Callaway Fall 2018 Weather Series Apparel Review

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Combining technical features and contemporary designs, the Fall 2018 Weather Series from Callaway Apparel provides performance and great looks.


The Fall 2018 Weather Series from Callaway Apparel is designed to “extend your season.”  Cool or downright cold, wind or rain, the collection includes a variety of styles to suit most every golfer’s needs.  For this review I take a closer look two of the core pieces – the Dual Action ¼ Zip Pullover and the Thermal Performance Quilted Vest.


The “dual” in the Dual Action Pullover refers to being both water repellent and thermal.  During testing in a light rain, water beaded up on the fabric and shook off easily.  As the rain drops got larger, they absorbed into the fabric on impact.

The fleece fabric on the inside of the pullover maintained a nice warmth, while the front pockets provided quick access to keep my hands warm and dry.  I’ll discuss fit in more detail next section, but the combination of long sleeve length and thick cuff was a tad intrusive for club gripping.

Slipping on the Quilted Vest I instantly understood why performance is part of its name.  Around the arm holes and under the quilted fabric is an elastic cuff that sealed out wind and held in heat – without feeling confining.  Running down the sides of the vest is a super stretchy fabric that allowed for full range of motion and encompasses what Callaway calls SWING TECH.  Around the bottom of vest is a wide, elasticized gripper hem that functioned like the arm hole cuffs – such great technical details.

Style & Fit

The nice thing about both these pieces from the Fall 2018 Weather Series is their clean, casual style that allows them to be worn anywhere.  Both feature Callaway logos, but they aren’t front and center.

The Dual Action ¼ Zip Pullover has a roomy cut that makes it great for use as a second layer.  The zip up collar provided thermal regulation – an advantageous feature compared to a sweater.  Furthering the sleeve length comment above, the cuff’s lack of elasticity made pushing the sleeve up my arm challenging.

The fit of the Thermal Performance Quilted Vest is simply wonderful.  The puffiness of the quilting is contained in the front and back, and provided for a tailored look and feel.  The stretchy side panels kept the vest form fitting without feeling snug, whether over just a polo or with a sweater added.


Callaway Apparel designers did a fantastic job blending style and performance in the Fall 2018 Weather Series that I tested.  The Quilted Vest deserves a spotlight not only for its technical features, but also for the snazzy good looks of its stitching and contrasting zipper color.  This tag line from Callaway sure rings true:  “make weather your advantage.”

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