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Callaway Rogue ST Pro Irons Review

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The Callaway Rogue ST Pro irons are players distance irons with a more traditional feel.  Fairly compact club head.  Good forgiveness for its size.


Nothing in the 2022 Callaway Rogue ST family caught my eye quite like the Rogue ST Pro irons.  From a looks perspective, it was not what I was expecting at all.  But behind the blade-like looks, this iron delivers exactly what you’d expect from a Callaway players iron: solid forgiveness and a lot of distance.


The Callaway Rogue ST Pro is an attractive players iron.  Its top line is a little thick for the players category, but there’s very little offset and the head is fairly compact.  Personally, I don’t love the shiny chrome on the heel and toe of the face, but the contrast with the grooved area does make the club look smaller.

In the bag, the Rogue ST Pro is the most convincing faux-blade I’ve seen.  It does have a hollow body construction, but it’s slim enough that most people will think it’s solid.  The back of the club has a black pad with “Rogue ST” branding but is otherwise solid silver.  A small black Callaway logo is placed in the toe opposite the “Pro” designation on the heel.

Prefer a larger iron?  Check out the Callaway Rogue ST Max irons HERE

Sound & Feel

I’ve found that many irons in the “players distance” category lack a players feel.  The Rogue ST Pro has it.  Contact feels extremely solid and medium-soft on center.  The sound is a matching, quiet “thud.”  Nothing about the sound or feel betrays the amount of technology and distance in this head, which I prefer.

With such a quiet impact sound, feedback comes primarily through the hands.  Callaway’s Urethane Microsphere do a great job dampening vibrations, so you will need to pay attention to locate your strike point.


I started my evaluation of the Callaway Rogue ST Pro irons focused on the aesthetics.  After noting the solid feel, I looked up at the data and was shocked by the ball speed and distance.  Good strikes were registering smash factors of 1.45.  The 6I was carrying a club longer than my traditional gamer irons.

This distance is fueled by ball speed and optimized by launch and spin.  Callaway places up to 48 grams of tungsten in each head to make the Rogue ST Pro easy to launch with mid-low spin.  Compared to other players distance irons, I didn’t find the spin of the Rogue ST Pro to be problematically low.  It does produce a very strong ball flight, but there’s enough spin to hold the green.  As always, make sure you get fit to make sure these irons work best for you.

For a more compact iron, the Rogue ST Pro has impressive forgiveness.  Strikes on the heel or toe don’t lose too much ball speed – my smash factor typically stayed above 1.4.  Also important, the spin and launch are robust.  Only more extreme mishits will lose more than a club of carry distance.

My final note on the Rogue ST Pro irons is that they are not as workable as their appearance indicates.  These irons will allow for some trajectory control and shot shaping, but the lower spin means they really want to go straight.  Callaway players who want full control of their shots might want to consider irons like the Apex TCB [review HERE] or Apex Pro [review HERE].


The Rogue ST Pro irons are a strong addition to Callaway’s extensive line of irons.  For the golfer that wants a lot of distance and forgiveness without giving up players looks and feel, this is a great choice.

Visit Callaway HERE

Callaway Rogue ST Pro Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Steve H Sparks

    I purchased the Rogue Pro ST with R300 95 Elevate shaft from the Rogue Pro S300 95 X/P shaft…like the feel, seems to be straighter …do not know 5 rounds in if this result is because of the change from Stiff to a Regular Shaft.. I like the feel, look and the performance thus far. I have had the X12, X14, X16 Pro, X18 Pro, X20 Pro, Apex pro 1st and 2nd One and almost got the Apex 21, but opted to get the S/T…Love Callaway

  2. Terence Sdott

    I have just refurbished my irons, but did buy 3/5 woods (epic) fantastic results. If I won a set of irons that would be 👌

  3. Did an iron fitting about 3 weeks ago, was fit into the i525 as it had the best numbers for me, my second best was the Rogue ST Pro. I was surprised by that as I didn’t expect anything with Pro on it to even be close to my best option. I went in expecting to be fit into G425s, but they weren’t even close numbers wise for me compared to the i525s or ST Pro.

  4. I am a fitter and a low handicap player, and needed a replacement for my z785 set. They were just plain worn out, and with a few tears shed they’re now on the sideline. I was looking into the z7X and the Tirleist T100s , but good luck getting any T100s in a custom form for 24 weeks. After a serious look at the ST Pros, I bought a set matched with the Nippon 950gh Neos. I’m in my 60s, having to use a more light weight shaft, and Nippon is the best there is for me.

    I’ve played the ST Pros now for about 10 rounds, I’m very impressed, and am really enjoying them. The Nippon shafts have added a bit more launch and spin, so I have been able to work them fairly well. But they do like to go straight, which is not a bad miss to have. The Distance is awesome, even on off center or toeish misshits. Last year I lost about 5 yds. per iron (old golfers never die, they just lose their drive), so I was needing something to help get that back. Now I’m seeing 5 to 10 yds. more than what my old normal used to be. I’m having to re-learn each clubs increased distance, but that’s a nice problem to have. The trajectories are perfect for me, and even the long irons have no problem holding a firm green. These are a great players distance iron, but still workable with a proper fit shaft. A word to the wise though… when ordering anything custom from Callaway, be sure to order it 1/4″ over the actual length you need, because they are guaranteed to be 1/4″ shorter when you get them… just sayin.

  5. I got fitted for the Rogue st pro and my experience differed dramatically. I was playing the p770 2017 model and foolishly let them go. The Rogue ST Pro feel okay, very muted. I agree the distances are very long, but the forgiveness on slight toe strikes punish you worse than any iron I’ve tried recently! I wanted to get into a player distance iron because the p770 were very traditionally lofted, but now I am scrambling to find a replacement. Callaway would not honor the ‘’’playability guarantee” for a return or exchange because I did not order directly from their site, so now I have a custom set of irons 4-pw which cost $1600 and are now showing to be worth $475 via PGA Value guide. Callaway did not seem to care. This is not good business, imo.

  6. Would love to hear your thoughts comparing the Mavrik Pro to the Rogue ST Pro. I enjoyed your reviews on both. I would expect them to be much more similar than different. Does anything stand out to you as significant differentiators? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      You’re right on, they’re much more similar than different. I never tested them head to head, but nothing jumps out to me as an important difference.


  7. does rogue pro st Its an upgrade of the rogue pro cf18?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you asking if the Rogue ST Pro is an upgrade on the Rogue Pro from 2018?


  8. I tested an Apex 21 iron last year and hit it wonderfully. But the other day I was at a local pro shop and grabbed one just to take a look… And then I picked up the Rogue ST Pro, and it looked and felt way better in my hand. Probably going to test them both when I’m ready to get fitted next, but it’s there a significant drop-off in forgiveness? I’m a mid-handicapper so didn’t think the ST Pro would even be a possibility, but I’m hearing it’s not an impossible iron for mid-handicappers.

  9. Douglas Rosen

    I am 71 and play to a 6 handicap.
    I am playing TaylorMade M6 with regular graphite shafts. I alway played standard length and lie angles. I hit the 7 iron 148 -150 yds. I miss the the thinner look of my prior Titleist AP2’s but their distance is 10 yds less
    than the TaylorMade M6. I generally like to hit the ball straight where I am aiming. I am looking on line at a new set of Callaway Rogue Pro + with medium graphite shafts. Do you think these would be a good match for me ?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s going to be a very large change in forgiveness. My advice is always to bring your gamers to a fitting and try the stuff you want against what you have.



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