Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 Irons Review

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The Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 irons are a very solid choice for the mid-handicap or better player.  Good looks, excellent feel.  Surprising distance with forgiveness.


On a recent episode  of the Plugged In Gold Podcast, I discussed the new Tour B JGR line with Bridgestone’s Zack Kupperbusch (listen HERE).  When asked about his favorite club – in this line and ever – his answer came quickly: the HF2 irons.  With an endorsement like that, I was eager to see what these clubs brought to the table.


The Tour B JGR HF2 irons look sharp at address.  Every aspect of the design fits together well – a medium top line, modest offset, and average blade length.  The contrast between the matte finish on the face versus the chrome toe and heel makes the club look smaller and frames the ball well.

In the bag, the HF2 is almost entirely chrome and matte silver – there’s just a small stripe of black in the cavity.  Whether you have game or not, you’ll look like you do.

Sound & Feel

Given the sharp appearance, I had high expectations for the feel of the HF2 irons, and they delivered.  On center, they’re very soft, and they produce the quiet “thud” you expect from a forged iron.

These JGR HF2 irons also deliver when it comes to feedback.  There is a big difference between pure strikes and mishits in both sound and feel.  When you leave the center of the face, the feel firms up, encouraging you to do better next time.


When I looked at the JGR HF2 irons, I saw a set of forged players irons, and that created a clear set of expectations in my mind.  I expected to have workability, some forgiveness, and distance on par with the type of irons I usually game.  I was right on two out of three.

For players who have the ability to shape their shots, the HF2 is a wonderful partner.  The stock shot that these irons want to produce has a strong, mid-launch flight, but it’s easy to knock that down or boost it up.  Similarly, you can curve it both ways without difficulty.

The forgiveness in the HF2 is impressive, particularly on thin shots.  Bridgestone uses a Power Slit Face Design to give the bottom of the face a higher COR, and that shows in longer, higher shots from the bottom grooves.

Where the HF2 surprised me is with its distance.  As soon as I got them on the launch monitor, I saw that the mid irons were a full club longer than my gamers.  This is true despite lofts that are much weaker than the HF1 irons.  Among players forged irons, the HF2 is one of the longest I’ve tested.


If you like the look and feel of a forged players iron but want a distance boost, check out the Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 irons.  These have the look and feel that good players prefer with distances that far exceed most of their peers.

Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 Irons Price & Specs

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Matt Saternus

Co-Founder, Editor In Chief at
Matt is a golf instructor, club fitter, and writer living in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Matt's work has been published in Mulligan Magazine, Chicagoland Golf, South Florida Golf, and other golf media outlets. He's also been a featured speaker in the Online Golf Summit and is a member of Ultimate Golf Advantage's Faculty of Experts.


  1. Great review Matt. If your were to put the HF2 up against the 919 Forged which club would be more forgiving? My handicap index fluctuates between 8 & 10 and feel I could use a little more help than my current games (Hogan PTx) give me.

  2. A stunning looking set of irons. I would love to game these, but so difficult to find one locally.
    Hit Bridgestone irons before and they felt sweet.
    Would love to win a set of HF2s.

    Palo Alto, CA

  3. How would you compare the H2’s to the first generation, JGR CB irons?

  4. Would love to put these clubs in play. I Love the feel of forged clubs, and with more forgiveness, more length and workability, is an added plus for any club. Good looks too.

  5. Jeff Atkins

    Just love the HF2’s look, Nice and Sharp. Never own a set of New Clubs ⛳ WoW!!!

  6. How would these stack up against Srixon Z585? Thinking of forgiveness, feel and distance.

    Thank you!

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t hit the Z 585 irons, but we will have a full review from another writer coming in the next few weeks.



      • How about compared to the older Z565s? I having a difficult time choosing between that and the HF2.

        • Matt Saternus


          Both are excellent. It’s been a long time since I’ve hit the 565s, so I can’t give you any hard data. I don’t think one would significantly outperform the other unless there was a fit-related reason (meaning a player simply got along with one much better than the other).



  7. John Hulewicz

    HF2’s look like a can’t miss club! If the assessment is accurate then these should fly off the shelves and be in significant demand. I’d love to have a new set of clubs!

  8. Steve Brinkley

    both are probably going to be great sticks, the forged HF2 are more my style, love the feed back. +1/2″ long, 2* flat please stand loft specs will do just fine :)

  9. Peter Barnes

    These look awesome. Would love to try them , Bridgestone balls RXB are my go to and they would make a nice pair.

  10. Darryl Jones

    Great review. A very exciting looking iron – I would love to put the Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 irons in my bag !

  11. Chris Sloan

    I’ve been thinking of a new set of irons in the near future so the Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF1 irons sound like a dream come true.
    Greg Farnham
    Tecumseh Ontario Canada N8N 3Z9
    I have been signed up for the PluggedInGolf newsletter.
    I really find your articles very educational, inspiring and motivating.

  12. These irons sound like the perfect match to my Tour B RX ball (which I have played all season and love). Sweet looking set with forgiveness and distance…sign me up! It’s too bad Bridgestone isn’t a bit more readily available to try out in my neck of the woods. Would love to win a set of these HF2s!

    Oakdale, MN

  13. Looking forward to putting the JGR HF2 in my bag and showing them off around the 6 Championship Golf Courses I’m surrounded by!!
    Bryan Caves
    Bella Vista, AR.

  14. Matt,

    Thanks for this quick overview. You stated “…full club longer than my gamers….despite lofts that are much weaker..” What do you attribute the gains in distance to? I play Mizunos. The only thing I’d like is a bit more distance. Mizuno offers distance clubs but the package is not appealing. These H2s just might be the clubs for me!


    • Matt Saternus


      To be clear, the lofts are not weaker than my gamers, but weaker than some other distance irons. I think Bridgestone has done a great job with the HF2 in creating a hot face and maximizing the loft/CG pairing.



  15. Sounds great, I need all the forgiving I can get with the HF2’s!! Do they help with getting the wife to forgive when I play golf every Saturday??

  16. I am a senior golfer looking for more distance and accurate shots.

  17. sean brennan Avon Lake, Ohio

    Matt, how would you compare HF2 to Apex CF16, forgiveness and distance? Would love to win a set to compare myself

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s been a while since I had the Apex CF16 in hand, but I would say they’re similar in terms of distance and forgiveness. The CF16 was an outlier when it came out, but other irons have caught up over time.



  18. Chip Caldwell

    Chip Caldwell, Jacksonville FL, Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 would be a wonderful replacement for the clubs my brother in law borrowed but has never returned!

  19. Matthew Schairer

    Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 irons please

    Matt Schairer

    Trumbull CT

  20. George Pleschakow

    would love to try either set, but there arent any golf shops near me, most golf courses dont have bridgestone clubs in their pro shop, also im in need of a new set of irons. thanks

  21. John valiulis

    Plugged in is the review I trust. Hf2

  22. David J Sell

    David Sell, Waterford Wisconsin
    All I hear about is forged irons and how great they are. Would love to try the HF2 irons,, impressive review from Matt again. Had a difficult time deciding which set to consider, but give me the set with the 4 iron please. Your comment about the thin contact is what truly finalized the decision.
    Keep up the good work !

  23. Always enjoy the product reviews you do. These irons look great.

    I would love to start playing a set Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 irons.

  24. Sandro Pozzi

    Hi Matt,
    Ad usual an interesting review.
    Mi choise is Bridgestone Tour JGR HF2
    Waiting for the next review, best regards
    Valtournenche IT

  25. The HF2 seems like just perfect As a Senior it would be great to get that distance back without sacrificing control.

  26. Frank McCarthy

    Matt … Great review. At age 76 I’m still trying to improve and, at the same time, replace my Mizuno Pro Forged II (T-Zoid) irons which look like razor blades on the end of a rope. These Bridgestone Tour JGR HF2 irons sound like the real deal …. forged feel with more forgiveness than my current Mizuno’s. Thanks.

  27. I recently did a fitting at club champion. These irons are the real deal, the sound they create when you catch the ball pure is next to none. You WILL NOT FORGETthat sound. I was getting nice carry and some roll out. I typically hit a high ball but the track man had my height average around 90. I will be purchasing these, “No Question” Picked up a club in distance. People are going to love these irons, I guarantee it!!!

  28. Hello Matt – How do these compare to the Callaway Rogue PRO’s as far as forgiveness and distance?
    Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested them head to head, but my feeling is that they’re quite comparable in both of those aspects.



  29. Mark Pflager

    I have played the J Forged series for yrs. Currently play the JPX900 forged from Mizuno fitted with AMT S300.How would you compare the new HF2 against the JPX 900 forged. The HF2 irons look so good

    • Matt Saternus


      I prefer the Bridgestone HF2. I like the feel better and the combination of distance and strong ball flight is excellent.



  30. hello matt
    compared to the jpx900 forged, how is the top line, and also length of the blade?

  31. Mstt

    I currently play JGR DPF irons. How do the HF2 compare to the DPF? I am looking for a little more distance. I also have the JGR Hybid forged, but like the playability of the DPF better.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested the DPF, so I can’t offer any comparison between the two sets.



  32. Thanks for the response. My mistake though, I play the J15 Dual Pocket Forged (DPF) irons. Have tested those?

  33. Matt,
    Whats your opinion on the HF1’s V.S. HF2’s I think I am sort of a mid to high handicap. Love your reviews. Thanks Matt.

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