Callaway Great Big Bertha Fairway Wood Review

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50 Words or Less

The Callaway Great Big Bertha fairway wood is a blend of modern technology and classic Callaway with a goal of giving players more distance and more forgiveness.

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Even during “the dark years” at Callaway, the Callaway Warbird was a cult favorite fairway wood.  As the brand has progressed and found its footing again, Callaway fairway woods continue to be some of the best in the game and the standard continues in the Great Big Bertha fairway wood.  With a focus on greater distance and ease of play, Callaway aims to make the Great Big Bertha a solid fairway wood option for a wide range of players.

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The Callaway Great Big Bertha fairway woods maintain some of the characteristics that have become synonymous with the brand over the past two years.  The crown has a basic matte black finish with a chevron alignment aid.  The sole features red, black, silver, and white branding.  The head is a little big larger, but not quite in the mini driver category and the face isn’t all that deep either.  The club rests nicely at address and looks easy to hit on the tee box or off the deck.

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Sound & Feel

Much like its big sister, the Great Big Bertha fairway wood has a really nice muted thwack, and it feels like the ball really pops off the face.  The Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup makes the face very solid and responsive, and paired with the larger aerodynamic club head, gives you a forgiving feel on off-center hits.  The Great Big Bertha is a great option for players looking for a fairway wood with low handicap sound and feel matched with the ease of play and forgiveness found in clubs geared toward the higher handicaps.

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What I like about the Callaway Great Big Bertha fairway wood is that there is a lot of tech and science in its design, but the club is easy to use.  Aside from the Optifit adapter, there no adjustments to be made on the club unless you want to change the weight on the sole of the club.  Callaway’s goal with this club is to make it long, but more importantly, make it easy to use for a wide range of players.  The larger head and the sole weight give the club a higher MOI which makes the club easier to get airborne and more forgiving, while the modern take on Callaway’s classic Warbird sole makes the Great Big Bertha more versatile from a variety of lies.  While I didn’t find I could hit the Great Big Bertha fairway wood a country mile, I did find it extremely easy to hit well and that it was good off the tee, fairway, and some rough.

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While I still say that the Big Bertha Alpha 815 fairway wood is my favorite fairway wood of the year, Callaway made a great fairway wood better suited for the masses in the Great Big Bertha.  Whether you’re trying to reach a green in two, recover from the tee shot that barely made it off the box, or hit a green in regulation on a 525 yard par 4, being able to hit a fairway wood well is both difficult and an amazing tool to have in the arsenal.  The Great Big Bertha makes hitting solid fairway wood shots easier and should definitely be considered for that spot in the bag.

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  1. How does this compare to the previous Great Big Bertha FW (the blue one that came out last year before the 815)?

  2. How would you guys compare this one to the XR fairway wood?


  3. Dale Hillman

    I am a 7 handicap and can hit all of my clubs well. Still carry a 4 iron and hit it well. But I can’t hit a 3 wood to save my life. Always been a hole in my game. I cover the ball. I don’t chase it, which I know doesn’t help hitting a 3 wood. But does this club offer maximum foregiveness? I don’t use it often but there are times when you just have to hit it.

    • As we typically reply, different clubs are going to perform differently depending on the person. For my money, I think this one is one of the more forgiving, but there are definitely more fairway woods out there. You likely won’t know what’s best for you until you’ve hit a few yourself and seen what the response is.

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