Cobra King F7 Fairway Wood Review


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The Cobra King F7 fairway woods introduce the Baffler rail technology to the whole fairway lineup.



Cobra gave the world a sneak peak of the F7 fairway wood lineup last year with the F6 Baffler fairway.  Previously, the F6 Baffler was only offered in a 4-5 wood and had two changeable weights and Baffler rails.  This season, Cobra added the Baffler rails to its entire F7 fairway wood lineup to help golfers of all abilities.



From address, the Cobra King F7 fairway wood looks similar to the F6 fairway wood.  The King F7 is a medium size that falls in between pear and round with a medium depth face.  You could classify the footprint as “traditional standard.”  I prefer the matte finish found on the F7+ drivers, but the glossy black of the F7 fairway wood also looks good.  The sole is consistent with the rest of the F7 lineup with silver Baffler rails, circle weights, and orange accenting.


Sound & Feel

Players familiar with the Cobra F6 Baffler from last season will find the F7 to feel similar.  I find the King F7’s sound to be a bit more solid and of higher quality.  Cobra has done a good job getting away from the “tingy” metallic sounds in their woods and replaced it with a very definitive “crack.”

If you’re looking for a solid and responsive feel with the tones to match, the King F7 fairway delivers.



It’s safe to say that weight placement had a significant impact on my results with the King F7 fairway wood.  With the weight forward, I had lower spin and higher launch.  In spite of that, I had 20 yards more with the weight back because I found the center of the face much more consistently.  If the added distance wasn’t enough, my accuracy was much better with the weight back, too.  My numbers with the King F7 were some of the best fairway wood numbers I’ve had this review season.

The Baffler rails are designed to reduce digging into the turf and create cleaner contact with the ball.  These rails will be most noticeable on the higher lofts because of Cobra’s “progressive rail system.”  Simply put, the higher the loft, the taller the rails.  There is a noticeable impact from the rails helping the club track through impact, but they will not correct a poor swing.  The shallower rails of the 3 wood do help, but are less noticeable than the 5 wood.  Based on my testing, I would say Cobra has accomplished their goal of making better contact a reality.



I don’t care what anyone says, the fairway wood is the hardest club to hit.  However, being able to hit a fairway wood unlocks a whole new level for golfers’ scoring.  Cobra is clearly aware of both of these facts and made the King F7 fairway woods to help the cause.  If you’re looking for a fairway wood with simple adjustability that’s easier to hit, the King F7 should be on your radar.

Buy the Cobra F7 Fairway Wood HERE

Cobra F7 Fairway Wood Price & Specs


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  1. I am really interested in these rail concept, but unfortunately Thailand does not have cobra re-seller. My only option is Ebay. I am deciding between mint f6 baffler and new f7 5-6 wood.

    Please help me decide…

    1. Performance differences if any
    2. Head size and feel (since i can’t find any picture with them size by size)
    3. Shafts which would be suitable to for wider range of golfer or better re-sell price

    I am in my mid 20 with decent swing speed. (Around 105) I can gets pretty fast with my transition, but I played by best golf with easy snail like transition. (carry 7i around 160)

    My big misses are block slice, and pull hook. I trend to hold off my release sometimes hold the face too open to the path. I get decent distance from my irons, but I am really struggling to get any distance with low lofted clubs. I am hoping these rail can get me better strike since I really dig my hybrid.

    This is long, but I still looking forward to hearing from you.


    • I can’t really speak directly to a lot of your questions and comments as I don’t have extensive experience with the F6 Baffler. You have to decide what you want the club to be. The F6 Baffler is between a wood and a hybrid whereas the F7 is definitely a fairway wood.

      As far as shafts, it’s impossible to make a recommendation over the internet without full data. If you’re buying a shaft for resale value, it doesn’t make sense to worry about what fits you best.

      • How do you categorize f6 baffler to be wood/hybrid and f7 (5-6) to be only wood? Does it have to do with shorter shaft or any other factors playing its part?

  2. Chris Wallace

    Hey Bill,
    Your ltd fairway review influenced me to purchase one, which I have no regrets! It’s definitely a beast off the tee, a little finicky from the fairway sometimes but still can’t argue with the numbers off the tee! I’m intrigued by the f7 and the rails! How would you compare the two and which do you prefer?

  3. Hi Bill,
    I need a lighter head weight since shoulder and neck I juries. All f7 gears, driver, fairway woods, and hybrids have all different screw weights. Are they all same sizes that I can switch around to get lighter clubs?
    Best. Chris

    • Matt Saternus


      Bill does not write for PluggedInGolf anymore, so I will take a swing at your question.

      I don’t believe that Cobra offers different weights to consumers, but I do think that they are available to club builders. If you contact someone like Club Champion, they might be able to work with you to get the weights that you need. Alternately, they can build the clubs for you to the exact specs you want.



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