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Great iron to put in play.  LONG!  Good for more than just low handicappers.
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The Callaway X2 Hot Pro irons are some of the best irons I have hit so far this year.  There, I said it.  They’re long, forgiving, and very visually appealing.  Simply put, the X2 Hot Pro irons are the total package.  Even though I just showed my hand, read the rest of this review if you want to find out why these irons are so great.
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So often you run into players that want to think they have what it takes to hit a blade iron, and they so often say that they just can’t stand the look of a game improvement iron (we may even have one of the WORST on staff here at  The X2 Hot Pro irons might finally be the solution for that golfer.  The topline isn’t exactly paper thin, but it is still far from fat and the club itself has a medium profile at address.  The soles are a nice medium thickness and the cavity is more consistent with a player’s iron. For my money, there aren’t too many irons in this category that look better at address than the Callaway X2 Hot Pro irons.
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Sound & Feel

When it comes to sound, I was totally over the moon with the X2 Hot Pro irons.  Any avid golf spectator/player will tell you that their shots never sound anything like that they hear out of their favorite players on TV.  It’s a certain sound that we always seem to chase when trying to hit that perfect shot.  Well, interestingly enough, the thwack that comes off the face of the X2 Hot Pro irons is the closest I’ve ever heard a club sound to what I hear on TV.  I felt like an excited little kid when I realized this wasn’t just a one time thing in these irons! The X2 Hot Pro iron is extremely forgiving across the face similar to a game improvement iron, but has the response that’s so coveted in a player’s iron.  It’s a great combination that is rare to find in an iron that’s supposedly geared toward the better ball strikers.
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As mentioned earlier, the Callaway X2 Hot Pro irons are flat out long.  I was hitting the longer irons about two clubs longer than my current set, but that gap narrowed as I got down to the shorter irons.  I was hitting the Pitching Wedge about 7-10 yards longer than my current Pitching Wedge. Not only are these irons long, but they are extremely easy to control.  So often, you hit a club longer which equals greater misses.  Fortunately, that is not the case at all with the X2 Hot Pro irons.  I was able to hit the whole set with consistent accuracy and would not have guessed that I was picking up as much distance as I was.  The Project X Flighted 95 shafts certainly complement these irons nicely.


I thought I pretty much had my bag set for the season before I hit the Callaway X2 Hot Pro irons this year.  In fact, as of writing this review, I am still hitting them side by side with my current irons trying to decide whether or not these are going to be the irons for 2014.  It’s going to be a close call!  To pick up some extra yards while maintaining the necessary control is about as good as it gets in the golf world.  If you’re looking to replace those crusty old butter knives in the garage, go give the Callaway X2 Hot Pro irons a shot and see what you think.  Apologies in advance to your wallet.

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  1. I just got a set of these to try out.. i have read multiple reviews about added length.. having tried them out against my circa 1995 topflights i am finding them 5-10 yards lost per club. i am puzzled. but its better than the taylor made set i was given 5 years ago.. they were 20-30 yds shorter

    • Honestly, the only things I can think of was that your old set was just perfectly optimized for you or you found something that just flat out beats the current tech. I have hit a lot of irons since these Callaways, and I have to be honest, I’ve hit few further. Are you using the same shaft in each iron? That may be worth considering.

      Hopefully the feel and ease of use makes up for the loss yardage.

  2. Bill, if you don’t mind me asking what golf bag is that? Have never seen one of those before and really like it.

  3. David Bevil

    I have become old, don’t know how. All new irons are confusing to me. I want to buy a new set. I hit my driver about 260 and my 8 about 145. I am really interested in either the Cobra Fly z or the Callaway x2 Hot Pro. I have played Callaway for years. Any thoughts. The hype for most sets is overwhelming.

    • Both are very good sets of golf clubs. I haven’t hit the regular Fly-Z irons yet myself. Frankly, you should try them both out and go with whatever feels best.

  4. How did the grove change of 2010 will affect? less sharper grooves but with more groves will impart more spin anyways and therefore less distance, correct? or do I have it all wrong.

  5. Bill-

    I’m thinking about going to the x2 hot pros as an upgrade to my TM rocketbladez tours…I think the Callaways are about a yr newer, but I’ve found them cheap and normally stay a year or two behind the technology to say a little $$
    Would you make this change ? Do you think I’ll get mor distance? I’ve found them for $340.

    • I can’t speak to whether or not you’ll hit them farther (I just don’t know your swing and how it would respond to either club and its components). I’m also not sure what a good price would be for the X2 Hot Pro right now. It’s one of those things that if you’re comfortable paying it and feel it’s the club for you, then the price is fine.

      In regards to comparing the two, I can’t think of many times I’ve thought Taylormade’s irons have been better than Callaway’s in recent years.

  6. I bought the x2 hot pros last season to replace my TM Rac OS irons. Couldn’t be happier. The long irons are a least one club longer and they feel much better than the TM. Only negative is the soles don’t stay shiny for long.

  7. Great review, IM thinking of buying this irons but I don’t like the 2 plastic looking badges on the back of the irons. Are they just there for looks? Or do the serve a purpose? I could probably just remove them lol. Would appreciate your advice and opinion. Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      Sometimes the badges serve a dampening purpose, so you may end up with a different sound/feel without them.



  8. Also you talked about the sound but how did they feel? I know they are cast so there probably not to soft? Thanks

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