Caddy Splash Golf Club, Grip, and Shoe Cleaner Review

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The Caddy Splash Golf Club, Grip, and Shoe Cleaner is an effective way to breathe new life into your old shoes or grips.  An ideal partner for the Caddy Splash Club Brush.


As an avowed “Tools, Not Jewels” type of golfer, I never thought that a club brush would become a regularly-used part of my kit.  However, the Caddy Splash Club Brush [review HERE] has been attached to my bag since I wrote about it.  When I learned that Caddy Splash also made an All Purpose Cleaner, I knew I needed to test that, too.


Keeping with that “Tools, Not Jewels” mentality, I favor black golf shoes.  My kids, however, have not learned about the dirt-camouflaging abilities of black, so their shoes provided a perfect test case for the Caddy Splash Golf Club, Grip, and Shoe Cleaner.  I washed the shoe on the right with water only; the left shoe (which started a bit dirtier) got the cleaning solution.

Just as described on the bottle, a couple drops in the Caddy Splash Club Brush creates an ample amount of suds.

Water and elbow grease went a long way, but the Caddy Splash Golf Club, Grip, and Shoe Cleaner took a shoe that started off a bit worse and brought it closer to new condition.

I also tested this cleaner on several different grips.  It was universally helpful but most noticeable on grips with a more tack.  If you use a grip like the Lamkin Sonar+ Wrap [review HERE], a good cleaning can get them feeling almost brand new.  With a “standard” rubber grip like the Golf Pride CPX [review HERE], the effect is still noticeable because it gets the dirt and grease off the grip.

My gamer, the Golf Pride MCC, saw the least improvement with cleaning, but that’s due to the grip, not the cleaning solution.  With age and wear, the lower portion of the MCC gets hard and slick.  Cleaning can help to squeeze a few more rounds out of these grips, but when it’s their time, there’s no substitute for a fresh set.


The Caddy Splash Golf Club, Grip, and Shoe Cleaner retails through their website for $15.  A couple drops is all you need for a full Club Brush of suds, so this will last a long, long time.  This product can help you get more rounds out of every set of grips, which allows it to pay for itself in very little time.  And can you put a price on fresh looking shoes?


The Caddy Splash Golf Club, Grip, and Shoe Cleaner works exactly as promised.  It took a pair of dirty shoes and brought them back to respectability with very little effort.  This cleaner can also keep your grips secure in your hand for longer.  Best of all, by working with the Caddy Splash Club Brush, it’s always at hand.

Visit Caddy Splash HERE

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  1. Might be worth a try. I currently use old tooth brushes and Dawn dish soap to clean clubs, grips, shoes etc. Works really well. #DoubleSecret

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