Golf Pride CPX Grip Review

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The Golf Pride CPX grip is the company’s softest grip to date.  Very pleasant feel.  Surprisingly good traction.  Sneaky alignment aid.


Golf Pride is best known as the #1 grip on Tour, but they know that not everyone has Tour needs.  While the pros usually want maximum traction in all conditions, many recreational golfers just want something comfortable.  For that player, Golf Pride has released the CPX – “a soft grip for a hard game.”


The Golf Pride CPX grip is understated in its colors, preferring to let the texture do the talking.  This grip is light grey with a dash of blue at the cap and thin white borders around the EXO Diamond-Quilted areas.

For its launch, the CPX is available in only the grey/blue colorway shown here.


Golf Pride puts the focus on soft because that’s exactly how the CPX feels in hand.  It isn’t that squishy, resistance-free softness that you get from other grips, though.  The CPX is more like a firm pillow – a little give, a little support.

What I found more interesting than the softness was the mix of textures.  While the entire grip is soft, the EXO Diamond-Quilted segments are particularly cushioned.  The “perforated” segments create a nice contrast and have a bit more “grit,” even though they’re also very soft.


If you’re like me, when you hear that a grip is focused on comfort, you immediately doubt that it has any traction.  There’s good reason for this skepticism: lots of soft grips are as slippery as an eel.  The Golf Pride CPX, however, has excellent traction.  The texture in both the quilted and perforated sections is so extreme that it gives your hand a lot to latch on to.  It’s a different kind of traction than you get from a cord grip, but it’s still effective.

After several hundred shots in dry conditions, I wanted to see how the CPX would perform when wet.  I sprayed the grip with water between shots and found it to be fairly slick.  This grip doesn’t have much tack (which I prefer in normal conditions), so it doesn’t have much defense against the rain.

Nothing in Golf Pride’s talking points speaks to alignment, but I found that to be one of my favorite things about the CPX grip.  In the logo up or logo down orientation, the perforated section lets your left thumb know exactly where to go.  I could also imagine using a “sideways” installation.  This would put your thumb on the quilted segment for a softer feel.

The Golf Pride CPX grip is available in undersize, standard, midsize, and jumbo.


If you’re looking for a more comfortable way to hold on to your clubs, the Golf Pride CPX grip is worth checking out.  It has better traction and a longer lifespan than most comfort grips and a price that won’t break the bank.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Hmm. Thanks for this write up, Matt. I was excited to try these grips with all of the pre-market hoopla, but now I am not so sure. As someone who sweats a lot on the golf course, it is not unusual for me to use 3 gloves in the heat of summer round or in the Florida spring season. If the grip is slippery in the rain, I am skeptical how it holds up in the heat with my clammy hands. I may have to try these in a wedge or two just to find out. Again, thanks for a timely review.

  2. What grip do you feel best handles rain. (I use Winn Dritac 2.0 but wonder if there is a better option?

    • Matt Saternus


      Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Winn because of the lack of durability. I prefer corded grips for rain like the Golf Pride MCC or Z Grip. Lamkin also makes some compelling options with their Genesis material.



    • The GripMaster leather grips are by far the best in wet or humid conditions. Yes, they are expensive, but they’re worth the investment.

    • Perry Sands

      Iomic Sticky Army 2.3 Grips – Black / Red Are the best grips in the rain by a country mile

  3. Patrick Patterson

    Lamkin grey sonar has the best grip and feel of any grip I’ve tried

    • I last regripped with the Golf Pride Tour Wrap Microsuade. Best grips I’ve ever used. My golf store is no longer carrying them. Was wondering if they have been discontinued. Leary of this new CPX when the review mentions wet conditions. Any info on the Microsuade?

  4. Jim Garcia

    I currently use GP 360. I tried CPX grip and I did not like at all. I did not have the feel that I have with the GP 360. It also felt heavier than the GP 360.

  5. Mike Castro

    I needed a new grip on my 3 wood, stopped by Golf Galaxy and saw this grip so I had one put on. I liked it so much I went back 3 days later and had them do all of my clubs. The softness and tack of the grip has really worked for me ! I have played 3 rounds so far with these grips ,without a glove and have never had the club slip. The club really feels anchored in my hands. I guess the key will be how long the tackiness will last.

    • I tried one if these because I can’t get the Tour Velvet Super Tack anywhere. I play with no glove and found this to be a pretty decent grip, but I really do prefer the Super Tack. I really hope Golf Pride hasn’t discontinued the Super Tack – it’s still on their web site and saw Cam Smith using them this weekend.

  6. I agree with Patrick that the Lamkin Sonar is the best combination of comfort and grip I have played.

  7. I put this grip on my driver after needing to cut the shaft down a 1/2 inch. So far it’s been really good. One thing I’ve noticed is that it tends to have an oversized “feel” (note – I play midsize) but that’s an advantage as it encourages a nice loose, but firm, grip on the club. No choking the club with this grip.

    Being in Cleveland where it gets humid in July and August, I’m going to have to wait to see how it performs in those conditions. Although with all of the ridges and grooves, should be no problem as the sweat has channels to move away in.

    I see this being great for woods and hybrids. I’m hesitant to put this in my irons and wedges though where I’m currently sporting Lamking ST+2 Hybrid grips. Just feel you loose too much feel with this grip on the scoring clubs.

  8. Tried these CPX, but my Garmin sensors kept backing out of the ‘inverted’ cupped end. Went back to CP2 wraps with the rounded ends…sensors stay put.

  9. I tried one if these because I can’t get the Tour Velvet Super Tack anywhere. I play with no glove and found this to be a pretty decent grip, but I really do prefer the Super Tack. I really hope Golf Pride hasn’t discontinued the Super Tack – it’s still on their web site and saw Cam Smith using them this weekend.

  10. Have been playing one on my driver since May 2022. Here it is early September and the grip is starting to show signs of wear around where the thumbs go after about 30 rounds and range time. Minimal, but noticeable enough, wear pattern. So in terms of longevity, I would not expect these to last more than a season .

  11. Matt-
    As always, thanks for the great review. I read on one of on-line retailers’ site that this grip has a “larger lower hand” area. Did you happen to notice this in your testing? I currently play an MCC +4 Align (Midsize) and was wondering if they felt similar in size (providing you tested the MCC +4).
    Thanks for your time.

    • Matt Saternus

      I didn’t notice the taper either way, so I think my gut reaction is that it’s not quite zero taper but it’s not a traditional taper either.


  12. Barry Stanky

    I’ve had the CPX grips on my irons since they were first released. I absolutely love the feel. I am in full control of the club throughout the swing. According to sizing parameters I should be swinging a Standard size grip. But I installed Midsize. With the Midsize I feel I don’t need to use as much grip pressure while still being in full control. The one negative I have is for some reason the ripples on the top side of the grip started to tear on me but only on my driver and fairway woods. I’m guessing that is due to the slight difference between wood and iron swing. This happened on a couple woods so I decided to stay with the Golfpride CP2 Wraps on those clubs. But the CPX are my grip on all irons including wedges. While happy with the gray and blue, I would welcome color options.

  13. Best grip is the USA Star grips . Best all around. Nothing out last them.

  14. I bought one of the CPX grips, midsize and had it installed this morning. Only got one chance to hit it but felt good. I have it on my 7 iron which I don’t use that much . Plus it rained from about 20 minutes before tee time and didn’t stop until we got done on 9. IT never rains in California in August!!!!!

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