Callaway Oceanside LX Golf Shoe Review

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Stable construction and efficient traction elements make Callaway Oceanside LX golf shoes a solid choice for players wanting a clean, contemporary look.


I didn’t ever think the saying “timing is everything” would be applicable to a golf shoe.  But when the new Callaway Oceanside LX golf shoes arrived as I was packing the car for a family gathering on the coast, I decided that the timing wasn’t just a coincidence.  So as the sun started fading on a glorious winter day, I took some pictures that seemed to capture the essence of the shoe’s namesake.


As I opened the box, the clean lines and smooth white leather of the uppers grabbed my attention.  The dimpled elements on the sides, the carbon composite look of the heel and grey trim around the midsole offer a modern flair of visual interest.

The sole of the Oceanside LX is a groovy mix of shapes and textures that again emphasize the contemporary, maybe even futuristic, style.  I like the use of red to help delineate performance focused elements.  The LX also comes in classic black.  The non-LX version of the Oceanside offers a sportier look with mesh uppers.


Inside the Callaway Oceanside LX is a soft and breathable liner with ample cushioning around the ankle.  The footbed is firm but the insole has a nice amount of supportive cushioning.  Although my feet could sense the rigid points of the outsole on a hard floor, standing or walking on turf was very comfortable.  The shoe runs a solid half size small.


With a quick in hand flex-and-twist test, the Oceanside LX exhibited more rigidity than I was expecting based on the looks.  Field testing confirmed the shoe is on the stable side.  Although spikeless, the sole design incorporates strong traction elements on the outside half – grey edge and red section.  Somewhat less pointed but still offering ample traction, the hexagons on the inner half of the sole allow for smooth transitions during the swing.


Although I never discovered the true tie-in for the Oceanside moniker, I can sure see myself wearing these shoes sauntering around Kauai or Kiawah.   With solid performance and clean contemporary styling, the Callaway Oceanside LX are perfect for play at a high end resort or your friendly local course.

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  1. Michael R Johnston

    Looks wonderful. I have all Callaway products. Epics and flash driver,3,5. Rogue irons and Epic tour bag. Love your products.

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