Cobra Fly-Z XL Hybrid Review

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The Cobra Fly-Z XL hybrid is a true example of what a hybrid/rescue club is designed for.  A great long iron replacement with solid forgiveness.

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I have been pleasantly surprised by the entire Cobra Fly-Z XL club line, but none more so than the Fly-Z XL hybrid.  It fits well in the Fly-Z XL line in regards to its forgiveness and ease of use, but is also the best feeling club of the Fly-Z XL woods.  The Fly-Z XL hybrid has the same offset and Speed Channel Face found in the other Fly-Z XL fairway woods and goes as high as a 31º 7 hybrid.  This review will discuss the characteristics of the Cobra Fly-Z XL hybrid that make this club a solid option for beginner and high-handicap golfers.

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When I think of the looks of the Cobra Fly-Z XL hybrids, I think “pleasantly moderate.”  I’m not a fan of super tiny hybrids, but I don’t like giant apples on the other end of the club either.  I like a medium sized, pear-shaped hybrid, and the Fly-Z XL falls into that category.  While I wouldn’t quite say the Fly-Z XL is the most pear-shaped club I’ve ever seen – it’s a little more rounded and symmetrical – it’s close and still looks good at address.  The black crown with the signature Fly-Z XL accents on the trailing edge keep it simple.  The face is a medium depth and creates a confidence-inspiring setup at address.  The offset found in other Fly-Z XL clubs is present in the hybrids, but considering that most hybrids have a little a offset built into them, this doesn’t negatively impact the look at address.

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Sound & Feel

While I find that the Cobra Fly-Z XL hybrid is the best feeling club in the Fly-Z XL woods line, I feel the sound is pretty generic.  You get a quiet metallic tick that sounds extremely neutral.  It doesn’t sound all that explosive, nor does it sound quiet and solid.

At impact, the Fly-Z XL felt very forgiving and responsive.  The ball felt like it really jumped off the club when I found the sweet spot.  This mishits were noticeable but still felt like the ball hopped off the face.  The feel was very solid and rewarding which also contributes to building the confidence you need to make a dreaded longer shot from a tough situation.

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Long story short, the Cobra Fly-Z XL hybrid is one of the most reliable and consistent clubs I’ve ever hit.  This club is a little bit of a one-trick pony in the sense that it pretty much only produced straight, high launching shots.  In reviewing my ten best shots on the monitor, I’ve never seen results as consistent as I saw with this club.  My club head speed and ball speed were within .2 MPH of each other, my distances within 2 yards of each other (carry and total), and peak heights ranged about 2 yards across six of my ten best shots.  Six shots were almost totally identical to each other!  The Fly-Z XL hybrid almost felt like it controlled the ball for me, and made my swing more consistent than it really was.

Consistency is one of the greatest struggles among golfers, so the Fly-Z XL hybrid almost becomes a no brainer.  For the golfer that is just looking for a simple shot where their hybrid just gets up in the air, goes straight, and carries a dialed in distance, the Cobra Fly-Z XL is must try.  If you’re looking to have something to change trajectories and shot shapes, you will likely want to try out a different club.

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For my money, the Cobra Fly-Z XL hybrid is the crown jewel of the Fly-Z XL woods.  For the game of golf to seem easier to players, they need to be able to consistently repeat good shots and know they can rely on themselves to effectively use their equipment in different situations.  Though I entered my testing with skepticism, I came out extremely impressed with how well the Cobra Fly-Z XL hybrid performed and would recommend it to a wide audience beyond beginners and the twice-a-year outing golfer.  Cobra has addressed an area of the market that so many other manufacturers neglect.  That need is more affordable equipment that is easy to use and keeps players coming back and getting better at the game…and having fun doing it.

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  1. I recently purchased the 3 and 4 cobra xl hybrids. I’m a high handicapper and i really like these clubs. your review was spot on.
    i just came across your site and will tell my other golf buddies and will return to your site. keep up the good work.
    hit em long and straight.

  2. As an occasional golfer (maybe 10 times a year) I’m sold on the Fly-Z XLs. I already have the driver and now I want to pick up the hybrid but I’m not sure if I should go for the 3 or the 4? Any advice? I expect my next club will be the Fly-Z XL fairway wood.

    • My suggestion would be to pick the hybrid that best fits the slot before your longest hybrid. So if you hit your four iron 190 yards, and don’t carry a 3 iron, get whichever hybrid you’d hit 200 yards. Going to have to swing them to really know I would imagine.

  3. Barry Masters

    After consultation with local Pro (Sharpies, Blenheim NZ) I’m getting 3,4,5,6 hybrids; 7,8,9 irons and pitching,sand and gap wedges to go with my driver (9.5 loft) and 3 fairway. I am 77 years old playing off a 15 handicap. The Cobra Fly – XL clubs suit me perfectly.

  4. Cobra has been on fire lately. I used to be a big ping fan but most of the drivers and hybrids I have tested in cobras lineup have been amazing for me. So much so that i am slowly replacing a lot of ping clubs in my bag with cobras.

    • I deviated away from Cobra for a bit and I feel it cost me a lot of problems for this past season. I genuinely feel they’re making some of the best stuff in the game these days.


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