Cobra Womens Fly-Z Irons Review

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The women’s Cobra Fly-Z irons are an excellent blend of performance, looks, and forgiveness that cater to a wide range of female golfers.

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Continuing in our series of women’s golf reviews, we happily bring you the Cobra Fly-Z irons.  As a perennial favorite brand of mine, Cobra hasn’t let me down over the past few years with high quality equipment.  Well, now it’s time to see how well they do in the women’s category with fan favorites like Lexi Thompson and Blair O’Neal on their roster.  To test these irons, aside from hitting a few down range myself, I worked with a group of female golfers of varying skill levels to see what they thought of Cobra’s Fly-Z irons.

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Historically, when I go look at women’s golf clubs, it’s completely disheartening.  Most clubs have some ridiculous head shape that’s supposed to be aimed at making the game easier or horrible branding unnecessarily aimed at being “girly.”  Cobra has done an excellent job making their women’s version of the Fly-Z iron look like a respectable golf club and the only gender-focused aspects are the feminine colors in the badging: silver flower pearl (pictured), raspberry, and ultramarine.  There is offset for forgiveness and confidence, a mid-size topline, and slightly oversized club headsand.  None of the players in our testing had any issues with the appearance and the overall consensus was that they liked the more serious and professional look of the Fly-Z irons.

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Sound & Feel

When I see rubber sound dampening materials in the cavity of an iron, I immediately get nervous.  More often than not, the iron head will have a painfully metallic ping with a hollow feel not dissimilar to a hybrid or wood.  With the women’s Cobra Fly-Z irons I was pleasantly surprised at how solid the sound and feel of the club ended up being.  Even at lower swing speeds, the ball had a sound that fell between a thwack and a pop.  That said, the higher swing speeds got a more noticeable “thwack” in their impact tone.

These Cobra Fly-Z irons had an incredibly forgiving and rewarding feel to them.  The larger sweet spot and sound dampening undoubtedly make for a more pleasant experience on the hands, but shots outside of the sweet spot weren’t all that noticeable from a negative response perspective.  The feeling seemed to be more of a “oops, I really know I didn’t get all of that one” rather than a stinging message up your arms.  There were a couple of shots off the heel – even a couple hosel rockets – that certainly got a strong response.  Overall, the response from the players was that the Fly-Z irons felt forgivng, solid at impact, and the ball had some pop off the face.

A handful of the women we tested with were players that have been playing clubs more in line with inexpensive starter sets.  The feedback we generally saw out of these players was the Fly-Z felt a lot more solid and consistent throughout the set where a lot of their sets varied from club to club.  The irons felt well balanced and like there was good action in the shafts which they felt made it easier for them to consistently put a better swing on the ball.

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What I found most intriguing about the women’s Cobra Fly-Z irons was how much they truly met the needs of a wide range of skill and talent in our testing.  In a lot of our testing, we often find a club may be good for a range of players, but it’s usually a range like “10-20 handicap” or “single digit” which could be anything from professional all-star through a 9 handicap.  What I found with the Fly-Z irons was that most everybody in the group either benefited from these irons or comfortably played them in their own game.  No one left saying, “I feel like I need something bigger with more offset and more forgivness” or “I need a thinner topline and more of a blade look.”  While I am sure there are plenty female players out there that would have those preferences, or benefit from them, our group seemed to be the sweet spot for the Fly-Z irons.  It was easy to get the ball in the air with a nice high ball flight which gave a majority of our group a little extra distance with the Fly-Z irons.  As mentioned before, a group of the players mentioned that they felt like the shaft had a nice little kick to them so they felt like they could really get into the shot and attack the ball.

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Ultimately, I can only tell you how the women’s Cobra Fly-Z irons felt in the hands of the target audience. But, as a consumer that may be looking to buy a set for their wife, or to give advice to a lady looking to pick up new clubs, I believe that the Fly-Z will suit golfers looking to play a real tool of the trade and be a genuine performance iron.  I also believe the player looking to start taking the game a little more serious, but still wants something that’s forgiving, will benefit from the Fly-Z irons because I think the quality is so solid that they will ultimately be easier to play and more consistent.

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