Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons Review

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Half cavity back and half utility-hollow, the Cleveland Launcher UHX is a combo set that offers precision with the short irons and forgiveness with the long irons.  Aesthetically well executed progression.


It’s becoming more common these days for golfers to have a mixed set of irons, subbing in more forgiving models in the lower lofted range.  Cleveland Golf takes the concept full circle with a complete combo set, the Launcher UHX, which incorporates a utility-hollow design in the 4 – 7 irons and cavity back designs in 8 – wedge.


One nice thing a complete set offers that a mix of models doesn’t is a unified look.  Not to say that all the Launcher UHX irons look identical, but there is a common aesthetic.  In the bag I really like the size, location, and color of both the black iron numbers and red loft numbers.  The simple geometric quadrants on the back side encompass a mix of rough casting and polished finishes.  While the hollow long irons have solid backs, the short irons have true cavity backs.

At address, the pitching wedge shown above looks very similar to the Cleveland CBX 2 (see that review HERE) and its clean, classic look.  Transitioning to the 7 iron, the top line gets a bit thicker and there’s some offset, but overall the club’s size is right in line with most game improvement irons.  Working up to the 5 iron, the topline is beefy and the back side is visible.

Sound & Feel

On partial or full shots with the Launcher UHX wedge the sound was crisp, somewhere between a ‘tock’ and a ‘tick’ –a ‘tack’ to my ears.  There was a fair amount of feedback in my hands, and overall the club was pleasing to hit.

With the hollow body 5 and 7 irons, the sound was a medium volume ‘thwack’.  Strikes had a much softer feel than the wedge and there wasn’t much feedback unless contact was on the extreme perimeter of the face.  Paired with the Miyazaki C. Kua 60 shaft, all the clubs had nicely balanced weighting throughout the swing.


Reviewing my field notes, “great turf interaction” was a common trait for all the irons.  I had seen V shaped soles in Srixon irons over the years, and, hitting the Cleveland Launcher UHX irons, I can now fully appreciate the design benefits.  Even coming in a tad heavy, the club head released from the turf, retaining momentum.

Although all the irons feature Cleveland Golf’s laser milled Tour Zip Grooves, spin was most noteworthy in the wedge, consistent with the control aspect of the short irons.  Also common throughout the set is the high strength steel face that allowed the designers to vary thicknesses to maximize ball speed – even on heel and toe shots.

Both the 5 and 7 irons produced high and straight ball flights.  I could work the 7 iron some, but the 5 iron was all about distance.  Launching balls was effortless.  Paralleling the feel, these irons were very forgiving.


Cleveland Golf did a great job utilizing the proven designs of their other models in developing the Launcher UHX irons.  Looks-wise, the seamless progression of cavity backed short irons to utility-hollow long irons is well executed.  For the aspiring golfer who can capitalize on scoring precision with shorter irons, but still needs forgiveness on longer shots, the Launcher UHX is definitely worth a hard look.

Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Still happy with my CBX irons. These sure look nice though.

  2. I have p 790 thru 6 iron and needed a 5 iron . I found a uhx 5 iron on second swing with the same shaft as my other irons.
    Now I’m looking to get fit for the first time hopefully it will be with the uhx .

  3. I had a combo set of the 588 MT and TT a few years back. They were cannons but the light weight shaft that came stock didn’t fit my swing. Seems like this set would be similar to the 588’s

  4. I don’t see a 3 iron on Cleveland’s web site.

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