Cobra King F6 Fairway Wood Review


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The Cobra King F6 fairway wood is forgiving, versatile, and has plenty of distance.



Finding a middle ground is rarely an easy task in life.  It’s hard to find a middle area that makes everyone walk away happy to satisfy everyone’s agenda.  This same struggle is easily applied to golf equipment.  One of the areas in golf gear I feel like I see the failure to find that middle ground the most is in fairway woods.  In recent history, most companies offer their “pro” or “elite player” version as well as a “oversized, easy to hit” version of fairway wood.  The Cobra King F6 fairway wood may be one of the few in recent years that actually could be right in the middle and a good option for players of all skill levels.



In line with the rest of the King F6 lineup, the Cobra King F6 fairway wood has a metallic finish for the crown with the same “spot” pattern.  When you flip the club over, the branding is minimal and you get a few pops of color, including the moveable weight.  As far as size, the King F6 fairway is a medium footprint at address and a medium depth face.  People that prefer a smaller head should be ok here and those that are fans of a larger fairway wood should still be happy.


Sound & Feel

I mean this in the absolute most positive sense – the Cobra King F6 fairway wood feels safe.  Maybe we can use the whole “Goldilocks just right” analogy, but the point is that the King F6 fairway isn’t too extreme either direction.  The sound is very assertive and firm, but not loud and not muted.  The feel is very similar, but weight position does have a little impact on it.  If the weight is in the back, the club feels a little lighter and like there’s a little more pop off the face.  With the weight forward, it feels a little more solid and like the ball is being driven off the face.  The rear position is going to be more forgiving on your hands whereas the front position has a little more responsiveness.  That said, the weight in the rear position is still plenty responsive.

Cobra F6 Fairway LM


My plan for this section was to show launch monitor numbers for the Cobra King F6 fairway wood with the weight in each position to give you the idea of what difference it makes when you move the weight.  Interestingly, my experience was that the club worked for me in one setting and simply didn’t work for me in the other.  Now I’m not sure if that’s typical, but the weight in the rear position resulted in a much more controlled flight and more consistency for me.  When I had the weight forward my best shots were better, but I was more erratic and had more poor shots.  It was clear that the rear setting was right for me.  I will say that with the weight forward I saw much lower trajectories and more roll.



The Cobra King F6 fairway wood is a very versatile fairway wood that is a solid performer.  It reminds me a lot of the F6 driver in that it’s not anything revolutionary but it’s a good, reliable, solid golf club that will do its job well when you need it to which is all you can ask for out of a good fairway wood.  For my money, like the rest of this season’s Cobra lineup, the F6 fairway wood should definitely be on your consideration list.

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  1. I play the M1 and have seen similar results. The weight to the rear is exceptional for me in providing much greater consistency and ball flight, but it has to be to the rear complete – the graduations between rear/front provide marginal performance differences. On the M1 same in the F/D setting – to either extreme is a marked difference maker – the graduations between the two not so much.

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