Bridgestone Tour B X-CB Irons Review

50 Words or Less

The Bridgestone Tour B X-CB irons have a great look at address, very soft feel, and excellent performance for the better player.


When it comes to irons for better players, it’s often the same story over and over.  With their Tour B X-CB irons, however, Bridgestone has taken a chance and placed a wider sole on an iron otherwise geared toward the high end ball striker.  I tested a set to see how this affected the playability and forgiveness.


Bridgestone knows how to make a pretty golf club.  The Tour B X-CB irons will definitely appeal to the better player with their thin top lines and minimal offset.  I particularly like the compact, squared look of the face.

In the bag, the Tour B X-CB has a slightly wider sole than you’d expect, but the minimalist engraving and lack of splashy colors keep it looking traditional.

Sound & Feel

The Bridgestone Tour B X-CB irons deliver some of the softest feel of any iron I’ve tested.  Catching the ball on the center of the face creates a low-pitched thud that feels great in your hands.

With most of the mass placed behind the sweet spot, these irons also provide stark feedback.  The sound gets “clicky” when you miss the center, and there’s a noticeable amount of extra vibration.  Golfers will have no doubt about where on the face they’ve struck the ball.


When it comes to describing a new iron’s features, many OEMs write novels.  Bridgestone opted for the “less is more” approach with the Tour B X-CB.  They explain that Forged Mass Technology puts the bulk of the weight behind the sweet spot for solid feel, responsiveness, and performance.  That’s it.  Brevity can be a wonderful thing.

With so much mass behind the sweet spot, I assumed that these irons would be unforgiving and difficult to elevate.  While they’re certainly not in the game improvement category, they did exceed my expectations for ease of play.  The wide sole provides very forgiving turf interaction and gets enough weight low in the head that even thin shots get up in the air.  You’ll still lose some carry distance on poor strikes, but the Tour B X-CB isn’t as demanding as a blade.

These irons shine when you find the center of the face.  Better players who want strong ball flight, shot shaping ability, and trajectory control will find it all here.  More than most any other players cavity back I’ve tested lately, I found it very easy to hit shots at a variety of launch angles.

Further kudos to Bridgestone for their commitment to custom fitting.  They are offering a total of 15 shafts with the Tour B X-CB irons – 10 at no upcharge and 5 premium options.


If you’re a solid ball striker who tends to take sizable divots, the Bridgestone Tour B X-CB irons should be high on your demo list.  The wider sole provides forgiving turf interaction, and the Forged Mass Technology allows for full control over shot shape and trajectory.

Bridgestone Tour B X-CB Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Great review as always Matt.
    Those are some pretty clubs ! For some reason these irons remind me of the old Mizuno MX-20 from years ago, forged, wide sole, little offset, thin(ish) topline, good size cavity – would you agree or am I way off the mark ? Should they be on my radar to replace a set of JPX-850 Forged that I like but don’t love ?

    Thanks !

    • Matt Saternus


      I like the MX-20 comparison, though I think these are even wider in the sole.
      They could certainly be a replacement for the 850 Forged depending on what you’re looking for. Forgiveness is comparable.



  2. These have been out about 18-20 months. I’m unsure why they get no love on Tour from Snedeker, Couples, or Kuchar. Those cats stayed with J15, except couples who is still in with his J40 pockets. I believe I saw a set of these on the LPGA in the hands of a JDM asian player. Great clubs.

  3. Are they available for us southpaws?

  4. Hi Matt, really like how these look! My handicap is 2 with a 112 mph ss. I can work the ball & prefer a low-mid ball flight.
    Based on that, what 2 or 3 n/c shafts would You suggest I consider?

    Thanks Matt,

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately there’s no way for me to make a credible recommendation based on swing speed. There are fast swingers who like light graphite and those that like heavy steel. You’ve really got to get fit to know for sure.

      What shafts do you play now? Is there something you’re looking for that they’re not delivering?



  5. Matt, did you review the Bridgestone Tour BX blade Irons?

  6. I just went to the Bridgestone site and they’re sold out of these. Come on Bridgestone!

  7. Hey Matt! I currently game with Honma´s 747v irons. Does the Tour X CB have a smaller club head and is less forgving than the Honma´s?


    • Matt Saternus

      I don’t have the two irons side by side to compare, so all I’d be doing is taking a guess. As to forgiveness, my recollection is that they’re fairly similar.


  8. William Keselowski

    Hi Matt, did you ever review the blade version of this Iron? If not, what did you ever hear about it? I ended up with the blades and have been very pleased! You just don’t see many out there. Thanks, Bill Kesel

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately, no, I never did. And, as you said, there aren’t many out there, so I can’t say I’ve heard anything.



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