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50 Words or Less

The 2018 Callaway Apex MB irons look amazing with perfect feel and performance to match.


Callaway turned a lot of heads when the 2018 version of the Apex MB irons first appeared in the bag of a certain equipment free agent early in the 2017 season.  Through extensive research and development with some of the best players in the world, Callaway created a compact, traditional muscleback with superior feel and control.  Not only is the Apex MB a standout in the Callaway lineup, I believe it’s a top three blade of 2017-18.  Buyer beware, these irons look beautiful but should only be played by exceptional ball strikers.


Clean, compact, and classic.  That’s the best way to describe the 2018 Callaway Apex MB irons.  Based on feedback from Tour, Callaway wanted to make a smaller head shape with a thin profile.  The result is about as perfect and minimal as a blade can look.  With a high-polish chrome finish, minimal branding, and a simple muscleback shape, the 2018 Apex MB looks timeless.

Sound & Feel

The 2018 version of the Callaway Apex MB is an extremely soft forging of 1025 carbon steel.  As such, the sound and feel of the Apex MB are extremely soft but provide very precise feedback.  This is a good time to remind you, however, that the Apex MB is very small and unforgiving.  It’s crucial to find the sweet spot to realize the rewards of that soft forging or else you’ll have some sting.

A well-struck shot feels silky in your hands and the sound is a muted “tap” depending on the ball.  I found a firmer ball tended to have a little more “click” to it but was still on the softer side of that spectrum.


Most players bag muscleback irons in order to achieve an extremely high level of control and workability in their golf shot.  Note: these players also should be good ball strikers and make sure they have the game to match their slick blades.

In order to help their players gain more control Callaway implemented 20V grooves into the face of the Apex MB irons.  Doing so delivers consistent spin on all shots but is also supposed to reduce fliers from the rough.  Again, the whole point being consistency and control both in distances and shot shape.

Once properly fit, I had an impressive ball flight with the Apex MB.  I was able to hit the ball with a powerful, piercing flight that fell straight down from its apex (I wish the pun was intended).  This time of year in Chicago, the weather is unpredictable and often windy.  With this strong ball flight and the high level of control, I was able to manage the wind with relative ease.  I had so much fun hitting choked-up bullets under the wind and floating high fades against left-to-right gusts.


In my personal opinion, the 2018 Apex MB raised Callaway’s iron game to a new level.  The combination of feel, looks, and playability is absolutely perfect.  Working alongside their Tour staff, Callaway delivered as good a forged muscleback as any pure ball striker could ask for.  After extensive testing across the board, I’ve even decided to put the 2018 Apex MB in my bag for the foreseeable future.  Callaway – hats off, you nailed it.

Buy Callaway Apex MB Irons HERE

Callaway Apex MB Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Great review. These things look incredible. Glad to see Callaway did them right.

  2. Hi Bill- great write-up. I am going to a Callaway demo days in South Suburbs this Sunday to try these out. Are the long irons some what forgiveable?

    • Matt Saternus


      Bill is no longer with Plugged In Golf. My opinion is that there is not much forgiveness in these long irons. They are true blades meant to reward only good strikes.



  3. I am a 2/3 handicap and transitioned from PXG 311t to the apex MBs and find them to be as forgiving and without loss of distance on a strong setup (1-2deg) mated with project x LZs. Playing some of my best golf with these blades.

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