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The Cobra King F6+ driver is full of functional adjustability, performance, and killer looks.



Cobra Golf had a major industry breakthrough last season with the Fly-Z+ driver that Rickie Fowler used to win The Players – the biggest victory of his career – but clearly the brand felt they had unfinished business with their adjustable driver which led to the new Cobra King F6+ driver for 2016.  The King F6+ introduces a wide range of adjustability in order to fit any golfer’s swing and find the optimal performance on the course.



I think the entire range of Cobra clubs wins this season’s award for the coolest looking clubs, and the King F6+ driver may be the class leader for their woods.  Admittedly, I’m a massive fan of the King LTD, but in hand there’s just something special about the textures and look of the different components and materials found in the F6+.  The mechanical/industrial look takes on the vibe of a purpose-built race car that is clean and full of precision.

At address, the footprint is almost identical to the Fly-Z+ driver in shape and size, and even has a similar stripe accent around the edge of the crown.  When you look at the top of the F6+, you would hardly expect to find the array of features and vivid colors found on the sole.


Sound & Feel

Sound & Feel is the one area I struggled with the Cobra King F6+ driver.  I will absolutely agree with anyone that says the King F6+ sounds waaaaaay better than its Fly-Z+ counterpart.  Where the Fly-Z+ sounded a little more damp, the sound of the F6+ has much more of an explosive pop to it.  If the Fly-Z+ sounded like a loud drum, the F6+ sounds more like firing a cannon.  It is very loud across the face and leaves you feeling like you must have killed the ball.  While it’s certainly a confidence inducing sound, I personally prefer the sound of the King LTD and LTD Pro for the current range of Cobra drivers.

I always found the Fly-Z+ driver to have a very solid and firm feel off the face, and the King F6+ feels very solid as well, but the feel has a little more of that trampoline effect to make you feel like the club has a little more life to it.  The feel at impact is greatly improved, and the club feels better balanced to me as well.  Even better, where you only had the option to place the weight in the front or back with the Fly-Z+, the F6+ has three more spots in between.  Moving the weight in the F6+ head greatly impacts the feel of the club, and it works as designed across all four positions.



Simply put, I think the Cobra King F6+ is a great driver and will yield excellent results to a lot of players.  The “problem” Cobra has right now is that they have four great drivers on the market (King LTD, King LTD Pro, King F6+, and King F6), so golfers are spoiled for choices.  Me?  I prefer the King LTD drivers and just hit them better and more consistently.  I have seen plenty of other feedback where players say exactly the opposite.  The fact of the matter is all four drivers are very strong, and the Cobra King F6+ is one of the best drivers on the market.

One thing I really like about the King F6+ is how well the adjustability works.  I genuinely had five different feels, types of shots, and end results depending on what spot I put the weight in.  The weight movement and shaft adjustments make the options for dialing the driver in seem endless.  That said, I will fully encourage golfers to get fit for the F6+ driver.  I struggled with the stock Matrix shaft, but once I found the right shaft and settings for me, I was able to hit the ball well and achieve some good results.



Personally, I think we’re past the “you need to start taking Cobra Golf more seriously” phase because the newest products are proving they belong in the same conversation as all of the other top clubs.  In the world of highly adjustable drivers, the Cobra King F6+ is certainly going to make a case for being a serious contender and should be on any golfer’s “must try” list for 2016.

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  1. Eron Cortes

    Really liked my Fly z+, had it for about a week and a half but after I hit a shot off the heel, the face dented or collapsed a bit unfortunately. Cobra help was great and even said they would send me a F6+, good to see the sound changed. When it comes in I’ll have to head to my fitter to dial it in…

  2. Similar to the previous comment, I had a flyz+ driver and dented the head after catching a shot a bit off the heel. Cobra was outstanding and sent me a replacement F6+ since they no longer make the flyz+. F6+ has a great sound and possibly another 10+yards because of more customization. Ability to have a middle setting instead of just front vs back…customization = distance…great job Cobra!

  3. I have f6+ driver, disappointed in results. Have tried each setting and club feels unimpressive, absolutely has no pop off of face, less distance, just feels odd. I have gone back to my Amp Cell Pro. PS, had to replace adjustment screw twice, both times, stripped out. Cheap metal screw head. Buyer beware!

    • I’ve heard a lot of differing views in regard to the whole Cobra lineup from this past season. In general, it seems people either swear by the F6+ or don’t like it all. While I fall more in the middle, I found the LTD to be a lightyears better club for me.

      Based on what I’m hearing, the new F7+ which will come out for next season makes up for what some people didn’t like in the F6+. I’m personally looking forward to seeing what they bring in the new lineup.

  4. I’ve not hit the Driver – but I liked the three wood and got very impressive numbers hitting in dress shoes at a local Golfsmith.
    Threee wood with less than 90 mph CHS going 250.

  5. Great review Bill, absolutely love the Cobra F6+ I have a moderate swing speed and this driver has absolutely maximised my distance with the weight set to the front, I have tried almost every new driver on the market this year at some point and bar the M2 which was very close the F6+ out performed them all on both distance and accuracy for me!! I have to agree however the sound is not appealing but you get over that when you see the results consistently….. I believe the weight track is been removed on the new version out in Jan the Cobra f7 and the sound has improved so that will be interesting.

    • I agree, I’m excited to see what the new F7 line is like as well. As always, if you want to see them reviewed here, make sure you reach out to Cobra and let them know you enjoy our reviews!



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