Cobra BiO CELL Driver Review

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50 Words or Less

Better than Amp Cell, forgiving, long.  I dropped bombs with this thing.
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With Cobra’s recent introduction of the new BiO CELL driver, they once again bring to market one of the most adjustable drivers in golf.  Cobra believes the new Crown CELL weighting and E9 BiO CELL face technologies, combined with the MyFly8 and SmartPad technologies, make for one of the longest and most reliable drivers in the game.  I’m here to tell you if it’s true.
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Cobra once again lives up to its reputation of providing bold expressive options with their clubs in the new BiO CELL driver line.  Many will be happy to see the return of a traditional black crown in the color palette.  In addition to black, you can choose from Blue Aster, Barbados Red, Vibrant Orange, Silver, and a Golf Galaxy exclusive, Lime Green.

The crown has a neat cobra skin pattern in the paint that is noticeable, but not distracting.  In addition to the creative paint schemes, the BiO CELL driver maintains a traditional 460cc head shape that screams distance and forgiveness and should not be intimidating to any golfer at address.
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Sound & Feel

When you make solid contact on the center of the face, the Cobra BiO CELL let’s you know.  The BiO CELL driver is all titanium and has a thinner forged face that create a very distinct, but solid, muted sound.

In addition to helping define the sound, the E9 face creates a large sweet spot and feels much more forgiving on off-center hits.  When I really got on a shot and made great contact, the response from the face was as good as it gets and I knew I had a good shot immediately.
Bio Cell LM Data


With eight different settings being a key piece of the Cobra BiO CELL driver, it was my responsibility to test whether or not the adjustability actually worked.  I hit the driver on the 9.0º, 9.5º Draw, 10.5º, and 12.0º settings to see if the expected impacts from the changes actually occurred.  As advertised, I immediately saw the expected changes and was able to dial in the optimal setting for me (9.0º-9.5º if you’re wondering).  The interesting part was that I could make all of these changes to the loft settings, but the SmartPad on the sole made the club sit square at address every time.  The advantage this gives you is that you don’t have to awkwardly fight the club into a comfortable position after making your adjustments.

Once I had the shaft BiO CELL driver dialed in, I began seeing great results.  I was hitting low-spin shots with plenty of carry and a solid roll out.  As mentioned in the Feel section, the club face was very forgiving and I was still getting impressive results with off-center shots.

Cobra fans will be pleasantly surprised with the stock Project X PXv shaft.  I was skeptical about it prior to hitting it because I believe in the “everything-is-a-made-for-no-matter-what-they-tell-you” concept, but the PXv felt good and I was able to control the ball really well with it.  I’ve tested many of the new 2014 drivers and I think this is far and away the best stock shaft.

Editor’s note: Bill humbly omitted the stats on a ball he absolutely tattooed: 115 clubhead speed, 167 ball speed, 304 carry, 333 total. less than 1 yard off line.
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The Cobra BiO CELL driver reminds me of the Cobra ZL Encore in terms of feel and sound, but with the technology and shape of the Amp Cell line.  One of my biggest complaints with the Amp Cell and Amp Cell Pro driver was that it had some the best technology we had seen in drivers, but it just didn’t sound or feel that great to me.  In the BiO CELL driver, Cobra addresses this and gives a driver that looks, feels, and performs just as well, if not better, than anything else on the market.

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  1. Great results Bill, did you have a chance to hit the Bio Cell hybrids? If so are they as good as the driver is?

    • I have hit the hybrids. I’ll just leave it at “they’re fine” so as not to show my hand too early for a review down the road. Worth checking out if you’re in the market.

  2. Cedric Theofanous

    Rickie Fowler put this in the bag for 2014. And based on this review it sounds like Bill should too.

  3. Fuzzy Dunlop

    Is the shaft a real deal?

    • Here’s what I will say… They bill the shafts as real deals and this was really important to Puma when they took over Cobra. Historically, I have not believed this to be the case regardless of the claim.

      However, I will tell you that this shaft felt good and better than my real PXv I have. So do I know the ACTUAL answer? Of course not. Do I think it’s a good stock shaft regardless? Yes, absolutely. I think the testing attests to it.

  4. which do you prefer the bio or covert 2.0?

    • It totally depends on who you ask in our camp. Me personally, I prefer the BiO CELL over the Covert 2.0. It simply works better for me. The day we tested a handful of drivers which included the BiO CELL and the Covert 2.0’s, it was the BiO CELL and then everything else in terms of numbers for me. I don’t believe Matt was actually able to hit to the BiO CELL on the monitor that day.

  5. Thanks for the review Bill, I switched from the Covert to the Bio Cell. My driver length has improved by over 10 yards and I am still puttin gthe ball in the middle of the fairway.

    I have also picked up the 3-4FW; 5-7FW & 2-3H….have dialed them in and am enjoying all of them. Oh, BTW, I am a UK Wildcat Fan so the Blue color doesn’t hinder my play.

  6. just had my first outing with the Bio Cell+ 5-7 FW. Wow what a club. I’ve never been able to strike with consistency any FW. The Bio Cell+ held it’s line and was easy to hit. Not sure about the smart pad since the club seems to sit closed at address set at 16.5° Now after reading Bill’s review thinking of giving the Bio Cell driver a test ride. Currently using the Nike 2013 Covert Pro.

  7. John Pock

    Great Review, Bill. I just got fitted for the Bio Cell. They increased my loft from 10.5 to 12 to achieve better distance and spin rates. They explained this is a low spin driver and you must loft up, like the SLDR. Did you experience this when you hit the Bio Cell?

    • That’s interesting. I know they do bill the club as having a lower COG, but as you see in the numbers above, I didn’t really have too crazy of spin. Now, I was playing a ZL Encore at 8.5º and hit this club at 9.5º, but I wouldn’t quite consider that “lofting up” by an extreme amount. At the end of the day, different clubs perform differently for different swings, so our differing results are a great example of why it’s so important to get fit and properly test out clubs rather than just buying blindly.

  8. Norberto Martinez

    club vs club
    would you take the new line of bio cell over the amp cell? Or is there a great difference between the two models?

  9. Bill,
    I am about purchase Bio cell and fix it with fujikura fuel 50, mid kick point regular shaft. My swing speed over 90 and below 100, would you recommend fujikura 50 for this cobra bio cell.

    • The best way I can answer that question is as follows:

      First, I think the Fuel is a great shaft in general. Personally, I can’t swing shafts in the 50g space because I tend to get too quick with them. The light shaft is good for someone looking to gain some swing speed, but you have to make sure you get the tempo right.

      Second, without having seen some comparison numbers with different shafts, it’s hard to say whether or not it would be a good fit for you. As said above, I think the Fuel is a great shaft. I played one in my ZLE Encore, but have yet to install it in any of the BiO CELL club lines. It’s a nice stable shaft that is easy to control and has pretty decent kick to it.

  10. Greg Lochen

    A question for Bill: As a slender guy in his 60s, I’d love to get more distance and reliability off the tee. I currently am using a who knows how old King Cobra mid speed offset 10.5 degree driver. Also have a Ping K15 10.5 degree that tends to go right. Is it likely that I’d benefit significantly by upgrading to the Bio Cell with the appropriate shaft? Would the stock shaft likely be OK for a slower swing speed? Thanks.

    • Greg, thanks for the question!

      Both the K15 and a Bio Cell would be a nice upgrade from antiquated technology (without knowing what model your old Cobra is). I don’t have much experience with the K15 personally, but the Bio Cell is a great driver that I think will benefit a lot of people should they choose to try it. As far the stock shaft being good for you, that depends on a lot of factors, not just swing speed. It’s important to have the flex to match your swing speed, but you also want to make sure the profile of the shaft is a good fit for you. I think the stock Project X is a pretty neutral shaft and could work fine for you with the proper flex.


  11. Hi Bill, I just bought this driver today. They let me hit 100 balls and to say it was amazing would be putting it mildly. I have NEVER hit a driver so far, straight, and high in my life. I am 73 years old and have tried almost every driver out there and this was the winner. I set it at 12* as I need a higher loft. Even the fitter was watching me and he kept saying WOW !!!!!!
    Would I tell anyone to try this ?? Damn right and you’ll walk out with one for sure.


    can you tell me the difference between the cobra encore zl and the biocell. I have hot the encore zl and got good results over to rounds. it is now discontinued in south Africa so I have decided to purchase the biocell. is there a big difference in drivers

    • I would say they are pretty different, but not in a bad way. The BiO CELL sits different at address, has a different shape to it, and a little more balance through the swing. I would also say it’s a little more forgiving, but maybe a bit less responsive on the face. The sound is brighter on the BiO CELL as well. It’s a great driver and I don’t think you’ll have any problems with it.

  13. Bill, I am currently playing with the zl encore 10.5 degree and love it but not getting any roll on my drives. Would you recommend getting a lower lofted encore or do you think the bio cell is an easier club to hit than the encore, especially with the adjustments with loft on the bio cell ? I changed the shaft with a graphalloy blue and shorted it a little since I am only 5 ft 5″ tall and am getting a little better results but still all carry and not much roll unless I really put a good inside out swing on it. Just curious if you preferred the bio cell over the encore. Thanks for your time, Jeff

    • Hi Jeff,

      You made me think awhile on this one! I actually prefer the Bio Cell+ to the two drivers mentioned (at least at the moment). I went from an 8.5 ZLE to a 9.5 Bio Cell+ and was extremely happy with the results. I had the best numbers with the Bio Cell driver, but my overall preference fell on the Bio Cell+ (the intangibles if you will). If I had to pick between the ZLE and the Bio Cell, it would be tough because I like the look and feel of the ZLE better, but the performance results with the Bio Cell were considerably better. At this point, if I was forced to pick between the two, I would go Bio Cell (for now).

      In terms of what loft to go with, I couldn’t say. The heads are different, and the shaft will matter, do getting properly fitted is the only way to make an educated recommendation.


  14. Bill,

    On which adjustability setting for the Bio Cell driver would you recommend for a player that hits a strong draw or occasional hook? I’d like to straighten the ball flight out.



    • Hi Mario,

      Naturally, I would steer clear of any of the draw settings! The best chance you have at getting the face more open to avoid the “lefts” is to lower the loft, which means the 9º setting will have the most open face setting on paper. This change is going to impact flight and spin so you have to make sure the adjustments make sense for you as you do them.

      The only other thing I’ll mention is that this is a pretty forgiving straight club. If you find that you still have directional problems, be humble enough to consider there may be some changes in your swing like getting the hips rotated through quicker.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  15. What was the shaft flex used for the bio cell driver testing on the launch monitor data? Stiff or xflex? Just curious

  16. Hey bill one more question about the stock shaft I have a swing speed of 110 mph will the project x stock shaft in a stiff be stable enough for me?

    • Mark,

      I can’t recall, but I’m fairly certain it was the X-Flex shaft.

      I can’t really comment on what shaft would be best for you at 110 mph swing speed. While you are certainly entering the speed range appropriate for X-Flex, it really depends on your particular swing characteristics. Your best bet is to try out both somewhere and see what you get optimal results with. Plenty of players with slower swing speeds will us X for various reasons, and plenty of people with higher swing speeds will use stiff for some reason.

      Good luck,


  17. Hi Bill , heard many great things about the Cobra Bio Cell driver. I will purchase one in a few day. Have the option of getting one with the Project X shaft or the HD 6q3 Red Tie shaft. Is one an upgrade to the other? And does it all depend on the swing of the individual player. My average swing speed is 95 mph and have a slightly higher ball flight. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks

    • As we always point out, it totally depends on the swing of the individual player. I would not be able to blindly guide you without launch monitor data to support it. What I can say is that I prefer the Matrix to the two shafts, but that’s what worked best for me.

      Good luck,


  18. Mike Brausam

    Hello Bill. Would you consider the Bio Cell driver a viable and useful driver by 2019 standards or would it be considered “old” technology.


    • Matt Saternus


      I’m sorry but Bill no longer writes for PluggedInGolf, and I don’t have much experience with the Bio Cell.



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