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The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion fairway wood almost feels like cheating based on its forgiveness and length.  Might be Callaway’s best all-around performing fairway wood yet.



I have to give Callaway a ton of credit in their fairway woods over the past handful of seasons.  Out of curiosity, I went back and looked at the reviews I’ve done for the last three years of Callaway fairway woods and found an impressive consistency of some of the strongest fairway woods for their respective years.  The new Big Bertha Fusion fairway wood is no exception.  With a blend of different materials, a new head shape, and the signature Hyper Speed Face Cup the Big Bertha Fusion isn’t just long, it’s also incredibly easy to use.



The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion has a very different look to it and is a definite departure from the traditional pear shape.  The shape is reminiscent of an arrow with its point lining up behind the sweet spot of the face.

Your eyes are immediately drawn to the visible ultra-light triaxial carbon used on the crown.  Who doesn’t love the look of carbon fiber?  The overall footprint is a little flatter with a medium depth face so the larger size doesn’t make you feel like you’re in mini-driver territory.


Sound & Feel

Often times when I read that a metal wood is designed to be forgiving, I anticipate the club is going to have very strong metallic, springy characteristics in its sound and feel which will also reduce a lot of the response.  Fortunately, the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion avoids this pitfall and has a very solid “crack” off the sweet spot with useful feedback.  This is not to say mishits sound like duds and hurt your hands, because they definitely don’t.  I can’t help but relate the sound from a pure shot to a baseball cracking off of a wood bat.  It’s just perfectly sweet and satisfying.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, Callaway created this new head shape with a purpose in mind.  One of those purposes was to give Callaway “new options in acoustic engineering, with more freedom to evoke an especially satisfying sound and feel.”  Sound and feel are always key in making a golf club desirable whether for a scratch player or 20 handicap and the Big Bertha Fusion should accomplish just that for players of all skill levels.



After hitting about six golf balls on the range, my exact quote was, “This might be the best fairway wood Callaway has ever made.”  Yes, I still believe the Alpha 815 Fairway has been their best looking (maybe the best looking fairway wood in golf), and I loved the XR16 Pro, but there’s something special about the Big Bertha Fusion fairway wood.  I found it incredibly easy to elevate the ball off the deck, and the speeds were consistently high.  What was most important was that I was able to repeat this performance over and over and over again.  The only time I had any type of hook or slice came in the first couple of balls where I was getting used to the club, but the rest were controlled with a nice strong flight and good distance.

If I can hammer in one important performance takeaway for the Big Bertha Fusion, it’s that the club is extremely easy to hit and easy to hit very well.  Most fairway woods with this “ease of use” tend to make some slight performance sacrifices, but I’m comfortable in saying the Big Bertha Fusion does not.



Your fairway woods are not necessarily easy clubs to hit and do not have the same benefits for the amateur golfer that professionals experiences.  While Callaway has made great performing and forgiving fairway woods for quite some time now, the Big Bertha Fusion might be their best one yet.  The Fusion’s innovative design leads to a strong repeatable performance that should make hitting those long second shots on par fives easier or playing the safe route off the tee more of a sure thing for golfers of all skill levels.

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Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Fairway Wood Price & Specs


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  1. How would you compare the BB Fusion to Cobra King LTD FW in terms of forgiveness and ease of use?

    • I have the King LTD in my bag for my two fairways, but I’d say the Fusion is somewhat comparable to the LTD. I would actually say that I think the Fusion is easier to hit in the air, maybe a touch more forgiving. I personally feel like I can step on the LTD a bit more, but that may be A) familiarity B) the shaft.

      If I were to recommend any fairway woods (specifically 3-4 woods) to anyone right now, those would certainly be my top two. There are other good ones, but they are my personal favorites.

  2. With a normal 3 wood i have a tendancy to slice. That’s why i chose normally a 4 or 5 wood.
    What do you recommend , to play a fusion 3 or 5 wood and which flex ?

    • Unfortunately there’s no way I can answer that for you. So many factors should go into making the decision. First you need to have an idea of your swing speed and type to have an idea on flex. Then you need to try setups based on that profile. A 3 wood that’s a total hook/draw machine for me could be a massive slicer for you.

      Short version: you need to test for yourself personally to see how your swing interacts with a specific setup (no matter the club). A blind suggestion is impossible.

      Best of luck in your hunt,


  3. Kevin Jenkins

    I just picked up a demo fusion at GolfGxxxxy for $20
    Did I just get my golf deal of the year???
    I hit it almost as far as my driver
    And yes, I am bragging

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