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The Cobra King F6 irons are a progressive game improvement set with sights set on added distance, more forgiveness, and better feel.



Cobra Golf has had a great 2016 season when it comes to cool golf equipment.  Most of the equipment that’s grabbed the attention has been geared toward the players side of the market, but the game improvement side certainly should not be ignored.  The Cobra King F6 irons are designed to have ultimate forgiveness, precision, better feel, and distance through the use of progressive construction techniques throughout the set.

Cobra-King-F6-Irons-6 Cobra-King-F6-Irons-18Cobra-King-F6-Irons-7


I think a lot of companies have made great strides in making their game improvement irons look less bulky, and the Cobra King F6 irons are no exception.  This has become especially true because of the popularized concepts of progressive sets where the longer irons have more offset, thicker soles, and more forgiveness, and the shorter irons have less offset and look closer to a traditional iron.  For instance, take a look at the 6 iron in the picture above.  Granted, the topline is a bit thicker, but if you look at the sole, offset, and cavity you’ll find they’re much more modest than typical game improvement irons.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you that you’re about to confuse the King F6 irons for players blades, but you will find them to be more in line with a moderate cavity back than a typical game improvement iron.


Sound & Feel

In recent years, it seems like every game improvement iron you come across sounds very metallic, and OEMs are going to great lengths to try and dampen their sound.  Considering that the Cobra King F6 irons have hollow heads with face inserts in the 3-5 irons and half-hollow heads in 6 and 7, I figured these would be more of the same.  I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that this was not the case.  That said, I don’t think the sound is necessarily all that exciting, but it’s more in line with a traditional crack/thwack (depending on your preference of descriptor) and a lot less distracting.  For players looking for a game improvement iron with more traditional sound, the King F6 irons should be a good option to consider.

Most game improvement irons feel very empty and springy where every shot feels perfect regardless of outcome and where it’s struck on the face.  What I like about the King F6 irons is that the face feels solid on well-struck shots and has response on mishit shots, so you still get accurate feedback from the club face.  It’s hard to improve on your game when every strike has the same exact feeling.



The ultimate goal of a game improvement iron is to hit more straight shots and keep your ball in play.  While I don’t think the Cobra King F6 irons are a magic bullet that are going to give you perfect output from poor input, I found that shots I missed pretty bad still popped into the air and fought for as many yards as possible in front of me rather than shooting either direction.  The Cobra King F6 is definitely a more forgiving iron.

When struck well, the Cobra King F6 irons feel very solid and results in high and long shots.  Though the King F6 6 iron plays 4º stronger than my current gamer 6 iron, I found I hit them about the same distance.  On the launch monitor, it was easy to see that the big difference came from a much higher ball flight in the King F6 irons.  For players looking for the advantages of game improvement irons, the King F6’s high ball flight will be beneficial and still provide good yardage.  For GI players that don’t have a problem elevating the ball and they’re just looking for the greater yardage, a simple shaft swap will help bring down the ball flight.



Cobra Golf has certainly raised their game in the elite equipment arena, and the Cobra King F6 irons are proof that Cobra is looking to elevate their game improvement side, too.  Rather than just put out a set of shovels with considerable offset, Cobra made a point to make sure their game improvement F6 irons were forgiving, had strong distance, but most importantly, had some of the most responsive feel you’ll find in a game improvement iron.

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  1. Hi Bill:

    I have been waiting to see a review on these irons….Good review on the F6’s, and I see you also reviewed the Fly Z XL’s. Any preference of one over the other in your opinion?

    Your review on the Fly Z XL’s noted a yardage increase of some 10 yards but not that much on the F6’s even with a stronger loft over your gamers. Any reason for that?

    Are the F6’s replacing the Fly Z XL’s in the Cobra GI category?

    Are the lofts similar between both sets of irons and did you test with their stock shaft offering?

    Thanks – Mark

    • Mark,

      I’ll try to address everything as well as I can in order.

      I prefer the F6 to the King XL. It’s higher up the ladder than the XL which is more comparable to the new MAX line.

      As far as yardages between F6 and XL, you have to remember I hit them significantly further apart in terms of time. My swing could have changed, could have been a bad day, who knows. As noted in the F6 review, I am sure the shafts had a lot to do with my distances and maybe the combo just worked better for me in regards to distance with the XL. My gamers are blades with weaker lofts. It doesn’t surprise me that they’re shorter.

      As far as loft comparisons, I would strongly recommend looking up the specs and comparing on the Cobra website.

      Hope that helps,


  2. a s abdeen

    More info with senior shafts on cobra king f6 irons & Hybrids please

    • I apologize, but I’m not sure what you’re requesting.

      We don’t do reviews for a product with all possible shaft combinations. You would have to decide if the club is relevant to what you’re looking for and see what shaft and flex options are available unless you get them custom built elsewhere.

  3. This might be a bit of an outdated question, but comparitively for price and performance, how would you compare the cobra bio cells to the F6?

  4. If I am a fairly high handicapper, looking to get new clubs, yet improve and practice, would you recommend the Cobra F6 to work into or the Callaway XR OS? Thanks

  5. I’m a 30 handicapper, just wanted to know your thoughts on the F6 vs Wilson Staff d250. Hit both on a simulator and finding hard to decide between the two

    • I haven’t hit that Wilson so I couldn’t honestly comment. All things equal, I’d pick Cobra because I’ve played their clubs for years, but you’ll have to figure out what the determining factors are for you (price, looks, feel, performance, etc.).

      Sorry if I wasn’t be more help!

  6. Patrick Doherty

    What do you think of these F6 compared to the forged tech?

  7. HI bill,

    I’ve hit the f7”s (among other clubs) and found that I loved the cobras. I’m fairly new to the game (5 years) and looking for an upgrade. I do have a high handicap.

    My question is, is there any major difference between f6 and f7 (forgiveness, technology ect) ?

    Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately, Bill is not writing for PIG at this time. Sorry we can’t be of more help.



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