Callaway Paradym X Hybrid Review

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The Callaway Paradym X hybrid maximizes both distance and forgiveness.  Slight draw-bias.  New Cutwave Sole enhances performance in tough turf conditions.


For 2023, Callaway offers two Paradym hybrids:  the standard model I reviewed previously [find it HERE], and the X version reviewed here.  While both models feature distance and versatility, Callaway designers focused on maximizing forgiveness in the Paradym X hybrid.  Is it right for you?  Let’s dive in.


While the standard Callaway Paradym hybrid (above left) is considered mid-size, the X hybrid (above right) is clearly full size.  The round silhouette could easily be mistaken for a small fairway wood.  The gloss black crown is adorned with a classic Callaway chevron that denotes the center of the strike zone.  There’s a modest amount of offset, but overall, the Paradym X hybrid has an attractive look in the address position.

The sole of the X hybrid is similar to that of the Paradym fairway wood [full review HERE].  The CutWave sole midsection, gold tungsten weight pod, and “Jailbreak AI” text all convey the message of a tech forward club.

The X hybrid’s tall face dispelled any fear of sliding under a ball sitting atop deep rough.

Sound & Feel

I was taken aback by what I heard on my first hit with the Callaway Paradym X hybrid – it was completely different than the standard model.  The anvil had been replaced by a wooden bat.  The X hybrid had slightly lower volume that was woodsy and deep.  Off-center strikes lost a little snap, but still sounded powerful.

With centered contact, the ball felt like it melted into the face ever so briefly before rocketing off.  Overall, the head felt very stable, but I could clearly locate impact position.  Both to my ears and my hands, the Callaway Paradym X hybrid is very satisfying to hit.


I was able to test the Callaway Paradym X hybrid during sessions alongside the standard Paradym hybrid, so I’ll offer some comparisons.  With good contact, both hybrids produced similar fast ball speeds.  The Paradym X hybrid was more generous when strike quality wavered.  Spin with the X hybrid was in mid-zone, but several 100 rpm lower than the standard hybrid.  I observed a clear draw bias with the X hybrid, but it wasn’t severe.

My results demonstrated the design headlines that Callaway conveyed for the X hybrid:  distance, forgiveness, and versatility.  As far as the first two attributes, the all-new Jailbreak Batwing technology clearly deserves credit.  Moving the stiffening elements to the perimeter, thus allowing the face to flex more, delivers faster ball speeds.  And equally important for the target mid to high handicap golfers, fast speeds over a large face area.

As for versatility, Callaway employed an all-new Cutwave Sole to enhance turf interaction.  Stealing from my standard hybrid review, “The groovy name may seem more apropos for a surf board, but the fluted rails did fulfil Callaway’s objective “to cut through the turf with ease.”  And not only did it help maintain club head speed through the grass, it kept the club head square to my target line.

Another factor that made launching the ball easy from the fairway or rough was a low CoG.  Callaway achieved this by positioning a Tungsten Speed Cartridge forward in the sole, just behind the face.  The Cartridge location also works harmoniously with the A.I. optimized face to deliver consistent spin.  Keeping the spin a tad lower than the standard hybrid lessens potential slice spin while boosting distance.


The Callaway Paradym X hybrid is a great alternative to the standard model for golfers seeking to maximize forgiveness without sacrificing distance.  The draw bias is modest, not slice busting, and the adjustable hosel opens up options for modifying the trajectory and maximizing performance.  Whether you’re relatively new to the game or just not quite as consistent as you’d like, the Callaway Paradym X hybrid is worth a few trial swings.

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Callaway Paradym X Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Love my Paradym clubs, especially tht 3HL, the Heaven Wood, 4Hybrid X and currently trying the Paradym X Driver, The first 3 mentioned give me additional distance, Heaven Wood works well in rough and the Hybrid is versatile, rarely miss the sweet spot!! What’s not to like?

  2. I like the design with the Cutwave Sole – it reminds me of the design that Cleveland have used on their halo hybrids, which makes them incredibly easy to hit. How did you find the trajectory with the X? I’ve been using the Apex 21 3HYB and 4HYB and their having a piercing flight, awesome in the wind, but can be hard to stop on fast dry greens. Was thinking of investing in a 6HB as an alternative to my 5 iron, but want something I can pull up.

  3. I’m torn between which of the Paradym models to choose. I’m not as consistent as I would like to be so the extra forgiveness of the X model might be good for me but my miss with hybrids is to hit them with too much draw so the X model may not be the right choice for that reason. I’m a 15 handicapper. Any suggestions?

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