Cobra BiO CELL Plus Fairway Wood Review

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The Bio Cell+ fairway wood has a great shape and sound.  Literally my favorite Cobra fairway wood ever.

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I’m not even going to sit here and try to lie to you.  As a long time Cobra fanboy, I’ve tried my hardest to love the Cobra fairway woods, especially recently, but I just never quite come around on them.  With each new product line, I’m always hopeful, but ultimately ending with the same results.  In 2014, Cobra Golf released the new BiO CELL and BiO CELL+ lines which were accompanied with new fairway woods.  Just like any new line my thought was “Ok, let’s see if this will be the year.”  Well 2014 was the year.  I got my hands on the 2014 Cobra BiO CELL+ fairway wood and it was love at first sight.  Cobra has delivered a high quality fairway wood that will more than stand up to any of the other upper echelon fairway woods in golf.

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With the new BiO CELL+ fairway line, Cobra continues to offer a variety of different color heads to fit the diverse tastes of golfers everywhere.  You can choose from Rickie Fowler orange, Jonas Blixt blue, red, silver, and black is officially back in the lineup for the traditionalists.  If I were to recommend a specific color, I would say the red and blue are my favorites.  As far as other aesthetic touches, the crown has the faint snake skin pattern on the crown and a small Cobra logo as an alignment aid.

The BiO CELL+ fairway wood has by far the best size and shape I have seen out of “non-tour release” Cobra fairway wood in years.  The shape is a really nice traditional pear shape with a small footprint and medium-depth face.  It’s not so thin that it’s impossible to hit, but not anywhere near being a large/deep face.  At address, the BiO CELL+ sets up a little open and makes setting up to the ball very comfortable.

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Sound & Feel

Based on the sound coming off of the face of the Cobra BiO CELL+ fairway wood, I’m fairly certain that I’m going to be playing on Tour in the next year or two.  Ok, maybe it will be more like four or five years, but the point I’m trying to make is that this club has an amazing sound that a real ball striker is looking for.  It’s a very nice solid thwack, but has a certain sweetness to it.  I feel like this sound is pretty hard to convey in writing, but if you were to hear a ball off the sweet spot, you’d know exactly what I mean.

The face on the BiO CELL+ is the most responsive feeling face I’ve ever felt in a Cobra fairway wood, simple as that.  The feedback on your shot is very precise so you know exactly where you’re catching the ball.  As such, it’s not as forgiving on off center hits but that is what should be expected out of a fairway wood like this.  Alternatively, Cobra does make the regular BiO CELL fairway wood which does offer a more forgiving face if that is something you’re looking for in your fairway woods.  Another notable trait of the BiO CELL’s feel is that it is legitimately one of the best balanced fairway woods I’ve ever hit.



It seems like fairway woods today are going through an identity crisis.  Are people just looking to bomb them off the tee, or are they looking for something to be able to play off the deck only?  As such, the golf manufacturers are trying to make clubs to cater to each specific need, but few are making a fairway wood that’s good for both.  At Plugged In Golf, we’ve been fortunate to review a couple different versatile fairway woods, but in my opinion, the Cobra BiO CELL+ fairways might be the best two way fairway woods I’ve tried this year.  The numbers from the launch monitor were not the longest I’ve ever had, I was still able to get plenty of distance with the BiO CELL+ whether it’s off the deck or on the tee.  The club is exactly what I need a fairway wood for in my game.  I couldn’t necessarily dig the ball out of a thick rough, but I was able to make solid contact in a variety of different lies on the course.

In terms of Cobra’s signature technologies, the BiO CELL+ fairway woods have the Smartpad that sets the face in the same position at address regardless of loft setting, and the MyFly8 technology that gives you the ability to set the 3/4 wood anywhere from 12º to 15º and the 5/7 wood from 16º to 19º.

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Generally, fairway woods don’t excite me that much.  The ironic part is that a good fairway wood can really do a lot to bring your game to a different level by giving you scoring chances that you may have otherwise not had.  After hitting the Cobra BiO CELL+ fairway wood, I was genuinely the most excited I have been about a fairway wood since I first hit the four year old three wood still in my bag today.  More than being impressed by this club, I’m really happy for Cobra Golf with this club because I really think it’s a great chance for them to be cemented as a major player in an arena within the industry that’s typically dominated by a couple different brands.  My hat is tipped to Cobra Golf.  You really have a winner here.

Price & Specs

The Cobra BiO Cell+ Fairway Wood retails for $249.

Two different heads are available: the 3/4 which is adjustable from 12°-15° and the 5/7 which is adjustable from 16°-19°.  Both are available in RH only.

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