Callaway MD4 Wedge Review

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The Callaway MD4 wedges have a wide variety of sole options.  Loft-specific grooves optimize spin.


For me, the unexpected star category of the 2018 PGA Show was wedges, and Callaway’s Mack Daddy 4 was a huge reason why.  With an unprecedented number of loft, finish, bounce, and grind combinations, the MD4 seems to offer something for absolutely everyone.  I couldn’t wait for the snow to thaw so I could get them on the grass and give them a test.


The Callaway Mack Daddy 4 wedges have one of the most rounded shapes on the market.  You can see that the leading edge bulges significantly.  Additionally, the toe is rounded into a fairly tall heel.  The benefit of this design is that the club doesn’t look askew when the face is opened.

The MD4 is available in three finishes: chrome, raw, and the matte black finish you see here.  Callaway also offers a custom program which allows you to choose the paint colors and add stamps.

Sound & Feel

At impact, the Callaway MD4 wedges produce a firm feel and low pitched sound.  Centered hits are somewhere between a “click” and a “tock.”

Feedback from these wedges is good both through the hands and ears.  Mishits are noticeably louder than pure strikes.


The Callaway MD4 wedges have the combination of performance technologies that you would expect from a top of the line wedge.  Callaway uses the four ports to optimize the center of gravity for each loft so you get consistent trajectory throughout your set.

Callaway also reconfigured the grooves.  In the lower lofts (52 degrees and below), the grooves are optimized for consistent spin on full shots.  The higher lofts use a more aggressive groove to give you more control from the rough.  All this adds up to wedges that are near the top of the class in spin creation.

Finally, one of the big stories with the Mack Daddy 4 is the amount of loft and sole/bounce combinations that are available.  There are four grinds: C-Grind, S-Grind, W-Grind, and X-Grind.  You’ll notice that each grind has a lot of measured bounce – 8 degrees is the lowest – which reflects Roger Cleveland’s design philosophy.  However, unless you play in really firm conditions, at least try the C and X grinds.  Those grinds are very playable even for those with shallow angles of attack.

Overwhelmed by all the choices?  Though it’s no substitute for an in-person fitting, Callaway has put together a Wedge Selector Tool to help you get an idea of what you should be playing.  I was impressed by it’s accuracy: it identified my grind selections perfectly.


In a year when every OEM is delivering great short game tools, the Callaway MD4 wedge keeps the company in a leading role.  From sole options to optimized grooves and CoG, the Mack Daddy 4 has everything you could ask for.

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Callaway MD4 Wedge Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Everyone raves about the MD4, As a low single digit I find these to be woody and hard enough that they are off-putting. Nowhere near as good feeling as pokey or glides.

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