Dormie Workshop Headcovers – Blue Ribbon Gear

Dormie Workshop Headcovers – Blue Ribbon Gear

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the stock headcovers that come with new woods.  And we all know golfers who love to let everyone know they have the latest greatest club.  But if you want to truly stand out in a sea of stock covers, there’s nothing better than a handcrafted cover from Dormie Workshop.

The variety of Dormie Workshop’s distinctive designs is not only impressive, it’s extensive.  From vintage styles, to whimsical animals, to the bomber series featured here, there’s a Dormie Workshop cover to capture every golfer’s unique personality.

And if you prefer a truly one of a kind cover, the Dormie Custom Workshop is your ticket to fun.  If you can dream it, they can create it.

The premium leathers Dormie Workshop uses in its covers have a wonderfully rich feel, and expert stitching adds to the high end look.  You can tell the crew at Dormie Workshop are golfers by the shaping and perfect placement of elastic on the covers – securely protects the club head, yet effortless to put on and take off.  Creativity, craftsmanship and quality – Dormie Workshop covers are the epitome of PIG Blue Ribbon Gear.

You can read a full review of Dormie Workshop headcovers HERE.

What Is Blue Ribbon Gear?

Blue Ribbon Gear is PluggedInGolf’s way of recognizing the very best equipment in golf.  From clubs to apparel to accessories, our blue ribbon is a symbol of gear that is head and shoulders above the rest.


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