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The Cobra Fly-Z XL driver is a great solution for the 10-12 rounds-a-year golfer that needs all the help they can get.  Geared toward seniors, beginners, high handicappers, and women, the Fly-Z XL is one of the few drivers to actually fit this group well.

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Cobra Golf has historically been one of the few brands in golf to actually develop a club line that targets higher-handicap golfers. While the Cobra Baffler line had success in this area, I personally found the Baffler families to be mediocre at best.  With the arrival of the Baffler’s replacement, the Fly-Z XL family, I was hoping for a club that could help the high handicappers and also impress better players.  After rigorous testing, I found the Fly-Z XL driver exceeded my expectations and made a big leap for Cobra’s game improvement offerings.  I believe there are more golfers that can benefit from the Fly-Z XL driver and this review will explain why.

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If I’m brutally honest, I think the looks of the Cobra Fly-Z XL driver are the most underwhelming trait of the club.  That’s not to say they are bad, but the general appearance is on par with its price point.  The crown is black with a little detailing around the trailing edge, the face is a medium depth, and there’s basic blue, black, white, and silver Cobra branding on the bottom.  At 460cc, the Fly-Z XL has a pretty modest footprint that does not have the overwhelming dinner plate effect often found in clubs of this size, but it still has enough size to give the average golfer confidence over the ball.  The offset is certainly noticeable but not as dramatic as past efforts.

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Sound & Feel

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the sound and feel of the Cobra Fly-Z XL driver because this is typically an area that loses a lot at this price point from using cheaper materials.  Much to Cobra’s credit here, the Fly-Z XL driver held up pretty well.  The sound off the face is definitely more of a metallic “tink” and the heel and toe get a little more of a “crack” version of that same sound.  You definitely know when shots don’t quite sound right, which is not a terrible thing for the golfers that this club is geared toward.

Much to my surprise, the feel in the Fly-Z XL driver is quite responsive and forgiving.  I knew exactly where I was hitting each shot on the club, but mishits did not hurt my hands at all.  This feel paired with the acoustic characteristics mentioned above could help golfers learn their mishits more quickly which is a definite plus for the Fly-Z XL driver.

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Performance is where the entire Fly-Z XL club line shines.  This club is designed to get the ball in the air and not slicing to the right.  Per Cobra, the Fly-Z XL driver is “engineered to help make golf easier through higher, draw-biased ball flights which deliver easy distance.”  This tagline hits the nail on the head.  I had nice, drawing tee shots – NOT hooks – and the highest launch angle I’ve ever seen out of a driver.  What was more impressive was how consistently I was able to hit the same shot.  Shot after shot just going 280-285 yards with about 10-13 yards of draw.  Mishits still got in the air and fairly far down range, and I had to really fight my own swing, good or bad, to get the ball to seriously hook or slice.  The construction of the Fly-Z XL really makes the ball do what it’s supposed to do and this should serve the high handicap players quite well.

In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t get the greatest distances I’ve ever seen from the Fly-Z XL driver, but that’s not the point of this club.

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Personally, I think the review format of Looks, Sound & Feel, then Performance is a perfect way of delivering the message of the Cobra Fly-Z XL driver as I would steadily increase the club’s rating through each category, peaking in Performance.  I can’t tell you that I’m going to be putting this club into play, but I have about 50 friends that play anywhere from 2 to 15 rounds of golf a year, and I would not hesitate to recommend this driver to them.  The Fly-Z XL driver is going to give the gen-pop golfer a nice consistent performance with decent modern looks at a lower price point than other new drivers in the market.  If you’re going to spend the money, you may as well get a club that will genuinely make the game easier for you, allowing you to relax and enjoy your five hours outdoors.

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  1. Jack Bernardo

    Bill, i’m a 72 year old golfer that has problem with the driver…I now have the Taylor Made Mini and I hit it
    straight but no distance….I’m thinking about buying the Cobra fly Z XL I have have it and did get pretty good distance and thats what I’m looking for…..are there any other drivers you can suggest that I look at?????

    • Hi Jack,

      I’ll be perfectly honest. I don’t think there are many other better options out there. Aside from Cobra, only brands like Adams and Callaway really target this arena. This club is designed for slower swing speeds that tend to struggle with most of the standard modern drivers. I think the Fly-Z XL may be a perfect option for you, and it helps that it’s fairly affordable.

      Let us know what you end up with!


  2. Jack Bernardo

    thanks for the quick reply….which Callaway would you suggest I look at??

    • Again, in the interest of honesty, I haven’t really hit any of the Callaway stuff this year. Historically, the X lines have fit this bill, but I’m not sure if they would be what you’re looking for. Your best bet is to head somewhere and hit what they have to see how it fits you.


  3. Jack Bernardo

    Thanks…..very helpful.

  4. I bought i25 after my i20 broke. Big side spin. Decided on custom fitting and was recommended Ping Anser.

    Still slicing with fade.

    Then decided to test Cobra Fly Z XL. Straight as a arrow and just as long as Pings. Underrated club.

    The offsett works brilliantly!

  5. Always enjoy your take on golf equipment. Way more fair and objective than most other review sites I read. Keep up the great work guys!!

    I have tested and bought equipment based on your reviews and each one has been spot on.

  6. Hi Bill,

    I am looking at the Fly Z XL as I am currently using a Nike Covert Driver that I am hitting a natural high fade/slice with. I am struggling to straighten it out with a very strong grip that feels unnatural. I find myself aiming left, and if I do hit it straight it goes too far left, which is still better than slicing it which I do unless I feel like I am fighting my natural swing with a strong and uncomfortable grip. If I am hitting a too high fade with a 10.5, should I go with the 9.5 with the Cobra? My swing speed is 90-95, usual good drives are 220.

    Thank you, Matt

    • Matt,

      The best response I can give you is that you’ll have to try it. If we were talking apples to apples (same driver, different lofts), the lower loft may take some height off (largely dependent on your angle of attack), but you are likely to see the ball go even more right. The two things I would recommend most for you are good lessons to figure out a proper swing you can make consistently, and a good fitting. It sounds like you may be dealing with too many variables.

      Best of luck,


  7. Bill,
    Love the reviews.
    My question is, from looking over your numbers, your dispersion seems tight, as you said yourself- ball going high as you’ve seen, and getting it out there 280ish with your 106mph swing speed.
    But you’ve chosen not to bag this because you’ve seen better distance on other drivers.. Is that the only reason?
    I ask, as a single digit looking for more consistency off the tee, this seems like a club I should get in some demo time with… but everything EVERYTHING online markets this at beginners, “gen-pop”, you name it.

    Do better players not want to bag this because of the marketing? The name? The refusal to try it? What’s your take and should I swallow my ego and give it a go myself?


    • I’ll answer the more important question rather than speak to why it’s not in my bag.

      Who cares what the marketing materials say? If the club works for you and helps you fix a gap in your game, that’s all that matters. Hopefully the review provides a good jumping off point with some honest information, the next step is to see how it goes with you actually swinging it and see if it addresses your issue off the tee.



  8. Marquis Jackson

    I own this club and it works really well. When I first got it, I showed it to several fellow golfers. Not one of them even noticed that it was offset. Only one said that the face looked, “a little closed”. So if you think your ego is going to take a hit from playing an offset driver, rest easy.

    I’m a 11 index, play once a week at least. I wasn’t hitting big banana slices, but my misses were right. After years of messing with my swing, I decided to try the Cobra Fly-Z XL. Now I hit straight to draw shots and haven’t hit a slice in months. I haven’t lost any noticeable distance from the Ping I-25 I was hitting. Landing balls in the fairway always helps distance.

    The Fly-Z XL seems to get the face closed just that last little bit that my swing wasn’t doing on its own. The ball flight is definitely high, highest I’ve ever seen from a 10.5 lofted driver, but it works.

    The Fly-Z XL won’t fix a massively horrible slice, but it will work if your swing just needs a bit of help to get the face square at impact.

    These clubs are readily available used for about $100. I figured it was worth a hundred bucks to find out and bought one on eBay. Best $100 I’ve spent on golf in a long time. So skip trying to figure it out by reading reviews and specs – just get one and see.

  9. Henry Barrett

    Bill, I just picked up a fly z xl on eBay. I’ve been a Callaway guy for ever, they are good clubs, I was using a Big Bertha v series driver with some success, but the sound and feel off the club face ( unless I hit it exactly on the sweet spot ) did not inspire confidence and felt flat and dull, ( I tried the Big Bertha 815 and it had poorer feel than the v series). One of my golf buddies brought a fly z xl to the course and let me try it, well now I’ve got one. Is it longer or more forgiving than my v series, no but I enjoy hitting the fly z xl more. I fit the fly z xl intended market perfectly, I’m 75 and have a 16 handicap with about an 85 mph swing speed. So far, I really like this club.

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