The Bucket (Hat) List

The Buckets List

Why bucket hats?  Sun protection.

Quality sunscreen (check out Blue Ribbon Gear winner Skin Sunscreen HERE) is fundamental, but wearing a wide brimmed hat that shades your face, ears and neck is highly recommended for anyone who spends more than a few hours a week in the sun.

Bucket hats aren’t just for old folks in Florida either.  Just like myself, PIG founder Matt Saternus has made them a staple of his wardrobe.  Let’s take a look at some varieties of styles and fabrics.


My very first bucket hat was an AHEAD Palmer.  The built in elastic headband gave me a great fit and I loved the embroidered logo of my home course.  Turns out both those features are part of what makes AHEAD a trusted brand among golfers shopping at pro shops and the buyers who stock the shelves.  AHEAD employs a talented team of over 40 artists, including thread specialists and laser cutters, to produce their outstanding headwear.  Their execution of the PluggedInGolf logo and PIG icon on the buckets above is a wonderful testament to what their team can produce.

From the top, clockwise:

The Nicklaus – A true classic cotton twill, the semi-structured Nicklaus looks good in full on sun protection mode or with the back brim turned up to make a stylish statement.

The Palmer – This unstructured bucket, or what many might call a  floppy hat, is made of lightweight Tactel, providing water resistance and a soft hand.

The Player – Rounding out the trio of the game’s best, the Player incorporates side mesh for increased breathability.  A removable, adjustable chin strap also makes this hat a great choice for boat rides.

The Draft Hat – Check out the close-up of the mesh of this more casual style in the bottom right photo at the top of the page.  This bucket beckons to be worn at the pool and beach.  I can almost taste the cold cerveza….


For over 100 years Imperial has impacted the headwear industry with innovation and a focus on details.  While their primary customers are golf courses and resorts around the world, Imperial also has a fantastic direct to consumer, “design your own” online presence.  I selected a whimsical putting flamingo and a South Carolina logo from their more than 350 stock logos and found not only a quick and easy process, but also well-executed emboirdery.

From the front, clockwise:

The Geysir – Constructed of CoolCore, the poly woven mini canvas works in conjunction with the 1” band of perforation around base of crown to wick and transport moisture.  For ultimate comfort, wet the bucket and fully activate its evaporative cooling technology.  The bucket also features an adjustable and removable chinstrap.

The Oxford – This classic poly/cotton blend bucket features a soft inner sweatband and satin ribbon band in numerous colors.

The Hampton – Designed with a simple silhouette to keep the sun at bay, the Hampton is made of quick drying nylon to enhance moisture wicking.  A velcro strap in the back allows for fine tuning fit.

The Bandon – The photo doesn’t do justice to this wonderful bucket hat aptly named for the conditions often encountered at the world renowned Bandon Dunes.  Made of Supplex nylon fabric, the Bandon is both waterproof and wind-resistant.  Other details include a wider brim in the back and an adjustable and removable chinstrap.

The Seabird Sport – Crafted of nylon with large mesh side panels, the Seabird Sport wicks moisture and allows air flow to your head.  Pro tip:  the pull string adjustment also doubles as a great hanging loop.


“Be Original” is more than Pukka’s tagline, it’s part of their DNA.  With low minimums and no setup fees, Pukka allows everyone, from small groups to large companies, to get creative.  Plus the craftsmanship and quality is top shelf whether you order a dozen bucket hats or a truckload.

From the front, clockwise:

Buckets 12 – Pukka keeps their naming simple with numbers.  The 12 may look like a basic bucket, but it utilizes performance mesh to help keep you comfortable. With a smaller brim, the 12 is a great choice for golfers trying to balance protection and style.

Buckets 08 – With a super soft headband and rear draw cord, it’s easy to dial in a comfortable fit.  The adjustable and removable chinstrap makes the 08 versatile for outdoor pursuits beyond golf.

Buckets 11 – In both army camo and khaki, the 11 is the quintessential floppy hat.  Unstructured, the 11 is easily rolled up for storing in your golf bag.  When’s the last time you channeled your best Carl Spackler impression?

Buckets 07 – The 07 features a more structured brim and an adjustable headband.  Constructed of lightweight ripstop nylon, the 07 is moisture wicking and breathable.

Buckets 10 – Pictured center, the 10 is aptly numbered on the style scale.  The semi-structured brim and crisp cotton twill fabric create a classic, timeless look.  The extra trim around the top not only accentuates the style, but is also a wonderful example of Pukka’s craftsmanship.


Next time you’re in a pro shop, slip on a bucket hat.  If it’s an AHEAD, Imperial, or Pukka product you’re sure to find a great fit and quality construction.  Don’t be afraid to go big brim – your skin will be thankful.

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  1. How many offer sizes bigger than small or medium heads? In my family the l/xl is way too small. I’m talking xxl , xxxl and xxxxl. The adjustable sizing does not work. One size fits all was changed to one size fits most is for families like mine Thanks

    • Matt Meeker

      Sizing for the hats I tested was L/XL, with several offering extra room for adjustment for what I thought was my big head. Sounds like there’s a lot of brain power in your family Scratch.

      – Meeks

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