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50 Words or Less

The coolest way to carry your clubs.  Ultra high quality.  Simple ordering process.  Fast delivery.  Great customer service.

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Stand bag or Sunday bag?  Leather or nylon?  More pockets or less weight?

Some golf bag arguments will never be resolved, but here’s an assertion no one can quibble with: custom golf bags are the coolest.

Whether you like staff bags or stand bags, having your own name, logo, and colors on your bag sets you apart on the course.  And when you’re ready to step up your golf bag game, there’s only one name you need to know: J Stewart.

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Who Needs a Custom Bag?

I’ll answer that with a better question: why should you carry a bag that’s nothing but a big billboard for its manufacturer?

Custom golf bags are for everyone.  If golf is your passion, the thing that you look forward to doing every week, why wouldn’t you want to carry your clubs in style?  If you’re willing to invest in your clubs and your apparel, you should invest in your golf bag, too.  A J Stewart bag will last for years, and, just like a fresh outfit or new shoes, it will add to your swagger on the course.

If you want a more tangible reason, consider what all the OEMs know: a golf bag is a billboard that travels down the fairways.  You didn’t think they just designed those staff bags to look cool, did you?  Of course not, they use those staff bags as advertising, and if you’re a business owner, you should, too.  A custom bag is a guaranteed conversation starter (everyone asks about our bag), and, as a business person, there’s nothing as valuable as someone who is intrigued by your business.

Custom Order

Ordering Process

I imagined the process of ordering a custom bag would be difficult – there are so many different options and logos and colors – but with J Stewart it’s totally stress free.

First, pick the style of bag you want.  Whether you want a stand bag, cart bag, or staff bag, J Stewart offers numerous options.

Next, you’ll come to a screen like the one pictured above.  It shows all the different spots on the bag where you can have logos or text and all the different color zones.  Send your color choices, logos, and design ideas to J Stewart via the order form and they’ll respond with pricing and a mockup of your design.

Now, if you’re like me, you get very nervous worrying about how the bag will look as it transitions from computer drawing to reality, but J Stewart has you covered.  When each individual panel is done being embroidered with your logo, you will be emailed pictures to approve.  Don’t like the way your logo came out?  Change it.  That’s why they send it to you to check – to ensure your satisfaction with the finished product.

When the bag is done, you’ll get pictures for final approval.  I thought that the wait after this step would be terrible, but it was only a couple days before what had started as some digital drawings was a reality on my porch.  The total time from placing the order to having my bag was under 2 months.

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Before I give you my opinion, I’ll offer this bit of information: J Stewart provides the private label merchandise for many golf tournaments, and I’m not talking about your local club’s 4th of July scramble.  I’m talking about the HSBC World Golf Championship Sheshan, the Ricoh Women’s British Open, the Volvo World Matchplay…get the picture?  This is a company that makes first tier products for some of the biggest events in the world.

As for the staff bag, I couldn’t be happier with the quality.  Everything on the bag is first rate.  The zippers are substantial and smooth.  The materials look great and feel durable.  The embroidery is perfectly done without any loose stitches, stray threads, or problems of any sort.

The main reason for this high level of quality is owner James Stewart.  James visits the factories that make these bags regularly and personally oversees every order.  Though his company is large and successful, James still treats each order like it’s his only one.

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Yes, a custom golf bag is going to cost more than that closeout Snake Eyes bag at your local big box.  Quality costs and so does custom.  Stand bags start at $340 and cart bags start at $495.  These prices include shipping and four different logos in your design.  Prices do come down significantly with higher quantities.  While these prices aren’t cheap, they are the most reasonable I’ve found.

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Whether you decide to get a custom bag to advertise your business, intimidate your opponents, or just to express your personal style, you won’t go wrong by choosing J. Stewart.  I truly can’t imagine a company doing a better job from design through finished project.

You can expect to see our J Stewart custom bag everywhere we go and in our photos and videos going forward.

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