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The Cobra BiO Cell fairway wood has lots of technology.  Very forgiving.  Good for a wide range of players.

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Believe it or not, fairway woods are some of the hardest golf clubs to hit.  They also seem to be one of the most difficult clubs to figure out exactly what you want it to do.  This has been a common theme in most of my fairway wood reviews to date, as there are few that are good options for a variety of situations.  This year, Cobra Golf took some of the technological elements from one of their most successful wood lines in history, the Amp Cell, and worked them into an updated design called the BiO CELL.

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Cobra Golf is notorious for providing fun color options in their product lines and the new BiO CELL fairway woods continue this tradition by offering five different colors: red, orange, blue, silver, and black.  The crown is by no means distracting with the signature subtle snake skin, a small pin stripe around the back edge, and the Cobra logo for an alignment aid.

The BiO CELL fairway wood head itself is a little bit larger and has a nice, inviting shape that should make most golfers feel comfortable over the ball.  The head and face aren’t quite approaching mini driver size, but it has a medium-large footprint.

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Sound & Feel

When you strike a ball with the Cobra BiO CELL fairway wood, you get a pretty consistent muted ping across the entire face of the club.  This face is extremely forgiving both in sound and in feel which is extremely beneficial on most mishits.  One of the most desirable characteristics of the BiO CELL fairway is that the face seems to have quite a bit of pop at impact.

As stated earlier, this head is a bit larger and the head size was noticeable throughout the swing.  It has a pretty decent balance point so once you acclimate to it, it feels comfortable and stable.

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I have had the pleasure of testing both the Cobra BiO CELL and the BiO CELL+ fairway woods, and as my review of the BiO CELL+ states, I absolutely loved that club.  Frankly, I expected the BiO CELL+ to outperform the BiO CELL by a mile.  In reality, when I put both clubs on the launch monitor, I had very similar numbers.  It was refreshing to see a club built for more forgiveness and geared toward the more recreational golfer that had similar performance to its “pro” cousin.  Frankly, I think this club would be a good all around fit for anyone looking for a diverse fairway wood that needs reassuring forgiveness built into the club.

A nice additional feature is that the Cobra BiO CELL has the MyFly8 technology that gives you a wide range of loft options so you can have your club truly dialed into your needs.

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I’m really a big fan of this club.  I think the Cobra BiO CELL fairway wood is a really well-made club and is one of those clubs that should make the game easier for the golfer that isn’t spending every waking hour bashing golf balls at the driving range.  There’s enough technology built into it to get the club perfectly dialed into your swing and you’re going to see pretty high-level performance that I just don’t think you’re going to get out of other fairway woods in the BiO CELL’s market.  I would feel confident suggesting this fairway wood to anyone that struggles using a fairway wood looking for a great option both off the tee and to go for that Par 5 in two.

Price & Specs

The Cobra BiO CELL fairway wood retails for $219.

There are two heads available, the 3-4 with lofts from 13° to 16° and the 5-7 with lofts from 17° to 20°.

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  1. Harry Webster

    Hi Bill,
    I’ve finished, repaired and customized golf clubs for a number of years and just wondered if this club will hold up under use. Its not the first adjustable
    head club designed and they seemed to have faded out use. But even those
    required a mechanical adjustment not just a simple twist and turn. What do you think?

    • Harry,

      Thanks for your question. I’m not sure I’m following your question/statement exactly. Generally speaking, the BiO CELL fairway wood is plenty durable and will hold up just fine. I have been using adjustable clubs since they were first introduced to the market a few years ago and I haven’t had any problems related to wear and tear.

      Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding your question and I’ll be happy to provide a better response.



  2. While adjusting the loft on my 3/4 fairway wood the rubber gasket fell out, Where does it fit in and should it be replaced periodically?

  3. Arnold Blanco

    Does the color means anything on the fairway woods ?

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