Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood Review

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The Cobra RADSPEED fairway wood looks outstanding and sounds great.  Very stable, forgiving head.  Consistent launch and spin.  Great choice for a wide variety of players.

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There aren’t too many “do-everything” fairway woods anymore.  We have the mini drivers, the low-spin bombers, and the easy launchers, but the player that wants a little of everything may have a hard time choosing a club.  The Cobra RADSPEED fairway wood is as good a candidate as I’ve tested lately for that “do everything” crown, as you’ll learn in this review.

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Cobra always turns heads with their colors and bold designs, but the RADSPEED fairway wood impressed me with the beauty of its size and shape.  For me, the head hits that sweet spot of being big enough to inspire confidence and small enough that I know I can smoke it off the turf.  I also love the round, symmetrical shape.  My only complaint is that it sits a bit shut in the neutral position, but that’s easily fixed with the hosel adjustability.

While my focus was on the size and shape, don’t think that Cobra fumbled the bag on the other elements of design.  At address, the matte blue crown has just a hint of carbon fiber visible, and it looks very slick.  The sole is busy with weights, rails, and branding, but Cobra pulls it together into a sharp, cohesive look.

The Cobra RADSPEED fairway wood is available in blue/red, as seen here, or black/yellow, as seen on the RADSPEED XB driver HERE.

Sound & Feel

While Cobra prides itself on being unconventional, especially in looks, the sound and feel of the RADSPEED fairway wood plays it straight.  Hitting a pure shot produces a prototypical fairway wood sound – a mid/high pitched, slightly metallic “tink” that’s fairly quiet.  When you move off the center, the sound dulls to let you know that you missed one.

Despite the stability of the head, the feedback through the hands is quite good.  It was easy for me to feel the difference between quality strikes and even small mishits.


Because of the myriad ways in which fairway woods can be used, designing one that fits a wide array of golfers can be very tough.  While no club will fit every golfer, the Cobra RADSPEED fairway wood is as close to a one-size-fits-all FW as I’ve tested lately.

I’ll start with the things everyone wants: ball speed and forgiveness.  The RADSPEED has plenty of both.  Good strikes regularly registered smash factors of 1.5 or high 1.4s.  And when the ball came off other parts of the face, the performance remained consistent.  Speed, spin, and launch angle are all impressively robust whether you miss a little thin or toward the toe or heel.

One of the things that makes fairway woods tricky is finding the right face height.  A more shallow face is appealing for hitting shots off the turf, but a taller face is usually preferred for tee shots.  For me, the RADSPEED fairway wood strikes a perfect balance and inspires confidence in any lie.

As you can see in the picture above, the RADSPEED fairway wood allows for loft modifications at the hosel.  Changing this setting not only adjusts the loft, it will also impact the face angle at address.  Because I wanted a more open face angle, I ended up reducing the loft a degree.  Even with less loft and in the hands of a low-launching player, the RADSPEED FW launched at a respectable angle with moderate spin.  If I were going to bag the RADSPEED FW, I would likely opt for a higher lofted version so I could open the face and still have more loft.


Whether you use your fairway woods as driver replacements, rescue clubs, for long approaches, or a mix of all three, the Cobra RADSPEED is an impressive option.  It looks as good in the bag as it does at address, and the strong, consistent performance can’t be argued with.

Visit Cobra Golf HERE

Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. I love my Cobra F9, but I have to give this one a try

  2. steve doyle

    Always love those Cobra woods! #SecretGiveaway2021

  3. #secretgiveaway2021

  4. Darrell Hook

    Finally able to buy my first set of Cobra’s. Always see great reviews, so here is to hoping!

  5. Donald Lewis

    Looks beautiful. I’ll be keeping my eye out for it at my local store to see how it feels in my hands. Thanks

  6. Hello,
    Just wondering if there is a happy medium with buying new clubs as I age? Myswing speed and other things have changed over the past 5 years, at 50 yo what works today will be outdated in 5 years, like our phones! Do I go graphite or steel, Where to spend the most to get the longest best use?



    • Matt Saternus


      The best advice I can give you is to find a good fitter and work with them to get a set that will work now and age well.


  7. Donald Lewis

    Looks beautiful. I’ll be keeping my eye out for it at my local golf store to see how it feels in my hands.

  8. I’ve been gaming a TaylorMade V-Steel 3 wood since it’s inception, still live or die by that club, but I have a strong itch to try this Cobra! I love what they’ve been doing with drivers and fairways the last couple of years.
    Another solid review! #SecretGiveaway2021

  9. Daniel Hinzman

    #SecretGiveaway2021. Happy New Year!!!



  11. Michael Moskaitis

    Looks like Cobra has done it again. #SecretGiveaway2021

  12. Jonathan+Blum

    Love my old cobra f9. #SecretGiveaway2021

  13. Thank you for the review. Since getting one of their hybrids, I’ve become a fan of Cobra clubs. Will definitely have to check out their woods.


  14. Looking for new woods or hybrids this year. Appreciate your opinions. SecretGiveaway2021


    As always, your introductory reviews provide enough information
    for me to know whether to pursue a product further. Thanks, Al.

  16. Todd Williams

    Looks impressive. Still haven’t tried the F9 though. #SecretGiveaway2021

  17. Arrah Anderson


  18. Not only do these new clubs look RAD, don’t forget about the arccos sensor that comes on each one makes them stand out from all the other new clubs this off season. A great way to track and improve your scores and you can get 13 other sensors for all your other clubs and a free trial for 90 days! #saweet #secretgiveaway2021

  19. Louis Nielsen

    Thank you for the review. #SecretGiveaway2021


  21. Anders Jademyr


  22. Interesting review. I game Taylormade m5 rocket 3 and I like the callaway (I have an epic flash sub zero 3 wood also) woods because the shaft is oriented in the same position which is nice if you like to have a pured shaft. #SecreteGiveAway2021 but I’ve never played a cobra wood. I’d be interested to see how it stacks up against what I’m playing now.

  23. Greg Volsky

    Cobra has come along way with the latest edition looking to be up there with the main players (Taylormade, Callaway, Ping, Titleist) … their only problem appears to be convincing a major tour player, aside from Dechambeau to use them … Fowler is good “BUT” needs to start winning until then Cobra remains in the background unfortunately !!!!

  24. Nice review.

  25. Great review, I need a new 3 wood! lol #SecretGiveaway2021

  26. Stan Dusinski

    A free putter #secertGiveaway2021

  27. As long time Cobra gamer, delighted to see that the RadSpeed gets the thumbs up from you and could be making it’s way into my bag before lockdown is over!!! #SecretGiveaway2021

  28. Stan Dusinski

    Free putter Secret giveaway 2021

  29. Greg Joplin

    Have F7 fairway wood that I love, but looking for an update . #SecretGiveaway2021

  30. Dan Brashear

    Good Review. I have always been partial to Cobra clubs. #SecretGiveaway2021

  31. Have played Cobra woods for years and currently have Driver SpeedZone &3wood that I rip so may pass on the Rad. Wonder if it can putt like the #SecretGiveway2021

  32. #SecretGiveaway2021. This would look good in my bag.

  33. #Secretgiveaway

  34. I have a reshafted F9 with the Mitsubishi Tengui CK Blue and it feels outstanding. Do not like the stock Fujikora shafts that came with my driver and 3 wood so I fixed that. Hope they don’t put those on the new Radspeeds. I’m sure performance of the last 3 models are quite similar. I’ve used Cobra woods for a long time and like Ping, you really can’t go wrong with them.

  35. Patrick Bulgaro

    Bought Cobra irons last year and was ecstatic with their performance.
    Will definitely try the RADSPEED.
    Pat Bulgaro

  36. Greg Hollis

    Great review presently I’m hitting a Ping 410 with black even flow shaft and have a hard time getting loft on it and I had the F8 before with good results so I’m going to demo the new cobra and swap out shaft on the ping to a red even flow and see what the difference will be plus raise 1 degree on the hosel on ping! I really enjoy your reviews and look forward to many more #Secret Giveaway 2021

  37. I need a new 3wood, maybe this is the one.

  38. Alex Bunner

    Looking forward to this going into the new set up this year.

  39. Sean Bukowski

    This club is very intriguing. Going in for a long game fitting in a couple weeks and I’ll definitely be giving the Cobra’s a whirl. Great review as always… #SecretGiveaway2021

  40. Peter Larson

    I’ve been looking for a new 3 wood. I’ll have to check this out #SecretGiveaway2021

  41. I got a Speedzone 5-wood last year and said the only thing that could be better was if they has the infinity face that the driver had… I figured that would be coming! The Blue looks nice too. Much like you Matt I have the 5-wood opened all the way to -1.5* of loft and it’s as straight as anything. I love the speedzone but I have have to give this a swing, if for nothing else to try out the MotoreX!


  42. Sounds like a great club.

  43. Thanks Matt,

    If I were to replace a 16.5 4 wood, would you go 3 wood and adjust down or go 5 wood and adjust up. I like the Cobra and want to give it a swing. Thanks for the help and great review.



  44. I’m looking for a new 3 wood and already have a Cobra driver. I’m going to check this out.

  45. I bag the Cobra F-Max Superlite Hybrids and Irons, 4-6 Hybrids and 7-PW Irons, as well as 3,5, and 7 F0 Fairway Woods. Over these past few years Cobra has truly upped their game. This set of clubs booted out my previous favorite set of Srixon Z-335 Irons, and Taylormade Woods and Hybrids. That is quite an acoomplishment as every year I tested that set against what was new in the marketplace. After 5+ Years of whooping everyone else, they finally got whooped by Cobra. Seriously, and I do mean seriously, Cobra has truly upped their game. Did I mention—Cobra has really upped their game.


  46. I have a 17 degree loft Callaway X-HOT as my main fairway wood, do not use my 3 or 5 wood. This Cobra wood seems like it would help me with having some adjustments to it. Being retired makes this a little expensive for one club now.

  47. Jerry Mattison

    Thanks for the review. I’ve had cobra drivers and woods and found them easy to hit.

  48. Love my current 3wood 915 but curious to try a cobra 3 wood out. Thanks for the review. #SecretGiveaway2021

  49. Luis Felipe Gómez de Mariaca

    I’ll contact my friend, COBRA dealer in Spain, to get a quotation for a #3 wood… #SecretGiveaway2021

  50. I love the look of the club face. This will be a club I will go out and test drive. Good review

  51. Jonathan Compton

    I’ve considered a new 3W but have trouble getting it off the deck. Is it worth it to get a 3W to use strictly off the tee? Thanks. J

    • Matt Saternus


      How often do you want to hit something other than driver when you play? Do you have “open” slots in you bag now? That will lead you to the answer.



  52. Great review!

  53. Neil Clarke


    Looks like a fw favoured by many reviewers. Cheers for the review!

  54. James Twiddy

    #SecretGiveaway2021 love the look of these Cobra woods, nice.

  55. Ryan Bluffin

    Love my Cobra F9’s. Curious to see how these would compare. #SecretGiveaway2021

  56. I need to fill the gap between my F9 driver and hybrid. This looks like the one. Thanks

  57. Steven Gottschalk

    Have new Rad speed driver on order. C how it performs b4 looking at fairway opt I ons.

  58. Dave Hayenga

    Looking forward to trying one of these #SecretGiveaway2021

  59. Bryan Scott

    I’m really thinking about the Cobra, even more so with the Rad technology. Sounds and looks (based on all the reviews I’ve seen) pretty stellar.
    But I also can’t help but wonder what this putter is for #SecretGiveaway2021

  60. Tony Herunter


  61. mitchell hobbs

    Would really like to try this out! #SecretGiveaway2021 Have wait for the good weather ,not 4 inch of snow!#SecretGiveaway2021

  62. Constance conway

    I have a callaway rescue and a taylor made 3 wood I like the look of the new cobra radspeed
    cant wait to try one #SecretGivaway2021

  63. I LOVE all my COBRA clubs and would love to upgrade them for the latest speeddriver .#SecretGiveaway2021

  64. Kiwi Phillip

    Maybe this is the new club to replace my trusty JPX 800 3 wood!

  65. Graham Elliot

    Cobra for me is all about forgiveness, the versatility this club offers appeals to me.

  66. Richard Johannessen


  67. #SecretGiveaway2021.

  68. I have the F7 3 wood and love it. Will try this out #secret give away 2021

  69. These look beautiful! I can’t wait to give em a shot! #secretgiveaway2021

  70. Simon Cresswell

    Just ordered mine! Absolutely love cobra woods

  71. Chris Marshall

    Hi Matt, did you use the stock Fujikura Motore shaft in the club you reviewed? If so, would you recommend it as highly as you do the club itself? Thanks.

  72. Nice review Chris, definitely interested in testing this to see if it can unseat my Cobra F9 Tour 3w (its a bomber for me but not the most forgiving). Any plans to test the Big Tour version soon?

  73. Thanks for another nice review Matt, I am definitely interested in trying this one out to see if it could replace my Cobra F9 Tour (which is a bomber but not the most forgiving nor is it the greatest off the tee). The potential versatility this offers is certainly appealing. Do you have any plans to test the Big Tour version?

  74. Nice review. I would love to see a review of Cobra’s “big Tour” fairway. Looking for a strong fairway mostly off the tee…..goldie

  75. Joel Garcia

    Reviewer was spot on. The Shape of the head really made the difference for me. I had PING g410 3 wood and I didn’t like it. That head was very shallow and long. Could not hit it. The smaller head helps so much and the distance I get from my 5 wood is incredible.

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