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Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Irons Review

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The Callaway Rogue ST Max OS irons are very thick with very strong lofts.  Lots of distance potential.  Easy to hit.

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Golfers fetishize Tour-style clubs, but the reality is that most don’t break 100.  For the player who doesn’t get to shut down the range every night but still wants to enjoy their weekly round, Callaway has created the Rogue ST MAX OS irons.  This set is unapologetically big, forgiving, and long or, in a word, fun.


Per Callaway, the Rogue ST MAX OS irons have “wide soles, enhanced offset, and a thicker top line vs. Rogue ST MAX.”  To my eye, these two irons are much closer in appearance than that description would indicate.  I stared at the two side-by-side, and found the offset very substantial in both.  There may be more in the MAX OS, but proportionally the difference seems small.  Similarly, the top line of the MAX OS looks a little thicker, but both are very thick.  Overall, the Rogue ST MAX OS looks like a super game improvement iron should – big, thick, and offset.  

In the bag, the Rogue ST MAX OS is indistinguishable from the Rogue ST MAX except for the addition of the “OS” to the branding on the heel.  The only color on this club is the thin gold line through “Rogue ST,” so it won’t look dated in a year.

Sound & Feel

Just like the Rogue ST Max irons [review HERE], the Rogue ST MAX OS irons surprised me with their sound and feel.  Despite being a big iron built for distance, they’re only slightly above average in volume.  The impact sound is fairly low-pitched which makes it seem even quieter than it is.  Like its counterpart, there’s a nice “snap” on centered shots that gets dull when you move toward the toe or heel.

If you’re looking for precise feedback on strike quality, this is not the club for you.  The Rogue ST MAX OS is very stable and wants to cover up your mistakes.  If you strike the ball well toward the heel or toe, you’ll feel it in your hands.  Anything in the center of the face will feel fairly solid.


With very strong lofts and a wealth of technology, the Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS irons have tremendous distance potential.  That starts with ball speed that is nothing short of elite.  Callaway uses their Flash Face Cup to create smash factors that are driver-like across the face.  Only my worst swings posted smash factors below 1.4.

Those massive ball speeds are paired with easy, consistent launch and low spin to create loads of carry distance.  I found the launch and spin of the MAX OS irons to be slightly lower than the MAX.  Depending on your swing, this might lead to more distance or it might be too little spin.  As always, get fit to find your ideal set.

In addition to being flat out long, the Rogue ST MAX OS irons are consistent and easy to hit.  Callaway has used 188% more tungsten in these irons (vs. MAVRIK) to maximize ball speed across the face and help every shot find a playable trajectory.  They’ve also engineered each face individually to keep spin rates consistent.  The result is that it can be difficult to tell pure strikes from small misses, and even big misses remain playable.


If you’d like your good shots (and your bad ones) to fly farther, check out the Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS irons.  These irons are at the forefront of distance and forgiveness.  Make sure you get fit to find the right shaft and specs and you’ll be on your way to more enjoyable golf.

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Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Irons Price & Specs

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    Awesome! Sounds Great!

  2. Walter Rice

    Had mine for about 6 weeks with Project X Cypher 50i shafts. Easiest, most forgiving irons I have had. Good distance (lower lofts, I know) but high and straight ball flight across the entire face. Most recent irons used are Ping G710s and PXG 0211DCs. These Rogue ST Max OS irons outperform both of those for me.

  3. Kent Renegar

    How was the gapping on the long irons with the lofts so close together .

    • Matt Saternus


      Like most distance irons, I think the gapping in the long irons can be a little tight for players without a good amount of speed.


  4. George Haufler

    Are these Callaway irons Forged

  5. Paul Eyring

    How do these compare to the PXG 0211 Z in terms of forgiveness and distance?

  6. I am a high handicap play. Shoot anywhere from 94 tp on a bad day 106. I play the Ping g410 graphite clubs, which if I may say,I THINK ARE FOR lOWER HANDICAP PLAYERS. tHE PERSON SAID HE MEASURED, BUT i don’t think he did a great job. Thin blades. Was thinking of going yo the right place for a fitting . You THink thr rogue max or max so may help

    • Matt Saternus


      To clarify, you’re currently playing the PING G410 irons but are thinking of switching to the Rogue ST Max?


    • Matt Saternus


      The G410 is a game improvement iron, which is similar to the Rogue ST Max. You may find more success with the Callaway, but they’re not going to be world’s apart.
      Regarding fitting, my advice is always to check out a Club Champion and meet with the fitters to find one you trust and get along with.



  7. I think the lofts you have listed for the Rogue ST Max OS irons are not correct. I am pretty sure the MAX OS 5 is 22.5*, 6 is 25.5*, 7 28.5*.
    I think these are the lofts for the ST MAX, which are a degree stronger than the OS.

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