Coggin Machine Custom Putter Review

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For the golfer looking for a custom putter with no limits and personal attention directly with the owner and creator, Coggin Machine & Design putters are as premium and custom as they come.


Jayme Coggin is the founder and owner of Coggin Machine & Design, a small, one-man operation that creates unique metal golf items, including putters.  Although his golf business is recent, Jayme has been a machinist for over 15 years and even taught machining for the last 7.

An avid golfer who worked for his family’s local golf course growing up, he realized the demand for unique and custom metal golf items.  He started small with markers and divot tools and has now expanded to an ever-growing collection of some absolutely stunning putters.

“Making golf stuff is just a dream for me.  I need to pinch myself from time to time” Jayme said.  Jayme’s passion for golf combined with his vast experience machining metal products ensure any custom job you have for him will come out better than expected.


While the styling of each of the putters is somewhat traditional, the finish and custom touches make these premium putters stand out in the bag.  For this review, I chose a wide flange, face-balanced carbon steel putter and what the owner labeled as a “tooling black” finish.  I wanted to make sure I went with a matte or dull finish cause I’m not a fan of glare when standing over a putt, and this finish was perfect.  I also had Jayme put a single sight dot on the top.  Such a simple yet beautiful  style.

Sound & Feel

At contact, there’s a soft, deep “tock”, like the ball melts into the face.  The soft feel is similar to many of the milled putters out there and doesn’t get too hot off the face and allows you to dial in distance especially with those longer lag putts.  I’m a big fan.

I prefer the feel of a heavier putter as it makes it feel more stable through the stroke.  Jayme advised me that this shape in carbon steel would come out heavier (this is just north of 400 grams), which suited me perfectly.  I will stress that the putter is well-balanced, especially with a premium KBS putter shaft.


The Coggin Skyler-Mid putter is face-balanced and performs extremely well on short putts.  It also has good pace and feel on longer lag putts.  As an owner of many different putters, I’ve learned that performance can be altered by my desire to “like” a putter.  I really like this putter, and I’ve seen really good speed control on all distances with the custom Coggin.  It’s a real piece of art and I love having it in my bag.  The weighting is great, the balance feels right, and the milled carbon steel face has a soft touch that gives me confidence for those short-knockers.


Yes, you can get a custom putter just about anywhere, and even most major golf companies offer it in some capacity.  However, order a Coggin custom putter and you will be contacted directly by the owner and designer to discuss each and every detail.  How many custom putter companies allow you to not only speak directly to the owner who then fabricates your specialized 1 of 1 piece?   Trust me, you won’t regret ordering a Coggin putter.

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  1. Jayme made me a GSS wide body. He worked with me every step of the way exchanging probably 100 texts and 25 progress shots. I felt like I was able to be there working on it with him. Also, he was easy going with each ask I had.

    • Cost?

      • Zack Buechner

        Hey Bruce,

        Costs for customizations will vary based on your preferences like head style, finish, stampings, etc. Most of the styles will fall between $450 and $600 but can go up to $1000 if you really go crazy.

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