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Callaway Rogue ST MAX Irons Review

50 Words or Less

The Callaway Rogue ST MAX irons are built to be Callaway’s longest iron.  Large, confidence-inspiring profile.  Huge forgiveness.


Living inside the world of golf equipment nerds, it’s easy to forget what most golfers want from all their clubs: more distance.  Callaway, however keeps the wants and needs of the recreational golfer at the fore with their new Rogue ST MAX irons.  The longest Rogue ST iron has both loads of distance and plenty of forgiveness.

Check out the Rogue ST MAX OS irons HERE


The Callaway Rogue ST MAX irons are not a step up in size from the Rogue ST Pro [review HERE], they’re a whole flight of stairs up.  This is a big, unapologetic super game improvement iron.  They have a substantial helping of offset and a very thick top line.  The only facet that doesn’t feel big is the blade length, though it is clearly longer than the Pro.

In the bag, the Rogue ST MAX irons are easily recognizable as Callaway.  The deep cavity is divided into three sections, the middle part covered in a contrasting black.  Each of the branding elements – the Callaway logo, “Rogue ST,” and “MAX” on the heel – are tastefully sized but given visual emphasis by their framing and placement.

Sound & Feel

With a focus on distance and a large head, I was expecting the Callaway Rogue ST MAX irons to have a booming impact sound.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that contact produces a lower pitched sound that’s just above average in volume.  A pure strike gets a satisfying “snap” that dulls noticeably on mishits.

In terms of feel, the stability of this club covers up most small misses.  You only start to feel a miss in your hands when it’s way off target.  Good strikes feel somewhere between solid and explosive, which matches the sound well.


Even though irons have been producing serious ball speed for several years, I can’t quite stop my eyes from popping when I see a smash factor over 1.45 with a 6I.  Callaway continues to push their A.I. designed Flash Face Cup forward, and the results are tremendous.  Centered shots take off like a spooked deer, and mishits barely lose anything.  In terms of smash factor, mishits with the Rogue ST MAX are better than centered shots with some traditional irons.

Callaway knows that speed alone doesn’t create distance, so they used up to 62 grams of tungsten in each head to optimize the center of gravity.  They also designed each face to produce consistent spin, even when you miss the sweet spot.  The results are incredibly robust launch and spin numbers.  The Rogue ST MAX launches at a medium trajectory with fairly low spin no matter how you strike it.  That means every shot carries a long, long way.

Finally, the Rogue ST MAX iron is very stable through impact.  I’ve already noted that you can hit it all over the face and get good ball speed and consistent launch and spin.  The other key ingredient is that mishits tend to hold their line.  Unless you strike the ball off the grooves, you’re not going to feel the club head twist.  This stability, combined with the lower spin, make the Rogue ST MAX a point and shoot iron.


If you’re seeking an iron that will help you hit your approach shots longer, straight, and more consistently, you can’t go wrong with the Callaway Rogue ST MAX irons.  Whether you consistently strike the sweet spot or not, these irons produce huge ball speed.  Get fit for the proper shaft and specs and enjoy a stress-free approach game.

Visit Callaway HERE

Callaway Rogue ST Max Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus
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  1. Eric Hutchens

    Good right up.

  2. Héctor R Fernández

    Thanks for the review.

    That top line reminds me of the old X-12 irons. I loved those irons so much, I have a brand new set on display in my home office. They had some of the more extreme offsets I have ever seen, but it was a beautiful crafter iron.

    Those are some strong lofts for sure, but if it makes the game better and more enjoyable, by all means.

    Calllway makes a great product.

  3. Great review! Can’t wait to get my hands on these. Background: 25 years old and have been golfing for about a year, 15 handicap who just very recently took my first lesson and am working on swinging properly instead of “athlete-ing” it. Currently gaming M6’s. If I want these irons would you recommend buying off the rack, figuring out my new swing with lessons, then getting them fit to me? Or right to the fitting

    • Matt Saternus


      We recommend that everyone get fit before investing in clubs. And I would recommend going into the fitting with an open mind, if possible, rather than being set on a particular iron. Work with a good fitter and let them find the best performance you can buy.



      • Thanks Matt. I’m 57 with a 14.6 HC. I did my first club fitting today determined to purchase the TM P790 irons. I hit around 40 balls with a P790, 7 iron using regular steel and graphite shafts. My club head speed averaged 68mph, ball speed 95, carry yds 141, and total spin at 5100. The P790’s we’re not very forgiving on miss hits and average distance dropped to 125 yds. My fitter recommended me to try the Rogue ST Max irons. The difference was unexpected and an incredible improvement. My club head speed increased to 73 mph, ball speed to 104 mph, total spin down to 3,000 and carry yds to 155. The best thing was the miss hits were very forgiving and carry yards only dropped to 147. With the help of a PGA club fitter, I was able to find the right clubs for my swing that increased my distance and improved my accuracy. My new Rogue ST Max irons have been ordered, and the cost of the club fitting was rolled into the price of the set of irons so it costed me nothing. I highly recommend getting fitted for your clubs and the Rogue ST Max irons may just end up in your bag.

  4. How are they different from Mavrik Max?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s a similar iron. The improvements – specifically in forgiveness – are incremental, as with any OEM from generation to generation.


  5. giày đá banh chính hãng

    The article has extremely high-quality content, I appreciate it, your article will certainly bring a lot of useful knowledge to everyone. respect you

  6. The 5 iron loft is now down to 22.5 degrees per the chart above. Since I have a 23 degree Apex hybrid in my bag, would even need a 5 iron anymore? It’s basically a bag ornament for me at this point anyway.

  7. Randall ostein

    I was all in on Callaway mavericks Until I hit a Callaway rogue ST Max iron greatest club greatest clubs ever made Until I hit a Callaway rogue ST Max iron greatest club greatest clubs ever made

  8. Matt,
    How do you like the stock graphite shafts?

    • Matt Saternus


      I did not test the stock graphite, so I can’t offer any insight, unfortunately.



  9. Steve Sallis

    Great stuff Matt

    Just bought these fitted

    Waiting for them to arrive

  10. Tim hoskins

    Just bought a set and they should be here soon. I see these are for high to mid handicappers. I’m 58 years old and had both knees replaced last year. I’m still carry a 6 handicap. Swing speed is 87 to 89 mph with the 7 iron 2 inches long and stiff shaft. Oh I’m 6’7″ should I be playing ST max clubs.

  11. Matt great review, went to have a fitting with an open mind and after using several brands, Ping, Taylormade, Cobra etc I found these ST Max the straightest and equally as far as the others if not a little extra. I particularly likes the balance and feel of these clubs. Being 6′ 4″ went for 1 inch extended and stiff shafts as found the results much better. I’m a high handicapper and looking forward to taking these out on the course when they arrive.
    I think the point is product information or reviews often that state forgiveness and distance, and these can all sound far fetched but the evidence definitely matched this article!!

  12. I am playing rogue x irons that are two years old. I am 61 years old and play to a 7 handicap. My swing speed is 80 to 82. I know my loft on my 4 iron is 18.5 (versus 20 on these) so my entire set has stronger lofts. I think i need to go to graphite shafts. Do you think these will improve my game ?

    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know is to compare them to your gamers in a fitting. Generally speaking, I don’t think you’re going to see day and night differences in “moving up” two years in irons.


    • I have an older set of Callaway Razr X HL from more than 10 years ago. After reading all the reviews, wondering what kind of distance, accuracy and consistency improvements I’d see? My issue is that I am often playing a 3, 4 or 5 hybrid into the green because I have a longer shot and I am not as accurate as I want to be. I want to hit more greens and this sounds like I’d be able to do that.

  13. Looks like the lofts are listed as even stronger on Callaway’s website than in the chart in the article. The product page shows the 7 iron at 27.5°, for example, versus the 38.5° shown here.

  14. Hi Matt. I’m an 18 handicap, but just getting back into golf after a 12 year break and expecting to get back down near a 12-14. Would I notice much of a difference in forgiveness and straight consistency between the Rogue and the Mavrik?

    • Matt Saternus


      Between any two given years, most players aren’t going to see monumental gains. That said, it’s possible that one fits you much better than another and does deliver better performance.



  15. Great ! Great Article Matt! Congrats ! I’m a 55 years old, 3 months -playing guy. According to my very experienced golfers friends , I have a fast learning – improvement swing. Ball speed average with 6i around 90mph . I’m about to get my first set of club, since I’ve been practicing with demo 7 and 5 irons ( Big Bertha B21 7 i and Old epic flash 6i) and I’m focused on this Rogue st. series. I’ve done fitting for Taylormade stealths and Cobra LTDX but not good feeling like hitting my demo Callaway clubs. My Q. Since I’ve never played una golf course nor have handicap level, what would be the way to go? ( before any fitting consideration ) the Max or the Max OS? I use to hit it very high shots with no problem and taking this in account, would the St Max help shooting less high shots to me? I will fit before buying but making an at glance analisys , would the st max also would be a more years to use than a more beginner oriented OS set?

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.
      I would not get too wrapped up in the differences between the Max and Max OS on paper. Hit them both in your fitting, see what you like better, and don’t overthink it. Your fitter will be your best guide as to the performance differences between them for you.



  16. good review, I’m currently using Ping G20 that I’ve since new some 10 years ago, looking to change up to something newer .& playing off 15 h’cap. would I expect to see improvements in length and consistency if I upgrade to these ? also looking at TM Stealth Irons but actually prefer the look the the Rogue ST

    • Matt Saternus


      My best advice is always to get fit. That said, you should expect improvements in consistency and ball speed over a ten year old set.



  17. Which irons will will go further-Max, Max OS or Max OS lite? I am 72 years old and thinking of buying a set with graphite shafts. Which set would you suggest and which flex? I hit a 7 iron 150 yards and am using steel regular flex.

    • Matt Saternus


      That answer will vary from person to person. My best advice is to get fit and try them all.



  18. Cannot wait to get these in my hands. Currently playing Razr X and have noticed over the last 3 years it’s taking more club to get to 150. Sometimes it’s 7 others it’s 6 iron. At age of 59 with progressively worsening back condition I’m just happy to still be playing. Wanted to upgrade so I bought these based on months of research and a lot of why do I need clubs, when I’m playing these pretty well, (39 the other day). Hoping my hours or research pay off, apprehensive and excited.

  19. Jonathan Winfrey

    Which iron is more forgiving these Callaway Rogue ST or the Taylormade Stealth

  20. I’m glad I found your reviews. I went in to my fitting yesterday looking at Ping 425s, TaylorMade SIM2s, and Calloway with a leaning towards the ST Max OS’s. Landed on the Calloway ST Max, but reading through your reviews definitely lead me in the right direction and hopefully with clubs that I will love for years to come. Thank you!

  21. The wedges (G and S) come with the loft description because they were bougth together as a complete set? If i buy it by separete they also come with the degress description?

    • Matt Saternus


      I would expect that the wedges have the loft regardless of how you buy them.



  22. Hi Matt:
    I am presently playing Apex 21 irons and considering a change to the Rogue Max ST irons, the offset is bigger in the Rogue, what difference would i see because of this? I guess i am asking basically what does offset do?
    Thanks, Craig

  23. Jim saunders

    Ping iron payer since the mid 80’s with a couple of sets of Callaway irons now and then. Had a fitting today and expected to buy a set of G730’s. Wasn’t impressed with the distance and remembered reading your review of the Rogue ST Max . I’m late seventies and on the monitor consistently hit the 7 iron ten to twelve yards farther than the Ping 430 or 730. Tested with regular shaft which was all the had on the sale rack. Had a new set of senior flex Rogue ST Max 24 out back and they are in the bag. Always fee like your reviews of game or super game improvement irons are well tailored to the intended audience. Thanks

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