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Cobra KING F9 Speedback Driver Review

50 Words or Less

Utilizing advanced aerodynamics and low center of gravity, the Cobra KING F9 Speedback driver optimizes club head speed and launch for impressive distance off the tee.  The high tech face provides fairway finding forgiveness.


Hang around enough golfers in various places and common subjects emerge out of the chatter.  The Cobra KING F9 SPEEDBACK Driver has been one of those common subjects – and the talk is all positive.  What I discovered during testing was a driver worthy of all the hype.


Eye catching from the very first photos was the Ferrari yellow trim.  Bold like Rickie’s orange Puma apparel, the black and yellow head combo is distinctive and attention grabbing.  I went with the more subtle avalanche off-white that also has a matte black finish on the crown.

The crown features exposed carbon fiber that wraps over the trailing edges.  Two ridges direct your eye to the classic Cobra logo and centerline of the club face.  Across the front of the crown, slightly raised polymer ‘trips’ are one of the aerodynamic features of the KING F9 Speedback.  They also provide visual interest without looking busy.

The front edge of the crown is rounded and leads to a tall face.  The bottom of the club head highlights the namesake SPEEDBACK shaping, which features a raised skirt and low weight pod on the trailing edge.  The shaping is sleek and distinctive in keeping with the aero theme.

Sound & Feel

While counter balanced, the UST Mamiya Helium shaft still left the club with a bit of head weight that provided subtle feedback on head location during the swing.  The overall balance of the Cobra KING F9 Speedback kept me feeling the driver could take more swing speed – ‘let it fly’ danced in my head.  I could tell strike location with my hands yet the contact felt stable regardless of impact point.  Sound was a consistent, medium volume composite ‘crack’ with a deep tone.


From my first few hits on the driving range I knew I’d be guilty of adding to the buzz around the Cobra KING F9 Speedback driver.  On reasonably good strikes, my shots had wonderful trajectories that carried past my normal landing markers and rolled out nicely.  Not as attention grabbing but equally noteworthy was the forgiveness on mishits.  Catching one low on the face still sent the ball high and straight.  High on the face and towards the heel, the ball started left then worked its way back towards the target line.  Tagging one out on the toe created a flight that was low but straight.

Turns out the CNC milled face, a remarkable feat of precision on its own, also includes Dual Roll Technology designed for straighter, more consistent ball flights.   The face incorporates two vertical roll curvatures, three horizontal bulge curvatures, plus variable face thickness in an elliptical square pattern.  Whew, that’s a lot of design technology – and that’s just the face.  Luckily the Cobra site has great visual aids to help explain it all.

Earlier, I mentioned many of the performance elements of the driver head that achieve Cobra’s two main design goals – max clubhead speed and low center of gravity.   Most features have dual functions like the two ridges that frame the ball and add rigidity to the carbon fiber crown and return more energy to the ball.

On the launch monitor at Club Champion I wasn’t surprised at the data as it echoed my experiences outdoors.  Across the board, the numbers were super solid – highlighted by impressive ball speeds and remarkable consistency.  With four high quality aftermarket shafts to choose from, 8 adjustable loft settings, and the ability to swap weight positions, fitters can set up the Cobra KING F9 Speedback driver to maximize performance for golfers of all abilities and swings.


Every aspect of the Cobra KING F9 Speedback driver has functional attributes that may not be obvious to the casual observer.  But that’s ok, because the results speak for themselves – more distance plus fairway finding forgiveness.  Like all KING F9 clubs, the Speedback driver comes standard with Cobra Connect to track stats through the Arccos app.  Give the Cobra KING F9 Speedback driver a try for yourself and join the conversation.

Cobra KING F9 Speedback Driver Price and Specs


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  1. That distance can’t be correct with a driver.

    • Matt Meeker

      Interesting comment, as I’m certain I could also hit this or any driver 50 yards. All about swing speed. My hunch is you were expecting Matt Saturnus type driving distance – which I wish I had!

      – Meeks

  2. Hi Matt, nice review as always. I have one question, why your club speed dropped that much during this test?

  3. It would be nice to hear how changing the settings in an adjustable driver affected your results. Heavy weight forward or back. Loft adjustments etc. I’m curious if you played around with those adjustable settings. Seems like if you are going to take the time to review a club, you could talk more about those features and how they had a effect on you personally. This mostly reads like the website and/or the product intro blurbs. I can only speak for myself, but a review detailing “a day with the club” … maybe how you hit it in the range , made some adjustments, took it out on the course, how it performed hitting different shots etc would be more enlightening. Anyway… food for thought. Thanks.

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for the feedback A.J. We try to balance providing technical details that may not be obvious looking at a rack of clubs and actual field testing results – all in a reasonable length review.

      – Meeks

  4. Enjoyed the review Matt! What loft did you test with?.

  5. Bruce Neerhof

    What shaft did you test with?

  6. You guys should re-review this driver at 100MPh club head speed. That seems to be the sweet spot. Not the 120MPH beastly hitter speed, but not elderly frail 85 mph either. Most decent 10 and below handicappers live at about 100mph. Pretty average better player speed.

  7. Wilson Adam

    Having used the f9 speedback driver a few time Noticed that my golf balls were starting to score ( ie split the covering) so having a good look at the club I found a small ridge where the face is joined to the crown is this a fault or or design (very very disappointed) I bought the club from American Golf discount

    • Matt Meeker

      Sounds like a sharp ridge which is not part of the design. You can see in my face photo that there are not any features that would cut/score balls.

      – Meeks

      • He is referring to the “speed channel” which was a feature of all Cobra woods for generations up until the new SZ. I’ve heard many complaints about cut balls when hitting Cobra drivers, but you have to be missing the center of face really badly to make contact with the channel. If you are doing that to the point where you are ruining lots of balls you should probably be buying the cheap balls anyway.

  8. Thanks, Matt. Finally, numbers I can relate to; my results are similar to yours. I can never get a read on drivers when the testers all swing at 105-115 with ball speeds and carry distances I can only dream of. I suspect these numbers are “normal” for a great many golfers, whether we’d like to admit it or not. That dispersion looks pretty good, as well.

  9. I have used the driver for the first time today at 10.5 std set up and was hooking the ball all day. My normal is slight draw or straight? What would be a good set up with draw/fade and the two weights? Thanks

  10. Thanks

  11. I’m a bit late reading this, but I just got fitted for this very driver. Your swing speed very similar to me so I was interested in the results. I noticed a 2-3mph swing speed increase after shaft was dialled in. Helium shaft was too light for me but Atmos blue spot on. Was amazed how much the dispersion pattern was decreased through the fitting process. Can’t wait to get out with it (waiting for delivery as 1/2″ shorter shaft ordered.). Thanks for real world review.

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for sharing Steve.

      – Meeks

    • I originally tried the Helium shaft since it was lighter (I’m 69) and got very good results (for me). I recently tried the Atmos Blue 6R. Shocked! I got 4-5 mph increase in ball speed, significant distance increases and a really straight flight. The Atmos is 5 grams heavier and launches a bit lower, but was so consistent that now I’m considering it as a possibility. Was thinking 400 Max, but now the F9 is a serious contender.

  12. This is one of the better Drivers by Cobra – It is long – Accurate – Feels balanced – Does not cost an arm and a leg – Golf standard Regular shaft works just as good as expensive shafts –

  13. Put a Mitsubishi Tensei CK blue on F9 driver and 3 wood and am loving it!

  14. Caleb Farrell

    hi matt

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