Caddy Daddy First Class Travel Bag Review

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Designed and constructed for the rigors of travel, the Caddy Daddy First Class travel bag offers considerable protection for your golf clubs at a reasonable price.


There’s something inherently exciting about hearing the words “golf trip.”  The hype of the destination, thoughts of indulgent meals, and the pre-trip banter can be intoxicating.  And even though the details of what to pack might not be on your radar yet, don’t wait until the last minute to make sure you have a quality travel bag like the Caddy Daddy First Class.


The Caddy Daddy First Class is a soft sided travel bag for your golf clubs and accessories.  With padding, pockets and wheels, it’s a huge step up from a travel cover which is nothing more than a supersize duffle bag.  The two large side pockets fill up internally leaving the First Class with a sleek silhouette.  Color is a choice you won’t have to make – the travel bag is only available in black.

The fit around the bottom section of my Vessel Player III bag [full review HERE] was comfortable – an easy zip past – but there wasn’t much room to spare.   And although the Caddy Daddy website states that the First Class can accommodate both stand and cart bags, I’d recommend checking the fit if you are planning to tote a larger bag.


The body of the First Class is made from 1000D ballistic nylon fabric.  The “D” represents denier (linear mass density of the fiber) and the higher the number, the thicker the thread used to construct the fabric – and 1,000 is about the highest value you’ll encounter in luggage.  Bottom line is the material is thick, sturdy, and durable.

Other components of the First Class also contribute to its high quality.  The zippers are substantial and include provisions for locks.  Handle connection points are reinforced with four metal rivets.  The plastic base is sturdy, and the wheels have an industrial look and feel.

Design & Performance

The central zipper that runs from the base up and around the top allowed the First Class to open fully, making loading my full golf bag easy.  An internal strap kept my golf bag securely in place as I filled up the side pockets.  Just remember that internal strap when taking your golf bag back out – a lesson I learned after a brief wrestling match.  Zipped up fully, two large external straps allowed me to snug up the travel bag to the contents inside.

The upper section of the Caddy Daddy First Class has fairly thick padding for additional clubhead protection.  Three large handles are well positioned and comfortable to use considering the overall weight of the travel bag and its contents.  The molded base allowed the bag to stand vertically on its own.

While I wasn’t able to give the First Class travel bag the full airport experience, I did put it through the paces around my house.  Utilizing the top handle to drag and steer the bag, I had no problem navigating hallways or our sleeping dog.  The wheels functioned smoothly on carpet, tile, concrete, and bricks.  Having a handle on each end of the bag was invaluable for lifting the unit in and out of the car.  Although I didn’t get to truly test the long skid rails on the bag, I have no doubt that I could deal with any curb an airport or hotel might put in my way.


Traveling with golf clubs is never fun, but the Caddy Daddy First Class allows you to make the best of the experience.  Retailing for $169.99, the First Class provides a high quality bag travel bag at a very competitive price.  Caddy Daddy offers a 2 year full replacement warranty on the First Class – a nod to the durability.  For tips on getting your precious cargo safely to your destination, check out our feature:  How To Pack Golf Clubs For Air Travel HERE.

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