Cuater Moneymaker Golf Shoe Review

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Cuater Moneymaker spikeless golf shoes feature excellent traction and outstanding comfort.  Contemporary athletic styling should appeal to golfers of all ages.


If your only exposure to TravisMathew’s shoe brand Cuater has been the Legend [full review HERE], seeing the Moneymaker might be a surprise.  The two golf shoes are at opposite ends of the style spectrum, and perfectly represent Cuater’s proclamation: “We’ve got something for everyone.”


The Cuater Moneymaker is a wonderful blend of athletic styling and trendy knit uppers.  Cuater added visual interest to the monochromatic look of the microchip (aka light grey) uppers with the diamond etched saddle and solid heel overlays.  The shoes are also available in black, grey, and indigo.  Around the edge of the toe box, sandwiched between the liner and knit layers, a strip of flexible material creates some structure – an element that I’ve not observed in other knit or fabric shoes.  Often it’s the not so obvious details that differentiate a brand.

The semi-translucent sole exhibits a mystical quality, changing color depending on viewing angle.  Keeping with a clean look, branding is contained to a modest Cuater “C” on the side of the heel and strip up the back.  The crisp lineal contours on the white midsole complete the clean overall look.


Based on the amazing comfort of the Legend, my expectations for the Moneymaker were high – and I wasn’t disappointed.  The insole foam was cushiony yet supportive, and responsive to my movements.  The Ortholite hangtag on the shoe states it’s “the secret inside,” and it’s clear why Cuater wanted to highlight that feature.  Add in the soft fabric liner and padding around the ankle, and the overall comfort is outstanding.

The fit is form-fitting and secure.  My feet are fairly standard medium, or D, width so I can’t speak from experience, but folks with a wider foot might have issues.  The fabric allowed my toes some up and down wiggle,  but the width of the toe box isn’t conducive to spreading them out.  Length wise, the sizing was spot on.


The Moneymaker falls in that sweet spot between a stability shoe and a mobility shoe.  I was impressed with the lateral stability across the bridge of my foot and with the security of my heel.  There’s a good amount of flex at the balls of my feet but nothing close to that of a running shoe.  The length and spacing of the rigid, triangular nubs makes for an aggressive sole design that provided excellent traction.  I’ve observed slight wear from walking between the car and course over several rounds, but nothing alarming.

We’ve had an unseasonably dry spring in Central Florida, so I wasn’t able to test the shoes in wet conditions.  I did test them under the faucet and verified their waterproof claim.  The woven fabric is also treated to be stain-resistant.


Right out of the box, the Cuater Moneymaker golf shoes were ready to go.  And speaking of the box, it comes with molded foam silhouettes that cradle the shoes like valuable museum artifacts.  The contemporary look, wonderful comfort, and performance attributes make the Moneymaker one of the first shoes I grab when it’s game time.  And when the game has a little something riding on it, this shoe is worthy of its name.

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  1. Matt, I’m not sure whether or not you tried these shoes in wet conditions, but my experience has been that they perform very poorly in even dewy conditions. They simply are not waterproof as Cuater claims. You should update your review to advise consumers of this shortcoming in the shoes.

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for the feedback Zack. I have worn these shoes several times in rain and have had no issues.

      – Meeks

  2. Do you have any tips for cleaning these?

  3. Hi Matt,
    Since you’ve had this model a while – how easy are they to keep looking clean..? Does dirt and dust want to settle into the fabric crevices? Thanks so much!

    • Matt Meeker

      Like most shoes worn for a year, they have lost that fresh out of the box look. But wiping off the shoes with a damp towel takes care of most of just about all of the dust and dirt.

      – Meeks

  4. I’ve worn the grey shoes twice only, both with about an hour of dew in morning. I am not able to sufficiently clean the shoes with damp towel, I suspect from light color. They are quite comfortable and I would recommend buying the indigo or black which probably won’t show dirt as much. Can I put these in washing machine like tennis shoes?

    • Matt Meeker

      I’ve never put shoes in the wash machine Rand, so I’m no help on that question. Maybe another reader will chime in. Appreciate the feedback.

      – Meeks

  5. Do you have size 14

  6. These shoes are very comfortable and look good when new. However, they collect dirt, sand, dust and I have had zero success in cleaning them off well enough to look good again.

  7. I have four pairs of these they are very comfortable
    However they are an enigma
    They are waterproof I have played in the rain with them
    However I can’t wear them early in the morning and walk in the morning dew
    Love them put it I am playing early in the am I can’t wear them

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