Callaway JAWS MD5 Wedge Review

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With 23 loft/bounce options, the Callaway JAWS MD5 wedges allow golfers to dial in their short game.  Great spin and superb look.


Under the careful hand of chief wedge designer Roger Cleveland, Callaway has introduced their fifth generation Mack Daddy – the JAWS MD5.  One of the fabled names in golf equipment, Roger has been in his position since 1996 and continually strives to improve Callaway’s wedges and keep many of the game’s greatest names on top of leaderboards.

Check out the new JAWS Raw wedges HERE


At address, the JAWS MD5 wedges I tested have a classic look whose familiarity imparts confidence.  Subtle variations become apparent as the loft and grind change, but shaping overall is time and tour proven.  As the lofts drop below 54°, Callaway transitions to a more compact head to be visually more in line with irons.

The back side of the MD5 is what gives these wedges distinction.  The four blue ports really pop in my golf bag, providing an expressive flair against the platinum chrome or tour grey finish.  The milled lines further convey a modern look.  Loft, bounce, and grind numbers are now grouped on the toe.

For personalization, the Callaway Customs shop offers color and stamping options and, if nothing else, is fun to play with online.

Sound & Feel

Around the green, the JAWS MD5 wedges had a solid yet soft feel.  It was easy to verify the impact position my hands felt by the residual grass clippings that were precisely cut by the fresh grooves.  Urethane balls produced a soft ‘tock’ at impact with the wedges.

On fuller shots the sound had a bit more crispness – more of a clip.  Catching the ball center was unmistakable, delivering a wonderfully satisfying feel. Slight mishits offered feedback without feeling harsh.


For most of us, the name JAWS conjures up the image of a huge shark’s mouth with rows of giant, razor sharp teeth – and Callaway is just fine with that.  Although the Groove-in-Groove technology is not new to the MD5, the shape of the deeper grooves is.  Whereas the MD4 (full review HERE) had rectangular grooves with rounded edges, the JAWS MD5 grooves are a flat bottom V shape with sharp edges.  The result for me was noteworthy bite with all three of these higher lofted wedges.  Whether a clean strike on the tightly mown fringe or deep down in the Bermuda rough, the ball checked up like it hit a gravitational hot spot.

The Callaway JAWS MD5 wedges come in 23 loft/bounce combinations offering golfers a dizzying amount of choices.  The Callaway website does a nice job explaining the typical conditions and swing types each of the five grinds are best suited to.  However, working with a qualified fitter is highly recommended.  If nothing else, give this Understanding Bounce article a read.

I’m typically a middle of the road S-Grind player but really enjoyed experimenting with the 58° C-Grind wedge on some delicate tight lies and big time flop shots.  Regardless, if you want to impress your friends with short game prowess, get the right bounce and grind for you.


Although Mack Daddy isn’t in the official name this release, there’s no mistaking the design.  The blue ports look sharp in either finish, but my personal favorite is the black shaft and tour grey head combo.  The Callaway JAWS MD5 wedges have a wonderful feel and strong performance that capitalizes on their exemplary spin.

Callaway JAWS MD5 Wedge Price & Specs

Matt Meeker


  1. Hi Matt,
    looking to replace my wedges for next season, I happen to hit them the past weekend. I never hit Callaway wedges before. I found them to perform the same as you stated in your above review. What surprised me was how balanced they felt and forgiving. I will definitely add these wedges to my Christmas list.
    Love the reviews.

  2. Glenn McCarthy

    I just purchased the Callaway Jaws 56 degree MD5 R wedge. On the sole of the club underneath where it shows “56” as the loft there is the number “12W”. Does this indicate that it is the W- grind with 12 degrees of bounce? The pro shop where it was purchased did not explain the significance of that number to me. Now I wonder if it is the right wedge for me.

    • Matt Meeker

      That is exactly correct Glenn. Check out the Callaway website – there’s links in the review – where they have a good explanation of grinds, bounce and such.

      – Meeks

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