of the Mizzy T24, you have been reading my mind on products I wanted to know more about. I game the 2020 BB8w currently and this year’s definitely looks more compact among other changes. Would love to make it up to Bettis new studio for a fitting, it sounds like a great experience. Keep up the good work

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