Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver Review

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With its new distinctively stealthy look, the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver is an eye catcher, but its performance is the true attention getter.


Bringing back the fabled Launcher driver may have seemed risky for Cleveland Golf two years ago, but with a solid base of golfers who remembered the brand, along with new golfers who liked the price, the decision turned out to be a wise one.  Fast forward to the present and Cleveland Golf seems poised to gain even more spots in players bags with their totally fresh looking Launcher HB Turbo.  Looks alone don’t sell drivers, but it’s a good place to start.


Stealthy” was the first thing Master Fitter Jay said when I pulled off the headcover at Club Champion.  Several attributes likely caused him to make that astute observation of the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver.  Top of the list is the use of matte black and smoky grey finishes on the driver’s head that blend seamlessly into the black Miyazaki shaft.  The namesake step down HiBore Crown is much less noticeable and is complemented by the formed pockets at the back edges.  Three ridges and a plethora of micro nubs on the crown complete the aerodynamic look at address.

The sole of the driver has numerous angular levels yet retains a sleek look.  The red accent lines offer pops of color and complement the red dashes on the club face.  Overall, the completely revamped, high tech look of the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo has tons of appeal. 

Sound & Feel

While the look of the driver has been overhauled, the sound remains similar – powerfully loud.  A piercing metallic crack, the Launcher HB Turbo doesn’t leave your playing partners questioning whether you’ve already teed off.  The sound is consistent with any decent contact, exemplifying the forgiveness of the face design.

The Miyazaki C. Kua 50 may read the same as the previous model’s shaft on the outside, but the counter balanced design gives the new driver an improved feel.  With shaft weight moved towards the grip, the club felt very fluid, encouraging me to swing confidently.


For me, confidence breeds speed and my numerical results backed that up.  Pleased with the ball flight and carry right from the onset, I continued to push the Launcher HB Turbo driver.  Looking over the performance data, my swing speed ticked up a few MPH, while the dispersion stayed tight.  Even less than perfect strikes were rewarded.

Much of the forgiveness is attributable to the new Turbo Charged Cup Face, which, like most modern designs, has variable thickness, expanding the desirable coefficient of restitution (COR) across the face.  The weight savings from the HiBore Crown and Ultralight Hosel designs allowed the Cleveland Golf designers to position weight deep and low in the head.  The results for me were high launching drives, consistent ball speeds and targeted spin.


The engineer in me is still a bit uneasy about the turbo nomenclature, but the club is definitely deserving of a distinctive name.  I’m a big fan of the new look of the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver and was impressed that its performance lived up to the big sound.  No hosel adjustment?  No problem – the shaft and head are well suited to the average golfer.  This is a viable contender for any golfer who values a value.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Kenneth Kuklinski

    Love Cleveland Clubs, used for years.

  2. Craig Chalifoux

    Bought the draw bias first day available. Drives 10-15 further, fades virtually gone, slices a thing of the past. Can actually draw the ball now. Love it so far.

  3. David C Gilmore

    What was the loft and shaft flex used for the review? I have a junior with a very similar swing speed, but our numbers are not close to yours.

    • I always try to include the loft in at least one photo and it’s 10.5 degree for this driver. Stock regular shaft.

      – Meeks

  4. Hello Golf Fans!
    I rotate a number of drivers throughout the season & always go back to my Original HB Launcher from 2 yrs. Ago.
    It looks good sounds good & the slight Draw bias helps me keep it straight as an arrow. My friends joke that I’m cheating and nickname it the Fairway Finder. It’s not the longest however and on certain long courses I pull out the Rogue. I can consistently get 15-20 more yards with the Rogue and on long dog legs and or par 5’s it really comes in handy. I guess I’m wondering if the new Turbo HB is worth a shot if I already Love the HB Launcher?
    Thanks so Much and Remember
    “Be the Ball”

    • Great insight Marc. I would definitely give the new driver a test – it might just be the Super Fairway Finder.

      – Meeks

  5. I’ve played two rounds with it and I’m happy I bought it. It is longer and feels better than the Launcher from last year. It is a fairway finder even when you don’t hit it just right. The counter balance shaft makes the swing seem effortless. Did I say long, it knocked the TM M6 out of my bag and I was fitted for it and played it in 2019. A very good driver, but the numbers with the Turbo were worth the switch. It is a little loud, but after a few bombs in the fairway you don’t notice it. I am a Cleveland fan and this driver feels a lot like the Launcher 400 I played years ago. One of the best drivers ever IMHO. This driver should be on your list to try in 2020 especially at the price.

  6. I concur with Dan above. Ordered this driver at 44.5 inches straight from Cleveland. Regular flex. Kicked my Ping G410 LST custom fit driver out of the bag. Misses on the face are not punitive, with a minimal loss of distance. Club has a nice balance and is easy to swing. Feels fast. Has been a fairway finder for me. Averaging 250 yard drives in the dead of winter. Really looking forward to spring/summer golf with this driver.

  7. kym stock

    I have an 85 mph swing. My issue has been with a push fades i.e. not closing the face in time. That and a low ball trajectory.
    I chose a 12 degree HB Turbo and found it balanced and easy to hit. I have worked on getting centred hits, but still found my push shot crept back. I added 3 grams of lead weight to the heel side under the hosel and no more push fades, just tight draw shapes.

  8. Hi,
    Can you compare to the speedzone xtreme?


    • Check out my review of the Speedzone Ztreme Matt. Both are great drivers. If you have any specific questions drop another comment.

      – Meeks

  9. Peter Kelly

    Really great review Matt. I am hoping to try this driver when lockdown is lifted here in Ireland. My one worry is that a new launcher driver may be released this year as per their cycle. Just wondering if you have any inside info on this as I might hold off.

    Thanks a lot



    Thanks Matt!! I’ve always said that it’s the player, not the club, but let me amend that statement. It is the club. Maybe it’s just perfect for my swing, but I am hitting balls down the middle(most times) and getting big distance. I hit one over 300 the other day in normal conditions and that’s not normal. Plus the sound. I don’t know if you like a metallic punt, but I do. It alerts the senses and then you get to watch the ball sail. Literally, my buddy asked to try it out, hit one 280, then went home and bought it too. For a mid-handicapper, this thing just shaved off a stroke or two. I’m not exaggerating. I love this club.

  11. Grahame Byrnes

    I am thinking of buying a Cleveland turbo driver but not sure of what loft. I am off 22 and I have a 10.5-degree Cleveland black regular shaft now. Driving has not been a strong point of my game recently and I am looking for more consistncy. Thanks for any advice.

    • Matt Meeker

      Proper loft is about getting the ball at a trajectory that will give you max distance. If you are hitting it low with your 10.5, maybe consider going with a 12 degree. Lower lofts like the 9 are typically for players with high swing speeds who might hit higher lofts too high. In general, loft is your friend.

      – Meeks

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